Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown

Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown

Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown – With time, the auto industry has improved to a new level. It has become quite effortless for people to buy brand-new or pre-owned cars by scrolling through the vehicle dealership’s website. Moreover, they offer technically advanced repair services that easily fit the needs of modern cars or other vehicles. If you are from Campbelltown and in search of the best car dealers, then read this blog to check out the Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown.

Campbelltown is a rapidly growing and vibrant city which is located in the metropolitan region of Sydney, South Wales, Australia. It is famous for its pristine Dharawal Park, glorious culture, festivals, delightful food, and masterful history.

If we talk about car dealers, then it will be easy to find reputable and professional car dealers in Campbelltown. We have mentioned some of the top Car Dealers that will you know after reading this piece of information. Stay tuned!

List of the Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown

Below is a list of the Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown

Let’s drive and explore!

1.Xtreme Car Sales

Introducing one of the top used car dealers in Campbelltown – Xtreme Car Sales. This car dealership is renowned for offering world-class quality pre-owned  Audi, Ford, and BMW at the fairest deals.

The customer can also apply for finance where the friendly and professional staff will assist you with the best advice that will perfectly meet your budget and lifestyle. 

2. Ozcar 

Ozcar is also one of the leading car dealerships that are popular for providing high-quality Toyota, Holden, Renault, and many more with special discounts and offers.

Moreover, you can sell your old car by contacting this car dealer with honest rates. Their mission is to meet all the requirements of customers in the best and most innovative manner.

3.Auto Traders

The next trending car dealership in Campbelltown is Auto Traders. The company has established its unique name in the auto industry by building unbeatable trust with its customers.

Here, you can buy used or new cars that will easily fit your pocket and lifestyle. Additionally, the company provides remarkable support and guidance to make car purchasing decisions that are seamless and smart. 

4.Cash For Cars

Are you in search of reliable cash-for-car services in Campbelltown, then “ Cash For Cars” is here to welcome you. This car dealer is known to provide top-quality car removal services and buy cars of all types and in any condition like junk cars, old cars, damaged cars, scrap cars, and so on.

All their services are strategically designed to buy your old car or used and replace it with cash with a hassle-free process.

5.Macarthur  Automotive

This car dealership embarked on its incredible journey in 2002 and now it holds its name in the top 10 car dealers Cambelletown. Macarthur Automotive also expanded its services in Narellan and sells the new car of the world’s best car brands including Renault, KIA,  Jaguar, Suzuki, and many more.

The company also provides well-maintained used cars of all makes and models at cost-effective prices.

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Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown

6. Express Car Removal

We have successfully covered the distance for the Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown. Express Car Removal is renowned for offering top-of-the-line car removal, wrecking, and scrapping services to its customers.

The company also buy unwanted car and truck with exciting offers. Moreover, they will pay you to remove your vehicle in any condition.

7. Harvey’s Motors

Driving straight to our 7th car dealer in Campbelltown- Harvey’s Motors. It was founded in 2001 but won the trust of every car lover in a few years. Here, you can sell your vehicle and earn a profit.

The special team will be there at the store to ensure the buying and selling process is as effortless as possible.

8.Autobarn Campbelltown

If you want to upgrade your car with cutting-edge tech solutions, then  Autobarn Campbelltown is the perfect choice for you. This car dealer elevates your car riding experience with their top-class services that cover paint & panel, seat covers, sun protection, lighting, tyres, battery and power accessories, etc, and ensure that your vehicle is running fine on the road.

9.Southwest Automotive

Whenever it comes to client satisfaction, this dealership makes it the top priority. Located in Campbelltown, Southwest Automotive handles the challenging repair and servicing of the vehicle and comes with advanced, plus customized solutions.

Their highly dynamic mechanics use superior quality oil and the finest parts that perfectly help the vehicle to perform and run better.

10. Elite Autos

Lastly, Elite Autos was established in 1970 making it one of the oldest and most trustworthy car dealers in Campbelltown. The company also offers its services in Camden and Narellen, plus turning the region’s people into their forever customers.

You can easily buy a great quality used car with a significant warranty by dealing with Elite Autos. So, get ready with your loved one, visit the store, and own the keys to your ideal car.


The blog aims to inform the reader about the Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown. All these mentioned car dealers are renowned for providing modern services that easily coordinate your budget and lifestyle. You can buy brand-new or used cars at affordable rates.

Moreover, some of them are popular for offering car removal and car care services to their customers. Interested ones can visit the company’s official website for new and exciting updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top 10 Car Dealers Campbelltown
Q1: Where is Xtreme Car Sales located?

Ans: The official location of Xtreme Car Sales is 16 Queen Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

Q2: Which is the best car dealer for car removal services in Campbelltown?

Ans: Express Car Removal is the best car dealership that provides car removal, wrecking, and scrapping services to customers and cash for cars in any condition. 

Q3: How can I get the latest information about Elite Autos?

Ans: You can easily get fresh updates about Elite Autos by visiting their official website.

Q4: Can I buy an old car at an affordable rate in Campbelltown?

Ans: Yes, you can purchase an old or used car in Campbelltown by contacting a reliable car dealer located in Campbelltown or nearby. 


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