Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo

Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo

Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo – In today’s era, every person dreams about these things: a great sparkling bungalow, a loyal life partner, and a luxury car. Yes, the car. Once a person completely stands on his feet, first he buys a vehicle that mostly includes a car. Buying a car can be a stressful activity because it relies on many factors. You should always buy a car that perfectly coordinates with your lifestyle and balance. If you belong to Dubbo then this blog is for you-Unveiling the Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo.

As easy as it is to buy a car, it is difficult to take care of it. To keep your car mechanically fit, you have to go for car care services and checkups, to ensure safety and comfort. A car dealer not only sells new or used cars but also offers advanced car maintenance services to make sure that your car is running fine on the road. In Dubbo, many car dealers are popular to hand over cutting-edge vehicle services with the fairest rates that you will know after reading this blog. Stay Tuned!

List of the Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo

Below is the list of the Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo

Let’s drive and explore!

1.Central West Best Car

Introducing one of the leading car dealerships in Dubbo – Central West Best Car. This car dealer is popular for providing high-quality vehicle services to its customers. The customer can buy top-class used cars from renowned brands like Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, and many more at cost-effective prices. Not only in Dubbo, Central West Best Car also offers its services in Bathurst, orange, Parkes, Cowra, and so on.

2.  Western Plains Automotive 

This car dealership started its incredible journey 40 years ago and now it has become one of the top car dealers in Dubbo. Here, customers can buy top-quality new or pre-owned Mercedes Benz, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan at the company’s latest offers and deals. Moreover, you can apply for finance where the friendly staff will assist you with a tailored finance package that will perfectly match your budget and lifestyle.

3. David Iverach Motors

Established in 1985, David Iverach Motors is one of the oldest and most reliable car dealers in Dubbo. Their motto is “ For Perfection Plus” and strongly committed to meeting the client’s requirements. The company provides technically advanced equipment for modern vehicles. The company offers a wide range of used or demo cars with budget-friendly deals. Additionally, the customers can apply for insurance and finance with the help of the company’s honest advice.

4. Wheels on Bournk

Do you want to sell your old car in Dubbo? If yes, then Wheels on Bournk is waiting for you. This car dealer has earned a reputable name in the vehicle dealership industry. The customer can sell their old car and get the chance to earn a profit. The company offers a stunning range of used Ford, Subaru, KIA, and many more at exciting deals and discounts.

 Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo

5. Dubbo Automotive

This company’s mission is to satisfy the customers in every possible manner. Located in Dubbo, this car dealer is known to deliver the top-of-the-line brand-new and used car to its customers. Their services also include car care services, genuine parts, repairs, and accessories. In crisp, if you need any help regarding the vehicle, Dubbo Automotive is here to provide you.

6. Car Wanted Dubbo

Are you looking for cash for cars? If yes, then Car Wanted Dubbo is here to welcome you. This car dealership provides car removal services and cash for cars that are damaged or broken, old, and unregistered with the best cash and offers. The company provides a secure, seamless, and fast way to sell your car. They will also negotiate the prices if its not match their expectations. 

7. Gazza’s Auto Car Sales

Driving straight to our 7th car dealer that is Gazza’s Auto Car Sales. This car dealer is known to provide high-class car-related services in Dubbo. They buy and sell affordable motor vehicles and sell them with a roadworthy certificate. The company often shares the cars on sale on its social media platform.

8. RPM Dubbo

When it comes to elevating the vehicle for a better riding experience, RPM holds the rank first. The firm’s highly skilled mechanics are European Car Specialists, offering excellent tuning services for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Their services also cover general servicing, restorations, registration checks, auto air conditioning, and many more that are constantly winning the hearts of every vehicle lover.

9. Repco Dubbo

If you are seeking to update your car, then Repco Dubbo will be a great choice for you. This car dealer specializes in paint & body repair, car care services, car parts, car audio, and electronics, etc that are strategically designed to meet all your vehicle needs. The company truly cares about the client investment, and that’s why all of its services have affordable deals.

10. Land Rover Dubbo

Lastly, How can we forget the name “ Land Rover Dubbo’ when we are talking about top car dealers in Dubbo? If you are a fan of Range Rover, then this showroom will not be less than a paradise for you. You can buy state-of-the-art new Range Rover with the company’s exciting deals and offers. To ensure accuracy and safety, you can also book a test drive. So, when are you owning the keys to your ideal Range Rover?


The blog aims to provide curated and targeted information about the Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo. All the above-mentioned car dealers are trustworthy and well-known for providing the ultimate quality vehicle-related services to their customers. The customers can buy new or used cars and also sell the old cars at the company’s extra-special prices. Moreover, interested ones can visit the company’s official profile for trending and thrilling car-related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Top 10 Car Dealers Dubbo
Q1: How can I sell my old car in Dubbo?

Ans: If you want to sell your old or used car in Dubbo, then contact a reliable car dealer located in Dubbo or nearby.

Q2: Where is Western Plain Automotive located?

Ans: The official location of Western Plain Automotive is 45-71 Victoria Street,

Dubbo NSW 2830.

Q3: Which is the best car dealer for car removal services in Dubbo?

Ans: Car Wanted Dubbo is the best car dealership that provides car removal services and cash for cars in any condition. The company will also negotiate the prices if it does not match their expectations. 

Q4: How can I get the latest information about these car dealers?

Ans: You can easily get fresh updates about these car dealerships by visiting their official website.


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