Top 10 Best Indian restaurant in Australia

Top 10 Best Indian restaurant in Australia

Indian cuisine has been booming since long and it continues to be on trend even in 2018. The mix of spices, use of herbs and a diverse taste have made the senses tingle all across the globe. Its popularity can be measured by the number of popular outlets in any country and many natives love delving into it on a more regular basis.

IF you haven’t tasted Indian foods yet but you’re dying to, we may have the Top 10 best Indian restaurant in Australia. You can visit one of these and have a food adventure of a lifetime. Indian food is known to serve different tastes, whether you like hot and spicy or light and sweet, you’ll get to witness food you’ve never eaten before, and do not forget to bookmark the place because pretty soon, your tastes buds will be demanding more of that.

Zaaffran, Sydney
Located in Sydney, Zaaffran is one of the finest Indian restaurants that serve high-quality Indian food made with freshly grown items. The only thing better here more than the food is the view it offers. The Darling Harbor is a sight to withhold and getting to see it while fine dining with family and friends is a moment of once in a lifetime.
The place is often bustling with food lovers and it’s a place worth visiting when in Australia.

Marinades, Cairns
What sets Marinades apart from the rest is its friendly, warm ambiance and quick service attendees. The food here is good enough to blow your mind away and if you haven’t experienced heaven before then get ready to. The traditional Indian looking restaurant serves authentic North Indian cuisine and you wouldn’t stop smacking your lips once you taste the awesomeness here.

Tandoori Place, Surfers Paradise
Want to get knocked out of your senses? Head to Tandoori Place. The restaurant is a citadel of stuffed parathas (stuffed bread), crunchy nostalgic breakfast menu and creamy savory desserts. The chef uses traditional spices and cooking method to give the food original Indian taste. This restaurant also serves South Indian platter filled with vegetable stew (sambhar) to be eaten with Dosa (Indian Crepes) and Vada (Indian Donut).

The Rochester, Melbourne
The place once was a deadbeat music-bar is now a revved-up food arena. Its menu includes aboriginal Keralan cuisines. From chips to curry and fried chickens to sliders, every item here gets a touch of Keralan spices for the intense aroma and mouthwatering taste. If you like living life on the edge and if you like trying something new more now and then, you must try The Rochester’s duck hearts drenched in sweet, savory and spicy sauce.

Yogi Contemporary Indian Restaurant, Perth
Yogi is considered Perth’s best Indian restaurant preparing typical classy Indian food. The restaurant has taken the heritage of Indian flavors into consideration and is now brilliantly mixing it with Aussie culture to produce something extraordinary. The atmosphere here is bright and famishing, you wouldn’t be able to hold your hunger anymore once inside the place.

Café Chennai, Adelaide
If eating late night is your thing and your cravings for Indian food never settles down, this place is for you. The South Indian specialized restaurant offers food in ancient style copper dishes to tantalize your palettes. If you want any recipe customized, say you don’t want too spicy or you want too spicy, just ask the attendee and your demand will be catered as per asked.

Spice Avenue, Brisbane
As the name suggests, every dish here is full of aromatic spices that will take you on a journey throughout India. The place consists of a diner and a full-fledged bar. They provide packaging of the food so that you can take away the delicacy to your home. Provision for frozen meals have also been kept should someone want to buy it.

Brick Lane, Sydney
How unique is Brick Lane can be witnessed by just taking a look at it but then it’s not your typical restaurant or café. It is one of the exquisite suburban curry house that shouts out Sydney vibe at every step of it. Referred to as the most innovative Indian eateries, Brick Lane is presenting a light take on heavy Indian dishes. If you want some Indian and yet not so heavy, this place is definitely for you.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant, Melbourne
Known for serving tandoori items, Gaylord is a food place for all; be it, children, adults or old fellas, they have everything to satisfy differently aged taste buds. The instant you enter through the door, you’ll be welcomed by contemporary yet traditional sitting arena followed by the amazing smelling food. It’s hard keeping your hand to yourself when you come across appealing food; both in aesthetics and taste.

Jasmin Indian Restaurant
Once Marco Pierre White (The renowned British Celebrity Chef) visited Jasmin and had the best Indian meal of his life. Its slowly cooked food by Mrs. Singh, also known as the curry queen in the restaurant, brings in all flavor there is in every piece of spices and blends it with the item to the perfection. You couldn’t have asked for anything better in Australia and the gratification level is beyond the expectation. What more would one expect?
Give your hunger a dose of Indian cuisine in one of these Top 10 best restaurants in Australia, today.


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