• Laravel based websites  from scratch
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Laravel based websites from scratch

We are a team of web developers with experience in creating web applications with any complexity from scratch. When you work with us you have: - the optimal solution, what gives you a possibility to save money thanks to our experience; - actual information about the work term, thanks to our accuracy planning; - full control and placidity, thanks to our clear reporting; - in result solutions simple for support, what save your time and money thanks to clear and well-commented code. We are looking for a long-term partnership. We are focused on projects from one month and longer. Our technologies: We are most experienced in - HTML5/CSS3/SCSS/MCSS - JS/jQuery/Angular - PHP/Laravel - MySQL We also touched and have interest: - nodejs, MongoDB - canvas, tree.js, chartjs - Ionic - PostgreSQL

Laravel based websites from scratch

Location: 183 City Rd, Southbank VIC, Australia


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