• Trailers for Aluminium Boats
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Trailers for Aluminium Boats

The Rollamatic Series offers boaters a competitive range of trailers for both fibreglass and aluminium boats with the benefit of adjustable keel support for the hull as well as a fully adjustable cradle roller system. Like all Dunbier models, the Rollamatic Series offers a heavy duty frame…even the smaller Dunbier models have the same attention to detail that you’ll find in the larger models. For the fisherman who wants it all, the Loader Series delivers. The design, workability, leadability, practicality, stability and overall performance took months of planning and testing to achieve. The pivoting rear loading system and skid support is an advantage like no other trailer. Picture the boat half way down the trailer…the rear cross member and skid supports place your boat gently into the water and retrieve it again with minimum fuss. With the Loader Series, you won’t be waiting at the ramp for long, your precious time will be on the water thanks to this easy launch and retrieve system. Our Nipper Series trailers suit a vast range of aluminium, inflatable and smaller fibreglass hulls. The Nipper Series can also accommodate sailing boats and now kayaks. The Nipper Series is a solid built small boat trailer for its size with a heavy duty adjustable undercarriage to last the distance. Options include short or long pads to support your boats hull and pre-loomed submersible LED lighting are standard which make this range of trailers true value for money. The Centreline trailer is specifically designed for the aluminium boat user with its specifically designed self-centering poly vee slides, poly rollers and Galvanised steel and poly skids. Designed to slide your boat off with ease, the Centreline trailer then self-centres your boat in normal conditions every time you drive or winch your boat back onto the trailer. Whether you want a 3.7M trailer for your tinnie or a trailer for your personal watercraft, our Sports Series has a comprehensive range of models to suit you. Don’t settle for less than the extra strength, styling and quality that this Dunbier Sports Series offers. Suited for both aluminium and fibreglass hulls. The Glider Series is available for boats from 5.0m to 7.5m. Gliders are available in a roller version or a skid pad version. The roller version featuring adjustable roller assemblies on the side of the hull, the skid version featuring poly over. Galvanised skids longitude with the hull. The Glider trailer has a unique central keel support system with strong durable. Poly rollers giving superior support for boat hulls.

Trailers for Aluminium Boats



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