• 38B-15HR 38kHz Transducer Rubber Housing
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38B-15HR 38kHz Transducer Rubber Housing Installation Install the BLT transducer referring to its outline drawing and tank drawings. Setting the echo sounder Set the supply voltage or tap on the echo sounder referring to the installation manual. The colour of the SC lock of 38k transducer is gray and that of the 50 k transducer is black. Feature and more important function regarding as follows :- Reinforced for protection against slamming The BLT transducer has large bandwidth Good sound efficiency Compact structure 38kHz FRP Transducer 3kW 12.5 x 21 degree Directional Pattern 15m Cable No connector Weight = 7.4kg 160mm x 210mm x 96mmA BLT transducer (Bolt-clamp Langevin Transducer) 38BL-15HR has been developed for FCV-291/292/1100L/1200L/1500 and ETR-30N.

38B-15HR 38kHz Transducer Rubber Housing

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