• Bird Busta 1m
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Bird Busta 1m

Bird Busta is a patented wind assisted rotating bird deterrent. Free to operate once installed and will last many years. BIRD BUSTA is environmentally friendly, UV stabilised, fully recyclable, lightweight, robust, flexible and is suitable to handle varying weather conditions. It will deter most bird species from any area in which it is placed, therefore reducing bird droppings and in turn minimising maintenance on boats, solar panels, roofs, around pools, jetties, pontoons, gardens and vineyards as well as being harmless to birds. 1 Metre Bird Busta Bird Busta is covered by a 12 month warranty Brackets/fittings not included. Commercial use Agriculture Fruit and Nut Trees Vineyards Ground Fruit & Vegetables Building Industry Houses Units High Rises Billboards Power Lines Marine Industry Boats House Boats Marker Buoys Beacons Solar Panels Domestic Use Jetties/Pontoons Pools Clothes Lines Roofs Boats Solar Panels Gardens Hobby Farms Antennas

Bird Busta 1m

Location: 1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia


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