• We Disappear
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On second album 'We Disappear' Polish quartet Hegemone use an intensely personal interpretation of blackened post-metal to depict the never-ending process of change in all its terrifying beauty. To a weighty base of thematic widescreen riffs and ardent vocals, the band fuses modernist black metal with hardcore fury, chiming post-punk chords, throat singing and elements of folk mysticism, impeccably-placed mournful synth lines and encapsulating electronic textures. 'We Disappear' revels in a transfixing use of repetition, the players adjusting, settling, shifting as they move from moments of introspective delicacy to titanic pinnacles of hymnal quality. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze Of Perdition, Thaw) at Satanic Audio. Art and design by Dehn Sora (Neurosis, Ulver, Blut Aus Nord).


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