• One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields
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One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields Part One and Part Two ISBN supplied by Lulu Publications. 978-0-244-03784-0 A book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie Part One… Children of the Streets York, England. Three young children walk the streets begging for food. To survive they leave the land of their birth and set out on an adventure…New South Wales. Part Two… A Boy Called Dreamtime Arriving in New South Wales in the early part of the eighteen hundreds they meet a young Aboriginal boy, called Dreamtime, and he befriends them. Dreamtime tells them of his people’s belief and of a sacred rock, named Uluru. And the four of them go on walkabouts. I hope you will have a look at the preview of the book on Baker and Taylor – Amazon - Barnes and Noble Nook - Apple Books - Lulu.com – Rakuten Kobo – Scribd - Adobe - and most other book sites online. And if you wish, purchase One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields. Lulu.com USA

One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields

Location: Glen Waverley VIC, Australia


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