• Blanco Glass Cutting Board BGCUB
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Blanco Glass Cutting Board BGCUB

The BGCUB is a Glass Cutting Board from Blanco that suit steelart range. Stepped Feet Stepped feet designed to slide perfectly across the width of the sink to create a food preparation area Space Saving Saves space on the bench by integrating to the food preparation area Convenient The BGCUB can snuggly overlap the edge of the ZCOLSS and the BZDRAINSS making it easier than ever to chop and rinse Heat Resistant Heat resistant to 100°C Protects the Sink From Scratches Plastic underside of cutting board protects countertop from scratches Enhances the Food Preparation Area Designed to enhance the food preparation area

Blanco Glass Cutting Board BGCUB

Location: 16-20, 1-11 Sappho Rd, Warwick Farm Homemaker Centre, Warwick Farm NSW, 2170



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