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Birds for Sale in Australia | Find Bird Dealers Near Me

Birds for Sale in Australia - The first animal that springs to mind when we discuss keeping pets inside the home is either a cat or a dog. But many people are unaware that birds may also provide light for their houses. There are many different kinds of birds, ranging in size from tiny and cuddly to enormous and magnificent. Depending on the needs of its owners, a pet bird may serve as a grand attraction or a basic friend. Therefore, ADSCT (Australia's largest classified Ads portal) is one of the best options for you if you want to sell or buy birds. With just one click, you can quickly sell or buy anything. Additionally, they immediately connect you with dealers free of charge. So, if you are looking for Birds for Sale in Australia then you can choose ADSCT with any hesitation.

Top Location in Australia To Get Birds For Sale

A new bid looks exciting and enjoyable to bring into your house. We've done our homework and compiled a list of every tip you should remember when caring for birds.

  1. Feeding - The most crucial element of a healthy bird's existence is balanced food. Veterinarians frequently see cases of obesity, egg binding, and vitamin A deficiency.
  2. Environment - To replicate natural seasons, the length of darkness may be altered throughout the year for several kinds of birds.
  3. A word for cigarette/tobacco smokers - Smoking is extremely hazardous to birds.
  4. Cages -Cages are homes for birds to protect them, not places to lock them up. When their owners are gone, pet birds need to be kept safe from predators, toxins, and other threats that may be present within or around the home.
  5. Perches - Poor perches can cause ulcers on the feet of birds. Natural wood branches of various diameters should be used to make perches instead of doweling or plastic.

List of Top 10 Favourite Aussie Birds for Sale -  

As you are all aware, Australia is a bird lover's delight, with a variety of species including little finches, local birds of paradise, and enormous flightless birds. Today, we'll examine some of the most noteworthy and well-known bird species that this incredible nation has to offer.

  • Gouldian Finch
  • Eclectus Parrot
  • Splendid Fairy-wren
  • Nankeen Kestrel
  • Great Crested Grebe
  • Rock Parrot
  • Australian Southern Cassowary
  • Little Penguin
  • Barking Owl
  • Tawny Frogmouth

Here are our five birds for sale that are great to breed -  

  • Budgies/Parakeets 
  • Parrotlets 
  • Lovebirds (Agapornis spp)
  • Cockatiels
  • Green-Cheeked Conures

The demand for Birds in Australia - 

Many part-time breeders make between $500 and $2,000 a month, which is what you may expect to make. Breeders who work full-time can make over $50,000 a year. If you decide to work as a breeder, wholesaler, or distributor, you may anticipate earning more than $100,000 per year in income. The State Department believes that two million to five million wild birds, including harpy eagles, parrots, and hummingbirds, are sold illegally throughout the world each year. Birds are the most frequent form of contraband. To begin a bird breeding company, contact ADSCT. Start your business first, register it with ADSCT, and you may start earning money right away.

List of top 5 Dealers of Birds for Sale in Australia -  

Birds 'n' All -  (Birds for Sale)

The only bird dealership in West Australia run and operated by devoted aviculturists who are also interested in native species conservation in addition to the retail selling of birds is called Birds 'n' All. They are well acclaimed at Birds 'n' All for their degree of proficiency and familiarity with Australian and exotic bird species. To assure quality, they also favor purchasing locally bred animals from aviculturists they are familiar with. They have a huge variety of birds available for pick, and they are confident that you won't be dissatisfied. Just ask for help, and their knowledgeable and pleasant staff, who are also very nice, will be more than delighted to assist you with your questions and needs.

Pet & Garden Supplies -  (Birds for Sale)

The family-owned company Pet & Garden Supplies has been in business for more than 50 years. When it comes to taking care of your pets and yard, they are committed to giving you the greatest service and value for your money. Additionally, they pledge to offer the lowest costs and finest value. All questions about Birds for Sale may be resolved by phone or email at their distribution center. They procure high-quality goods that are not well recognized outside of the trades.

Kellyville Pets -  (Birds for Sale)

They are dedicated to connecting owners with the ideal pet and offering them the best guidance, service, and range of items at Kellyville Pets because they adore their animal friends. They carry a wide variety of birds, including Zebra, Gouldian, and Painted Finches, among many more! As part of their usual standards and processes, all of their Birds come with a 14-day health guarantee and a 7-day cooling-off period. They are open seven days a week, and there is a lot of activity within the store.

Pets Please - (Birds for Sale)

To make your online experience simple, welcoming, and useful, Pets Please has developed a thorough search box. To facilitate your search, they are pleased to provide listings in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and all other parts of Australia. According to Pets Please, budgies are a common option among pet owners if you want a bird as a pet since they are loving and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Pet Birds and Parrots - (Birds for Sale)

Breeders with enthusiasm and compassion manage the online business Pet Birds & Parrots, which is situated in Melbourne. To fulfill your desire for the perfect bird friend and to make the process of getting a pet bird easier for you, Mick and Ann founded Lifestyle Birds, which has since evolved into Pet Birds and Parrots. They have more than 20 years of expertise shipping Pet Birds throughout Australia, primarily via air freight. Their company started after customers approached them for assistance after buying a pet bird elsewhere. The birds were not friendly or sociable, had terrible diets, had their flights clipped, were unable to fly, and frequently weren't eating, which caused stress for both the bird and the new owners.

Conclusion - 

Above we share a list of top 5 Dealers of Birds for Sale in Australia. May our list is benefical for your searches and you reach to best dealers of Birds for sale in your nearby. 

People Also Ask for Birds for Sale in Australia -  

Question 1. What species of birds are legal to own in Australia?

Answer 1. Because they are protected, native animals cannot generally be kept as pets. Native birds including parrots, cockatoos, finches, quail, doves, pigeons, and ducks can be kept as pets, but they must never be captured in the wild (as this is illegal).

Question 2. What kind of care does a bird require?

Answer 2. It's crucial to take good care of your pet bird. Although pet birds are different from cats and dogs, maintaining their health is not any more difficult. The fundamentals include the proper pet bird diet, a clean cage, fresh food and water, safe bird toys, exercise, and enough attention.

Question 3. What do birds cost in Australia?

Answer 3. Birds are intriguing animals that come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and hues. Although they may make wonderful pets, they can also be extremely expensive. However, you are mistaken if you believe getting a new bird is a one-time expense. Your new bird will require a variety of supplies, as well as the first checkup with a veterinarian to make sure it's healthy.

Question 4. What is the best way to buy or sell a bird?

Answer 4. With ADSCT you can easily connect with the dealer of Birds for Sale in Australia that will provide you with fascinating creatures. Also, if you want to sell your birds or you have a small business of breeders then you can register your business profile at ADSCT (Australia’s largest classified Ads portal)

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