Top 10 Car Dealers in sunshine coast

Top 10 Car Dealers in Australia

Top 10 Car Dealers in Australia – Purchasing a car is typically a lengthy procedure. In 2022, the majority of automobile purchasers will often begin that procedure online. In the past, just a small number of Australian websites offered automobile sales. But options for automobile consumers are now greater than ever. Online, you may choose from a variety of Australian automobile buying and selling websites. New car-buying websites are joining the market and providing a better experience for consumers and sellers as the internet industry becomes more competitive every year. A list of Australia’s Top 10 Car Dealers is also provided below.

Market Demand for Cars in Australia – 

As more individuals consider buying automobiles, there is a high demand for both new and secondhand cars. The auto sector encountered several challenges at the start of the epidemic, including chip shortages and supply chain problems. As more individuals return to work in person, there is a high demand for both new and secondhand automobiles. But the majority of auto shops are dealing with strong demand and short inventory. Dealerships, industry analysts, and other professionals knowledgeable about the automotive supply chain also predict that the new vehicle scarcity will likely continue well beyond 2024.

Top 10 Car Dealers in Australia – 

1. Australian Automotive Group –  

Imperial Holdings, now Motus, acquired the Ford Sydney Retail Joint Venture’s assets from Ford Motor Company in 2005, resulting in the establishment of the Australian Automotive Group (AAG). Each year, it sells about 12,000 new and used automobiles and has over 300 employees in Sydney and Melbourne. The arrival of Suzuki, Renault, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Isuzu, and Kia has enhanced the Ford product line. Additionally, it has developed into a superb portfolio of automotive assets, the heart of which are Sydney’s top six Ford dealerships.

2. Peter Warren Automotive Group –  

Nine locations under the Peter Warren Automotive Group umbrella house a multi-franchise dealership that represents 23 of the world’s top automakers. They’re here to help you acquire the new, used, or demonstrator automobile you want at the price you need and to assist with the lifetime maintenance of your vehicle. Customers go from all around Australia to Peter Warren Automotive Group because of their excellent service and affordable rates. Modern sales and service departments will maintain your automobile in top shape, and welcoming staff will make each visit to Peter Warren Automotive enjoyable.

3. American Vehicle Sales –  

Australian family-owned business American Vehicle Sales has been in business since that year. To satisfy client requests, they provide high-quality right-hand drive adaptations on US automobiles and utes. They give exceptional client satisfaction because of their quality-driven work culture and attention to detail. They work hard to fulfill and even beyond consumer expectations. offering a wide selection of components, ensuring that their service facility has the item you need. Additionally, they integrate reliability, dependability, workmanship, and ISO Quality.

4. Carma –

Carma offers a wide selection of high-quality used automobiles that have been carefully chosen by professionals. Even though they are an online store, you can still call them and speak to a live person whenever you need to, whether it’s before, during, or after your purchase. Their staff is 100% domestic and knowledgeable about the regional used automobile market. They are Australian-owned and operated. They are dedicated to making your experience COVID-safe. Before delivery, each automobile is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and handed over.

5. SP Motors – 

The luxury, sports performance, and exotic car divisions of SP Motors are their areas of expertise. A comprehensive 100 Point Safety & Quality Check is included with every one of their vehicles, and they may provide supplementary warranties via several of Australia’s most recognized warranty service providers. They hope to locate the ideal automobile for you at a very affordable price thanks to their combined 20 years of expertise in the automotive sales sector. Additionally, they provide a range of warranty options that are competitive in the market, will work best for you and your automobile and will provide you peace of mind while driving your new car.

6. Southport Car Sales –  

The Davis family owns and runs Southport Car Sales as a family company. You would struggle to find comparable automobiles of the same quality for less money without expertise and understanding in acquiring, reconditioning, and sales. Although they have 200 used cars in their yard, you will find that they have been carefully chosen and have only been workshop tested by recognized A Grade workshops in the neighborhood. At any given moment, they have access to more than 1,000 automobiles. Australia-wide delivery can be arranged if you reside out of the country.

7. Cars of Melbourne –  

Your experience will be unforgettable if you decide to buy your next used car from Cars of Melbourne. The Cars of Melbourne staff has three generations of expertise in the automotive business and provides Coburg and its surrounding suburbs with an excellent used vehicle selection, easy home car financing, and a friendly used car dealership atmosphere where the clients come first. They take great pride in being experts in late-model used cars, including budget hatchbacks, family sedans, mid-size SUVs, and light commercial 4x4s.

8. SA Cars –  

To guarantee that their clients have confidence that their new vehicle will receive the greatest care after purchase, SA Cars dealerships are always investing in facilities to offer the absolute best in service and backup. A motor vehicle purchase is a significant choice for you and your family, and SA Cars wants to make it a pleasant one. As a result, they strive to provide every one of their client’s complete pleasure with their purchase.

9. Car Giant WA –  

The goal of Car Giant WA is to offer the largest local selection of used vehicles in Western Australia. At Car Giant WA, they sell a fantastic range of used cars, from tiny, economical cars, family sedans, and beautiful SUVs to hardy 4x4s and commercial vehicles, so they have a car to meet everyone’s driving preferences and budget. Their staff is committed to giving every one of their clients prompt, effective service, guiding them through the whole car-buying process, and providing exceptional after-sale assistance.

10. Car City Ringwood – 

With more than 35 years in the business, Car City Ringwood has established itself as one of the top places to find pre-owned cars in the country. Car City Ringwood offers clients the widest selection of used automobiles in one place at some of Melbourne’s best prices. A large 12-acre property northeast of Melbourne is home to 40 separate used car yards at the multi-dealer pre-owned vehicle complex known as Car City Ringwood.

What People Also Ask for Top 10 Car Dealers in Australia –

Question 1. What is a car dealership?

Answer 1. A licensed auto dealership is a company that engages in the retail or wholesale purchase, sale, and/or exchange of automobiles. Dealerships are frequently privately held franchises or they run under a license from the automakers. A huge new vehicle lot and a smaller used car lot make up the majority of many dealerships. Others specialize in selling used automobiles only. Online auto dealers make up a far lower portion. These enable you to explore a selection of automobile makes and models and offer details on price and a place where you can see the vehicle in person.

Question 2. How do car dealerships make money?

Answer 2. On sales of new cars, dealers often generate a profit of 5% or less. When it comes to brand-new automobiles, the manufacturer is more likely than the dealer to reap the majority of the rewards. Dealer profit margins for used car sales are greater, at about 15%. In this instance, dealers typically purchase automobiles at a discount and resell them for a higher cost. The dealer could get the vehicles at a discount through a wholesaler who only deals with authorized dealers, or via client trade-ins.

Dealer’s finance, vehicle parts, servicing, and service packages are frequently where a dealership generates the majority of its revenue. The dealer’s profit may increase as a result of all the extras that are supplied to you after a sale.

Question 3. Top 10 Selling Cars in Australia –  

Answer 3. A new automobile purchase might be thrilling, but there are so many options available that it can easily become confusing. In order to help with your search, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries produces a monthly report on the top-selling cars in Australia, describing the brands and models that are doing the best on our roads. The top-selling vehicles for August 2022 are given here. Visit this page frequently for updates on the bestselling vehicles.

  1. Toyota Hilux
  2. Ford Ranger
  3. Toyota RAV4
  4. Tesla 3
  5. Mazda CX-5
  6. Toyota Corolla
  7. Mitsubishi Triton
  8. Hyundai i30
  9. Isuzu UTE D-MAX
  10. Toyota Prado

Question 4. Top 10 recommendations for dealership automobile purchases –  

Answer 4. Below we share tips that will help you to buy a car at a dealership –

  1. Do your research first
  2. Organize your finances
  3. Get a Pre-purchase inspection
  4. Go for a test drive
  5. Be wary of optional extras
  6. Think long and hard about whether you need an extended warranty
  7. Only talk about price at the end
  8. Question the fees
  9. Don’t succumb to pressure
  10. Shop around


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