• It Comes And Goes
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Melbourne five-piece, Dream On Dreamer release the first cut from their forthcoming album, 'It Comes and Goes.' New single 'Let It In' is bursting with ferocity and intensity, both lyrically and musically and details the band's guitarist and vocalist Zach Britt's personal struggle in a toxic relationship. "The whole affair made me really doubt myself in a way that I'd never experienced before on that level. The song's lyrics explain that I've travelled a long way towards my dreams and aspirations and I also have a responsibility to a lot of people that fell by the wayside with her around" - Zach Britt Formed in 2009, ARIA award-nominated act Dream On Dreamer have had a successful, yet also trying career. From line-up changes shifts within industry collaborations, health scares, to even having to face legal issues to keep the band actively touring in Australian. Amongst all of this tribulation the band has well and truly re-found its footing and is ready to conquer the heavy music scene Since their inception, Dream on Dreamer hasn't skipped a beat, with every release charting highly in the ARIA and iTunes charts.


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