7 Easy Tips to Sell Your Used Furniture Online for Maximum Profit

7 Easy Tips to Sell Your Used Furniture Online for Maximum Profit

7 Easy Tips to Sell Your Used Furniture Online for Maximum Profit – Are you moving into a new place or just renovating your current home? Are you worried about having to sell your furniture? On the other hand, there’s an excuse to make capital while decluttering your house!

We’ve come up with a simple list of quick and practical strategies to help you sell used furniture online quickly— and for the most profit:

List of 7 Easy Tips to Sell Your Used Furniture Online for Maximum Profit –  

Determine the state of your furniture.

The first thing on the list is to take a look at the condition of your item. Does it have stains? Is it in great shape?

These are what you should objectively ask yourself while reviewing your furniture. You may admire your article, but it’s necessary to weigh whether it’d also be beneficial to others. The free classifieds for business could also help you with the quick sale of your furniture. Make sure to remember these steps.

Consider your timing.

Most of you don’t understand that timing plays a huge role in selling your furniture. If you want to sell your furniture right away, it’s advised to lower the cost of your item. This improves the chances of selling your article much faster (tip: people are constantly looking for deals).

However, if you’re not in a hurry, you can offer a higher selling price and give it some time. The right buyer will show up!

Another interesting fact about timing is that people tend to start selling their furniture on local classifieds Australia in summers as it’s an excellent time to go to a new home.

 Determine the price of your furniture.

When considering pricing your item, its characteristics are essential: age, brand, condition, etc. List furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price, and you would be good to go.

The only exception: items part of a unusual or special collection might lose value once taken from their original location.

Study your competition.

If you’re marketing in a well-balanced marketplace like ADSCT, hunt for items that match your piece in style, health, brand, and age. Next, decide how to advance your article to ensure it’s more competitive and engaging than the others. This will also assist you in defining the correct cost for your item.

Take great pictures of your furniture.

We’ve seen hundreds of furniture listings on our site, so take it from us: photo does matter.

As we say “pictures,” we’re not just aiming to stock photos. We’re speaking about real-life images that show the precise health of your article.


Keep in mind that somebody buying furniture online are making judgments without seeing the item personally. Thus, it’s necessary to give a complete impression of the article to help them make versed decisions about their investing.

Not a specialist in photography?

No worries!

Comprehend these easy steps that will make your furniture look picture perfect and set the highest price feasible:

  1. Dust your furniture before you photograph it.
  2. Make sure not to have any clutter, like pillows, cups, throws and books
  3. Take pictures during total daylight hours.
  4. Take eye-level photos of your furniture’s front, sides and back.
  5. Tell your furniture’s story.

By understanding the above advice, you will achieve these three things all at once:

  • Lower the number of questions that customers ask you.
  • Make your furniture look more compelling to buyers.
  • Build your furniture’s perceived price so you can market it at a higher cost.

Be realistic about your furniture’s health.

It’s common for furniture to experience minor damage with use. You understand this, we understand this, and even the buyers understand this. Feel free to share details and photographs of all damages, like stains, chips, tears, scratches, and dents.

Customers like to know exactly what they’re going for beforehand. None minds the damage as long as you’re upfront about it. The used furniture market is a sharing economy that is built on trust.

Be proactive.

Finally, make sure to step up your game and post your listing in a local classifieds Australia like ADSCT. We’ll support you sell your item to our community. Post free classifieds for business with us and get amazing benefits.


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