How to Get Jobs in Australia

How to Get Jobs in Australia

Australia is one of the few countries standing tall even after the global recession. When everywhere else in the world, companies were cutting their manpower to cut the cost, Australia barely flinched. Probably the reason why it is one of the most sought-after job destinations in the world.
That said, many say the country took a toll and nowadays, jobs are hard to find. But, it’s not the case. If you know exactly how to find jobs in Australia, you wouldn’t have to struggle much, however, if you’re one of those who is having a hard time finding a suitable work then don’t worry, this article is definitely for you.

  • Through Recruitment Agencies

Before you hurl towards boarding a flight, you must sit calmly and do an in-depth research about demands in the country related the skills you possess. This is where the recruitment agencies come into play. These agencies have good contacts in the service sectors and goodwill with the authority hence they can easily help you land the job.
Some recruitment agencies are a shark in the ocean, meaning you must contact only genuine and well-reputed consultancies.

  • Centre Link for Permanent Residents
    PR can take the help of the center links to get the jobs. Australian government posts various vacancies in a different department that can be availed either through notifications or through job portals.
    The Centrelink is a department of Human Services under Australian government delivering various services and providing a job to the unemployed is one of the services under this program. The step was taken for the common welfares of the Australian citizens
  • Australian Classifieds and Job Portals
    Classifieds have always been a life saver when it comes to hunting jobs. Nowadays, the process is still the same, with a bit of digital touch. Sites like,, have become a common ground for the employers and seekers. The services are free are of cost and you can directly contact the organization without any middleman or broker or without having to pay any charges.
    Online job portals is another great way to walk in the right the direction. They list every opening there is; be it for the natives or the people from other countries.
  • Personal Connections and Company References
    One of the best ways to get hold of job in Australia is through friends, family and company references. The process gets easier when there’s someone familiar in the foreign country. Your friends can suggest you jobs and suitable places that allow people from other countries to work in the organization.
    You can also look out for internal references within the company you’re working in. Some companies have working abroad program that enables their employee to work in another country. A lot of other companies send their employees abroad on different projects, one can use that opportunity to find a job offer.
    Family ties work in favor too. You can move to Australia based on the relationship with the individual residing there.
  • Lookout for newspaper and Pamphlets
    It is the traditional way and yet an effective one. Newspaper classifieds and pamphlets carry job advertisements. The trend of classifieds started with print media, as it was the cheaper medium to reach the job seekers, the employers used newspaper more often.
    Even in 2018, these are still considered one of the best ways to search for jobs. Every classified page has a separate section for the jobs and one gets benefitted from that. However, some classifieds try to trap people, so you better be aware of frauds.
  • Cold Calling and Visiting Companies Physically
    Calling various companies and inquiring about jobs is also a good approach. You never know when luck turns out to be your cousin. To search the companies in your vicinity, you can take help of the local search engine, shortlist those with a friendly approach towards immigrants.
    You can visit the companies physically too and ask if there’s an opening. The process is time-consuming and tiring but good things come with a price tag. By visiting company, you get to witness their environment, location, and feedbacks.
    These are some of the ways and processes that answer your “how to get jobs in Australia” question. Now, that you’re all set to go, don’t forget to create a really creative and astounding resume with impressive cover letter prior to applying.


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