It is a roller coaster ride to put your used car for sale.  After all, you have tons of fond memories attached to it. Not just the emotional connection with your car, the process of selling the car can be very stressful as well. You need to study and research the market scenario and choose a suitable price.

You have to decide how you are going to sell it – Would you take the help of a dealer? Or is it better to put up an Online classifieds Perth that would tempt an independent buyer?

You need to think about the payment options if you will be accepting cash or is it fine to go for a cash transaction?

Use this step-by-step guide to help you in the journey of selling your car:

Step 1 – Research The Market Scenario:

You need to have a clear idea of,  what the actual worth of your car is? You can view the prices of similar models over the classified website. Your motor insurance policy is largely dependent on the market value of the car. It is termed as Insured Declared Value (IDV) of a car’s insurance. This is calculated after deducting the depreciation of your car from its original cost.

An ideal way out is to have a clear idea of the IDV of the car. It is out there that you are very unlikely to make a good sale during the year-end period. It is advisable to sell your car during the summertime.

Step 2 – Rearrange your Paperwork:

Make sure to rearrange the paperwork that you got at the time of purchase of your vehicle. It is proof of ownership and you must have it at the time of sale. If you got your car financed and still have some money to back to the bank, find exactly what your payoff looks like. So that the buyer can then write a check to the bank and pay you the remaining balance.

On this matter, when you sell a Used Car in Perth it is vital to have documentation that proves that your liability ends after the new sale is complete.


Step 3 – No Claim Bonus:

If you are a conscientious driver, you would have got a No Claim Bonus (NCB). You receive this as a reward from the insurance company if you do not raise any claims.


Step 4 – Have a Car Inspection:

Before putting your used car for sale, take it to some authorized service center to get it inspected by an expert mechanic. This will make you aware of all the problems that can be fixed and also the ones that will be there forever. This will let you set up a genuine price for the vehicle in front of the buyers.


Step 5 – Get it Cleaned:

You can try some changes to the interior of the car like playing with different floor mats and lightening up the interiors. If you wish consult an authorized service station to get these thighs done. Doing this can give a prim and proper image and make it attractive to the buyer.

Step 6 – Put your Sales Mode on:

There are several ways in which you can make a sale. You need to decide what way will it be for you, whether through a dealer, via Online classifieds Perth, or directly to a buyer. You should know that you can make a lot more money through classified ads rather than going for a dealer.


Step 7 – Let your Advertisement Speak:

This step is very crucial if you are using classified ads to make the sale. You must utilize time and effort to write a captivating description for your ad. Remember there will be several other ads on the website as well. So, putting up an eye-catching headline, colorful photographs, and a detailed description will do the job.

If you take care of these points, selling your car can be a hassle-free process. ADSCT offers a wide platform for sellers like you. Do check out the website and we are sure you will make a great sell.

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