• Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner
  • Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner
  • Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner
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Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner

Kick back in style with our versatile Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed for customised comfort and support. It is a lounge. It is a bed. And everything else in between. With five adjustable angles and ready adjustments for the head, waist and leg sections, you can turn our lounge sofa bed into personalised seating with various positions. Your regular sofa or bed may not be in the best position to allow you to read books, watch TV or surf the net on your portable device for sustained periods without causing some form of fatigue on your neck, back and shoulders. Our lounge sofa bed helps alleviate those issues and can be adjusted easily to find your most comfortable posture. Not least, you can also enjoy a soothing nap on it or use it as an extra bed for guests. Upholstered in skin-soft PU Leather, our quality lounge sofa bed is well-cushioned and reinforced with heavy-duty steel for longlasting support. Better still, the lounge sofa bed can be folded for space-saving storage and the cover can be removed for cleaning when required. So suffer no more in your leisure and get yourself a lounge sofa bed for the good of your body. Features: Five adjustable angles Three locking zones: head, waist, leg Heavy-duty steel structure Skin-soft PU Leather High resilience cushion Durable stitching Removable cover Foldable Specifications: Brand: Artiss Frame: Steel Cover: PU Leather Dimensions: 190cm x 70cm x 11.5cm Colour: Black Package Contents: 1 x Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed 1 x User Manual

Artiss Lounge Sofa Floor Couch Recliner

Location: Hazelwood Park, SA 5066


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