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HUGE REDUCTION ! $545,000.00 Plus Stock. This is a Golden opportunity to own this very profitable Business in Kalgoorlie An excellent opportunity awaits to whomever wants to take advantage of this long term established Family Business. Family operated for many years now the Owner wishes to retire. With the net profit this year indicating $250.000.00 on the Profit and Loss Statement, including add backs. An allowance of $67,000.00 for lease has been reduced as the Owner owns the property. The Business comprises of Concrete Product Manufacturing, Huge potential to be involved with the Mining sector Private and Government sectors. The Price is $545.000.00 plus Stock. Long lease will be available. Contact Albert Kramer of Kramer & Kramer Real Estate for a confidential interview. The future potential for this Business! This business has been in operation for over 20 years and has been inproving each year. Opositions from other areas have tried to capture this market with no success, as there is no opsition of this manufacture in Kalgoorlie. It is due to the quality of workmanship and relationship that has been created by the Owner over the years of this Business. As the current Owner he does not peruse the following business oportunities, it is open for the new Owner to explore these areas, As Kalgoorlie has many Residential Developments happening. There is Concrete pads, Cross overs that the local Council supplies and other necessary needs that are required in the development of Residential areas. For the Industrial side which is also expanding, there are Tilt ups that can be manufactured. Council work and Shopping Centers car parks, Concrete repair jobs for Kalgoorlie and Boulder. As the Owner has not explored the Mining above and underground is absolutely Massive. Now that Kalgoorlie is in progress of a new massive project the Lithium Mine will also need to be developed and set up for production. This Mine is to be the biggest in the World according to the Media. More work and more employment for Kalgoorlie. The Owner has informed me that the above Companies have approached the him to do work but he has declined. Part of the operation is that the Concrete is prepared outside the Concrete manifacurer and poured at the Factory into Moulds that are required at that time. The Concrete comes from Boral and Holesum Concrete. Steel is Supplied by One Steel. As there are many Moulds already on site for current work that is carried out, there will be times when new Moulds would have to be created. Small moulds are manifactured on site, any large Moulds that have to be welded are created outside this business. Above are some Pictures of what the products are some of that the current Owner manufactures. The Owner has advised me that should you require a Staff member there is a Person that has been employed for many years could remain as a Staff member after Settlement.


Location: 15/17 Ogilvie Rd, Mount Pleasant WA 6153, Australia

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