Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool

Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool

Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool – Cars are the most trending vehicles that are used to reach our destination. Compact size and ease of driving are the main features that make a car unique from the other vehicles. If you are from Warrnambool and in search of a reliable car dealer, we got you covered – Let’s dive into the Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool that are renowned for their state-of-the-art services. Stay Tuned!

Warrnambool is a beautiful city on the West Coast of Victoria, Australia which is popular for its safe and graceful beaches, fabulous shopping, scenic parks, and gardens. The climate of this city usually remains moderate. If we talk about car dealers, then finding a professional and trustworthy car dealer in Warrnambool is not a stressful deal and you will know more about them by reading this blog.

List of The Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool

Below is a list of the Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool

Let’s drive and explore!

1. Warranbool’s Cheapest Cars

Introducing the leading car dealership in the Warranbool which has spent more than 85 years in the auto industry. The company offers a wide and high-quality range of used compact, medium, and big vehicles at the fairest prices. 

You can also sell and service your vehicle. Moreover, the company provides flexible vehicle finance packages that cater to the client’s budget and lifestyle.

2. Caramut Road Car Sales

For more than 20 years, this car dealer has been serving millions of customers and established an unmatchable history in the vehicle dealership. The company provides an exclusive range of cars of more than 40 unique models and makes. 

With highly trained mechanicians, this car dealership also specializes in providing car servicing like brake repair, suspensions, and finance that perfectly suit the customers’ requirements. 

3. Norton Motor Group 

One of the trustworthy car dealers that is renowned for providing top-class vehicle-related services to its customers. Not only in Warrnambool, the company also expanded its services in Horsham and Stawell. This dealer sells the finest quality new and pre-owned vehicles of brands like Ford, Haval, etc at cost-effective rates.

The company services also include vehicle finance, car insurance, and great-quality vehicle service. Moreover, the special team will be there to find you the best car for you, ensuring a smooth and fabulous car shopping experience.

4. Callaghan Motor Group 

Welcome to Callaghan Motor Group: where something exciting is waiting for you. The company started its outstanding journey 85 years ago and established new footprints in the automotive sector. The car dealership offers its services in four locations South West Victoria, Great Ocean Road, Port Land, and Warrnambool. 

Here,  customers can buy stunning new or used vehicles of the latest models from Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, LDV, and many more. If you want to enjoy a luxury car riding experience with affordability, this company is here to provide you with super special offers and amazing deals.

5. Clinton Baulch Motor Group 

This car dealership is extremely popular for offering supreme quality services to the Warrnambool and the surrounding area’s people. With more than 12 years of experience, this company offers modern new and used vehicles that are specially designed, ensuring safety and comfort. 

Additionally, if you want to apply for finance or need vehicle advice, the company’s skillful team will be there to guide and help you!

Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool

6. West Coast Service Centre 

We have successfully covered half the distance of the Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool. Are you looking to update your vehicle? If yes, then this car dealership is here for you. The company has remarkable expertise from servicing small-size vehicles to large trucks. In 2006, The company took its first step in the vehicle industry. 

Their services include auto service, repair, and maintenance. Their team inspects the vehicle consciously before it leaves the workshop, making it one of the most reliable car dealers.

7. Auto Barn Warrnambool 

Safety and client satisfaction are the two main factors of their business. This car dealership is widely known for offering top-notch vehicle services to the customers. The company stocks the ultimate range of everything that your vehicle desires. Their services include parts and accessories, seat covers and protection, batteries, spare parts, and many more.

 The company truly cares about the client’s money and that’s why it charges competitive fees on the services that flawlessly adjust to the client’s pocket and requirements.

8. Lowes Auto Repairs 

Driving straight to our next car dealer i.e. Lowes Auto Repairs. Whether it’s a little scratch or requires major recovery for the vehicle, Lowes Auto Repairs is here to fix the issue. This car dealership is passionate about bringing out the best in the vehicle and that’s the reason that it has successfully completed more than 18 years in this business.

This car dealership offers pro-quality mechanical services like suspension repairs, air conditioning, engine tuning, and much more to make sure you are driving a fit, safe, and inspected vehicle.

9. Repco Rewards

How can we forget the name “ Repco Rewards” that won the trust of millions of customers in a challenging period? No matter what the situation is, this car dealership always satisfies its customers with innovative and creative solutions. 

The company stocks a great collection of vehicle products like car air filters, brake pads, batteries, lighting, etc with budget-friendly costs. 

10. Warrnambool  Auto Group 

Lastly, If you are in search of your ideal car but also love your pocket? Don’t worry. This car dealership will be glad to fulfill your aspirations. The company is proud to offer you the prominent customer service. Here, you can purchase brand-new or used Mazda, Renault and others without crossing the budget. 

Moreover, you can apply for finance where the highly skill team will assist you with transparent advice that perfectly meets what you are looking for!


The blog aims to inform the readers about the Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool. All the above-discussed car dealers are exceptionally famous and well established from where you can buy new or pre-owned cars and other vehicles that fit your need for comfort, lifestyle, and budget. 

Moreover, some of them offer vehicle-related services like repair, suspensions, air conditioning, battery, etc, ensuring your vehicle is running fine on the road.Interested ones can visit the car dealership’s website for fresh and exciting updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top 10 Car Dealers Warrnambool 
Q1: Where is the location of Caramut Road Car Sales?

Ans: The official address of Caramut Road Car Sales is 76 Caramut Rd, Warrnambool VIC 3280, Australia.

Q2: How can I buy a pre-owned Renault in Warrnambool?

Ans: You can easily buy the high-quality used Mazda in Warrnambool by contacting Warrnambool  Auto Group.

Q3: Do these car dealers provide the services with budget-friendly rates?

Ans: The cost of the services depends upon the client’s requirements. Well, all these car dealers provide the services at affordable rates.

Q4: How can I get the latest updates about Repco Rewards?

Ans: For up-to-date information about Repco, you can visit the company’s website and other social media platforms.


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