Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka

Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka

Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka – Should I purchase this car? How do I buy a used car? Can I buy a luxurious pre-owned car on my budget? Are you dealing with the same questions in your daily life?  But unfortunately, not getting fruitful answers! Buying a car is not like a cup of tea. From budget to comfort, there are so many factors that affect the car purchasing process. If you are from Moorooka, then this blog will be beneficial for you because it includes the Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka.

Sometimes, car lovers have to compromise their budget to purchase their dream car or vehicle, but they still can’t get what they expect and as a result, their investment goes in vain. That’s why it is suggested to purchase your new or pre-owned car from a reputable car dealer that will not only give you honest advice but also offer the best vehicle services.

List Of Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka

Here is a list of List Of Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka that are known to serve high-quality vehicle services. 

John Anthony Motors

If you are looking for the best car dealer in Moorooka, then must visit John Anthony Motors. They offer a variety of top-quality vehicles to their customers. Their goal is not only to earn profit but satisfy the customer’s needs. Not only this, if you cannot buy a brand new car, go to John Anthony Motors, browse the collection, and pick any pre-owned at perfect condition at super affordable costs. 

Toowong Mazda

Are you an adventurous lover? Here adventurous doesn’t mean climbing the hills or sky diving. We mean a car ride that will drive you straight to the dynamic adventure experience.  Toowong Mazda is here to fulfill your Car’azy desires. It is one of the top car dealers in Moorooka that is known to provide brand-new and used vehicles to clients. You can select any Mazda for yourself and your family in any color and model. Their vehicles are specially designed to meet the needs of safety and comfort of the users. 

Motorama Ford

One of the oldest and most reputable car dealers in the Moorooka is Motorola Ford. This car dealing company was established several decades ago and earned the trust of its customers. The company provides high-quality car dealing services from finance, upgrade, and service to your Ford. Not only this, Motoroma Ford is also Australia’s largest Ford dealer that offers an exciting range of new and used vehicles in well-maintained conditions. You can also sell your car at Motorama Ford and earn an exclusive deal. If you have any doubts, you can freely book a test drive to ensure your safety and comfort.

Moorooka Motor Group

Welcome to another leading car dealing company in Moorooka – Moorooka Motor Group. This car dealing company also known as MMG and renowned for offering the best car services to their valued clients. This firm will be a true paradise for luxurious car lovers where they can buy their dream car. You can also buy the pre-owned stunning cars at budget-friendly costs. From Nissan to Suzuki, Moorooka Motor Group serves its best in top-notch quality. You can get more information by going to their website.


What if we tell you that this car dealer has everything that you are looking for? Will you ignore it? Your answer will be a big “ No”. because when it comes to customer satisfaction this car dealing company makes it the priority. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality vehicle services to its clients. If you want to earn money from your old cars you can easily sell them on Ozcar at the best rates. The company also offers car care services like dent removals, painting panels, etc. From SUVs to Volkswagen, purchasing any car from Ozcar will not be less than winning an “Oscar”.

 Top 10 Car Dealers Moorooka

Brisbane Used Cars

When it comes to giving the best vehicle advice to the customers, no one can beat this car dealing company. Brisbane Used Cars serves a high-quality range of pre-owned cars of late models in Brisbane. The company is providing its car services at two locations: Moorooka and Springwood. The company strongly believes in offering the best cars without shaking the budget of the customers. Not only did they earn a profit, but also this company won the trust of many customers with their friendly and skilled staff that give transparent and valid vehicle advice to them.  

Selected Quality Cars

For more than 30 years in the automobile industry, this car dealer has successfully gained the trust of the customers. Are you one of those who is struggling to find the perfect car? Selected Quality Cars got you! And it is here to help you to select the car that will suit your lifestyle and the overall need for comfort. From commercial vehicles to pre-owned vehicles, this car dealing company has everything that will not cross your budget. Feeling bored with an old car and want something special? Here is a surprise for you! You can also sell your old vehicle at Selected Quality Cars at the cost-effective offers.

Salters Car Moorooka 

We have driven flawlessly to our number 8th car dealer in Moorooka which is Salters Car, the well-known and reliable. This car dealer provides amazing vehicle services to its customers. Do you want a luxury experience at affordable rates? Go to Salters Car Moorooka, where the keys to your stylish car are waiting for you. From Mercedes to Mazda, you can get a chance to purchase any car without feeling sad about your pocket. Their top-class services also include selling your car, accident repairs, accessories, etc.

Brizzy Car Guys

This car dealing company is rapidly becoming the top choice for high-quality pre-owned vehicles. This company is committed to meeting the perfect vehicle needs of the customers. Talking about the prices, Brizzy Car Guys offers its best-used cars at the most affordable costs. Their vehicles are strategically designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and safety. You can also sell your old vehicle at special offers. 

Polygon Motors

Lastly, if you want a car in your budget but cannot afford a new car? Then, Polygon Motors will be a great pick for you. This car dealing company is one of those whose ambition is to complete the dream desire of the customers that they often wished before purchasing a car. At Polygon Motors, you can purchase brand-new or pre-owned cars without compromising your account balance. From Renault to Land Rover, they offer an exciting range of high-quality cars at reasonable deals. You can get the latest updates by visiting the website. 


The blog aims to inform readers and car lovers about the Top 10 Car Dealers in Moorooka. Above mentioned car dealers are the best in providing the vehicle, especially the car dealing services to their valued clients. You can purchase new and pre-owned cars at a budget-friendly cost. Additionally, the customer can earn profit by selling the old vehicle to the above car dealer with special offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Are these car dealers cost-effective?

Ans: Yes, most of the mentioned car dealers are cost-effective. Also, the cost depends upon the type of car you are looking for.

Q2:  How can I sell my old car in Moorooka?

Ans: You can sell your old car in Moorooka with the help of the best car dealers. 

Q3: What is the location of Polygon Motors?

Ans. Polygon Motors is located at 948 Ipswich Road, Moorooka QLD 4105.

Q4: How can I know more about these car dealing companies?

Ans: You can easily get the latest information about these companies by visiting the company’s website.


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