• A1720B • MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Me
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A1720B • MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Me

The A 1720B is an MP3 based message player and tone generator designed for public address, security, customer direction or emergency evacuation announcements. When combined with a Redback® A 1707 timer it can play announcements at prescribed times for in-store advertising and customer notification. It allows up to 8 custom MP3 tracks plus standard alert and evacuation tones. A library of commonly used tones, messages and phrases are provided on a Micro SD card. Custom MP3 tones, music etc may be added as desired. The Micro SD card is preloaded with 8 standard tones, including bell, bing bong, siren and pre-announcement chime, plus Australian Standard alert and evacuation tones (complying to AS1670.4). To comply with Australian Standards for evacuation tones, a custom message may be played after every fourth cycle providing evacuation instructions to occupants. Alert tones can be automatically switched to evacuation tones after a set period (adjustable between 30 and 240 seconds). Playback for each track can be activated by a closing set of contacts. Contacts may be configured between alternate or momentary action. This can include or exclude alert & evacuation tones as desired. Cancel contacts are provided to stop playback of tracks. 9-24V dc switched output which is activated when any message is active (the switched output is dependent on the input voltage). Features Custom tracks Inbuilt tone & phrase library 9-24V DC operation @ 300mA Micro SD card included All connections made via screw terminals Tones conform to Australian standard Provision for voice over in evacuation mode Compact size120 x 70mm

A1720B • MP3/MicroSD Tone Generator & Me

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