Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie

Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie

Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie – With time, the craze of buying a luxury and spacious car is also reaching new heights. Whether it’s a new or pre-owned car, people love and work hard to buy it. Not only in the case of a car, but before purchasing any vehicle, make sure that is mechanically sound, safe, and matches your budget. If you are from Port Macquarie and planning to buy a top-notch car, then this blog is for you- Uncovering the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie is a gorgeous coastal town in Australia, which is famous for its graceful beaches, scenic coastal suburbs, and pristine hinterland. It attracts the millions of local and international tourists. Coming to the car dealers, and then finding a trustworthy and experienced car dealer in Port Macquarie is an effortless deal. Stay tuned to know more about these car dealers.

List of the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie

Below is the list of the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie.

Let’s drive and explore!

1. Patrick Auto Group

Introducing the leading car dealership in Port Macquarie which is known for providing top-class services to its customers. The company spent more than 25 years in the auto industry.

Their services include selling and servicing new and pre-owned vehicles not only in Port Macquarie but also Mid North Coast and nearby areas. Moreover, the well-trained staff will be there to assist you in choosing the right car for you.

2. John Oxley

One of the top car dealers that is exceptionally popular for offering state-of-the-art services and meeting all the requirements of their clients. John Oxley is an authorized car dealer of the world’s most renowned companies like Jaguar, Nissan, Skoda, Volkswagen, and many more.

Additionally, their services cover genuine parts, servicing, finance, and insurance.Whether it’s a new car or a pre-owned car, the company helps you find the one that matches your lifestyle, comfort, and budget.

3. Country Wholesale Group

With cutting-edge knowledge and remarkable experience, this car dealer established a new history in this sector. The company specializes in providing high-quality used cars and 4X4 commercial vehicles at the fairest prices.

All their vehicles are mechanically sound and go through the regular test, ensuring safety for the customers. The company aims to make all its customers happy by offering them a stress-free car-buying experience.

4. Ozcar

Car is their business, but client satisfaction is their mission. Located in Port Macquarie, this car dealership constantly converting all car lovers into its consumers. Here, you can buy a top-class car and sell your old car with the company’s exclusive deals.

Moreover, it offers flexible finance packages that are tailored to the client’s budget and lifestyle. In short, dealing with this wonderful car dealer “ ozcar” is no less than achieving an “Oscar”.

Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie


5. Warren Plowright Toyota

It is a family-owned and operated business that dedicated its whole life to fulfilling the dreams of every car lover. The company offers a stunning range of new and pre-owned vehicles that perfectly cater to client’s needs and expectations.

Moreover, the company provides services for Toyota vehicles like Parts& accessories, finance, and insurance. Overall, the company helps you to find the car you are looking for!

6. Europort

We have successfully covered half the distance for the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie. Purchasing a used car is completely fine, but what if it is not mechanically fit? All your investment goes to vain and creates danger for your life. It’s a terrible feeling, right?

But Relax! You can contact this car dealer for the servicing to make sure your car is running fine on the road and it’s safe to drive. The company offers the latest and guaranteed mechanical services that are perfect for modern vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, and so on.

7. Leicht’s Tyres and Auto

Without taking a U-turn, let’s drive straight to our next car dealer- Leicht’s Tyres and Auto. This workshop expanded its services in Port Macquarie, Kempsey, and Tamworth.

Their services include wheel alignment, mechanical repairs, batteries, car services and maintenance plus selling tyres. In crisp, if you are seeking to update your car without breaking the budget, this car dealer is waiting for you!

8. Miedecke Motor Group

We are talking about the top 10 car dealers in Port Macquarie and how can we forget the name of Miedecke Motor Group? This car dealership is widely popular for delivering top-of-the-line services to its customers.

The company sells a great range collection of new and used Ford, KIA, Mazda, luxury Mercedes Benz, and much more at competitive rates. If you are thinking about purchasing a car under budget, then this car dealer will be an incredible pick for you.

9. Mid Coast 4WD Centre

The company started its fantastic journey in 1992 and now it has become one of the most trustworthy car dealers in Port Macquarie. Staffed by a highly professional team that gives transparent advice that is suitable for their vehicle, comfort, and pocket.

This car dealership provides trending mechanical services including wheels, tyres, air conditioning, accessories, etc, ensuring credibility, safety, and a world-class driving experience.

10. Maca’s Mechanical Repairs

Lastly, this car dealership was established in 1995 and earned the trust of millions of customers in a limited period. The company’s dynamic and professional technicians offer great quality and honest services in Port Macquite and nearby regions.

This car dealer is known to offer up-to-date services to all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, and trailers. Their services include Rego checks for the safety of the vehicle, steering, suspensions, repairs, replacement, and so on.


The blog aims to inform the readers about the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie. We have discussed some of the best car dealers that are widely popular and reliable from where you can buy new or used cars at affordable deals.
Moreover, some of them offer vehicle-related services like repair, suspensions, wheel alignment, air conditioning, battery, etc, ensuring your and your vehicle’s safety.

Interested ones can visit the car dealership’s website for fresh and exciting updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top 10 Car Dealers Port Macquarie
Q1: Where is the location of John Oxley Car Dealer?

Ans; The official address of John Oxley is 130 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

Q2: How can I buy an old car in Port Macquarie?

Ans: If you want to buy a used vehicle in Port Macquarie at the fairest rates, then contact a reliable car dealer located in Port Macquarie or nearby areas.

Q3: Which car dealer provides the best car servicing in Port Macquarie?

Ans: In Port Macquarie, Maca’s Mechanical Repairs, Midcoast 4WD Centre, Leicht’s Tyres, and Auto, Europort, and Country Wholesale Group provide up-to-date vehicle-related services for modern vehicles.

Q4: How can I get the latest information about Warren Plowright Toyota?

Ans: You can easily get fresh updates about Warren Plowright Toyota by visiting their official website.


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