Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia

Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia

Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia The lower sales figures have a valid explanation: boat sales are growing, and if you don’t have enough boats to provide customers, you can’t possibly have enough boats to fill a stand. Therefore, the good news is that you may quickly gain more clients with ADSCT if you already have a successful business or are just starting one in Australia’s boat industry. A list of Australia’s Top 10 Used Boat Dealers is also provided below.

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Market Demand of Boats in Australia –  

Below we share some stats that help you to easily understand the demand for Boat in Australia –

  • The maritime sector in Australia generated $8.835 billion in revenue in 2021, up from $8.65 billion in 2019.
  • A boat license is held by around one in ten adult Australians.
  • Since 85% of boats in Australia are under 6 meters in length, consumer demand for recreational activities is mostly to blame for the increase.
  • Consumer boats are utilized for fishing in some capacity in 70% of cases.
  • The traditional aluminum tinny is still the most popular boat in Australia.
  • Price ranges for the typical cabin-free motorized fishing boat are $15,000 secondhand and $35,000 new.

List of Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia – 

1. Hunts Marine –  

With more than 75 years of expertise in recreational boating, Hunts Marine is a third-generation family-owned marine shop. They offer three outstanding showrooms, one each in Sydney, Wollongong, and Batemans Bay, and each one is stocked with a broad selection of fully rigged, affordably priced boat packages. At Hunt’s, they only carry top-tier boat and motor manufacturers. Their knowledgeable staff can impart this knowledge while advising, assembling, and maintaining your boat for regular usage.

2. Watersports Marine –  

Welcome to the boat dealership for Watersports Marine Australia! It doesn’t matter what kind of recreational boating you enjoy—family boats, fishing boats, ski boats, and even race boats—they have something for you. They can put you on the water with a combination that is specifically designed for you, and they’ll help you along the way as you gain expertise in boating thanks to their 50+ years of combined knowledge. They have the most modern diagnostic tools in their repair business, so we can also provide performance engine configurations, hull modifications, specialized racing, offshore, etc.

3. Aussie Boat Sales –  

The busiest boat dealer and broker in Australia is Aussie Boat Sales. Their Williamstown location is open six days a week, and their crew has unparalleled maritime knowledge. They are also a part of a nationwide network of dealers and brokers who can assist you in selling your present boat or finding the ideal boat for your requirements. With internal Mechanical, Shipwright, and Electrical professionals, they provide decades of knowledge in all marine-related services in addition to comprehensive, etc. They also keep spare parts for all of these well-known brands in stock.

4. Brisbane Yamaha – 

Australia’s top boating brands are all available at Brisbane Yamaha in one convenient place. They are the biggest supplier of Quintrex aluminum, Yellowfin Plate Boats, Haines Hunter, Evolution Fiberglass, and other types of boats in Australia. Their fully stocked shop can repair any brand of outboard, and their on-site trim shop produces canopies and coverings handcrafted in Australia. Additionally, they provide a wide selection of secondhand boats that have passed inspection at a workshop.

Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia

5. TR MarineWorld – 

TR MarineWorld is an Australian company that is proudly run and managed by a family. The Dealership dominates the majority of nearby companies by a wide margin. It is a lovely place to visit in any weather because it is housed in a sizable, contemporary, and covered structure. The employees of TR MarineWorld assure you a pleasant boating experience and commit that they won’t be outperformed on either quality or pricing. They will use all of their abilities to provide you with the greatest customer service possible.

6. JV Marine –  

The largest maritime emporium in Australia is JV Marine. The largest power boat outlet in the Southern Hemisphere, its main location in Braeside spans more than 10 acres. From their vast selection of Australian and foreign boat manufacturers, they can assist you in finding, seeing, touching, and taking home your ideal boat package. All brands of boats and outboard motors are serviced and repaired by their service department at affordable rates. Additionally, they may provide you with customized, hassle-free financing and insurance, enabling you to take possession of your dream boat sooner than you would have anticipated.

7. 38 South Boat Sales –

The widest selection of new power boats from one of the biggest boat manufacturers in the world are available at 38 South Boat Sales, which is without a doubt the best location in Melbourne and the Gippsland Lakes. One of the country’s oldest yacht and motor boat traders is this company. They know boats, own boats, race boats, and only give consumers and boat owners candid advice. Additionally, they cover marinas including Sandringham, Brighton, Docklands, Pier 35, etc., and have a total employee boating experience of well over 200 years.

8. Southern Cross Marine Australia – 

When purchasing or selling your yacht or powerboat, Southern Cross Marine Australia, a reputable boat broker in Adelaide, South Australia, can offer you professional assistance and guidance. They would be pleased to help you with the acquisition of any boat or vessel thanks to their numerous relationships around the nation. Additionally, they have skilled and experienced staff working for them to guarantee that you not only get the best boat for you but also feel certain that you are purchasing the boat from a trustworthy company.

9. Premier Marine – 

Absolute and other high-end boats are only imported and distributed by Premier Marine. They take great delight in doing everything they can to support you in achieving your dream boating lifestyle, which is why they thrive on giving you amazing boats paired with exceptional customer service. Along with their distinctive pleasure boats, this understanding is crucial to Premier Marine distinguishing out in a sea of similarity. They are eager to show you the way to the boat of your dreams so you can start living your fantasy right now.

10. Challenge Marine – 

Since the middle of the 1970s, Challenge Marine, a family-owned company, has been an integral component of Western Australia’s boating community and has grown to become one of the sector’s most reputable brands. Your satisfaction and professionalism are their top priorities. To make sure you choose the best option for you and your family, they pay attention to what you have to say and take the time to learn how you want to utilize your boat. Additionally, they add a new degree of transparency to boat transactions by combining age-old principles of trust and honesty with cutting-edge technology.

Conclusion – 

The Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia are listed here along with their actual contact information. Therefore, ADSCT is one of the top classified portals in Australia if you are a boat dealer in that country and seeking an ads portal that will assist you to reach more audiences.

Faq’s About Top 10 Boat Dealers in Australia

Question – How often should I schedule boat maintenance services?

Answer – Boat maintenance services should be scheduled at least once a year, but it’s recommended to have regular maintenance checks every six months.

Question – What are the essential maintenance tasks for keeping a boat in good condition?

Answer – Essential maintenance tasks include checking the hull for damage, inspecting the engine and electrical systems, cleaning and lubricating moving parts, and performing routine oil and filter changes.

Question – Are there any specific maintenance requirements for boats used in saltwater environments?

Answer – Boats used in saltwater environments require extra maintenance due to the corrosive nature of saltwater. It’s important to rinse the boat thoroughly with fresh water after each use and regularly inspect and treat any signs of corrosion.

Question – What are the common signs that a boat requires immediate maintenance or repairs?

Answer – Common signs include unusual engine noises, excessive vibration, decreased performance, fuel leaks, electrical issues, hull damage, and safety-related concerns.

Question – How can regular boat maintenance help prolong the lifespan of the vessel?

Answer – Regular boat maintenance helps identify and address potential problems before they escalate, preventing costly repairs and extending the boat’s lifespan. It also ensures that the boat operates efficiently and safely.

Question – Are there any recommended cleaning products for boat maintenance?

Answer – There are various cleaning products specifically designed for boat maintenance. Look for environmentally friendly and biodegradable options that won’t harm the marine ecosystem. Using specialized cleaners for different surfaces, such as fibreglass, vinyl, and metal, is advisable.

Question – What is the best way to protect a boat’s exterior from harsh weather conditions?

Answer – Use a high-quality marine wax or protective coating to protect a boat’s exterior. Additionally, invest in a boat cover to shield it from the elements when not in use.

Question – Are there any specific maintenance tips for boat engines and electrical systems?

Answer – Regularly check and change the engine oil and filters, inspect belts and hoses, clean and maintain the cooling system, and test the electrical components for proper functioning. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance tasks.

Question – How often should I change the oil and filters in my boat’s engine?

Answer – Oil and filter changes should be performed at least once a year or every 100 hours of engine operation, whichever comes first. However, check your boat’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

Question – What steps should I take to winterize my boat for storage?

Answer – Winterizing a boat involves:

  • Draining the water from the engine.
  • Adding antifreeze.
  • Stabilizing the fuel.
  • Removing the battery.
  • Cleaning and covering the boat.
  • Storing it in a dry and secure location.


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