• Carpet Stain Removal Beenleigh
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Carpet Stain Removal Beenleigh

We clean green. Want your carpet clean, without harming the atmosphere? Say the word and we will use green products to clean your carpets, furniture, and additional. We think allergies should not keep you from having a clean carpet. We give the use of hypo-allergenic cleaning products upon request. Having your carpets cleaned can even get better health related to inside allergies. We give services particularly for pet stain and odor removal; the areas of urine stain must be treated with enzyme injections that attack the urine at the molecular level to really eat the remaining urine. When this process is followed outstanding results can be achieved. Our service contains enzyme-producing microorganisms that digest pure waste matter, destroying urine odors at their basis for permanent odor removal. Plus, it withstands high temperature and pH without losing its efficiency. Call us now 1800 266 812.

Carpet Stain Removal Beenleigh

Location: Beenleigh Queensland 4207, Australia

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Carpet Stain Removal Beenleigh
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