Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in Australia

Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in Australia

Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in AustraliaAustralia has an extensive network of bike showrooms located all around the nation. As of November 2022, about 8 Australian bike dealers were working in Australia. The top 10 motorcycle dealers in Australia are shown below. Anyone who has attempted to purchase a motorbike in Australia in 2022 or 2023, particularly since early January, has likely seen two facts about the country’s motorcycle market in 2022/23:

  1. Supply is super low (though recovering)
  2. Prices are super high.

How to take advantage of the Australian motorcycle market in 2021

Here are three ways in which we suggest motorcyclists can take advantage of the motorcycle market in 2021 in Australia.

1. It’s growing more difficult to sell a motorcycle if you’re considering it.

In 2020, it was a wonderful moment to sell your bike. Even making a profit was feasible; we are aware of this since we occasionally did so (just a meager one, to cover my costs, and not at all a living salary). It was a wonderful moment to trade in or sell a secondhand bike in 2020. You are fighting against greater dealer supply and a lot of new bikes now that the year is gone. We continue to believe that private market motorcycles are being priced far higher than the going rate, but we don’t believe they are selling (my bike didn’t).

2. You won’t have much wiggle room if you buy a motorcycle right now.

Second, if you’ve been looking at purchasing a motorbike… Unless you have a buddy who is prepared to sell you one at typical market prices, now is not the best time to buy one, whether it is new or old. You’re unlikely to get a decent deal since prices are so high — both for new and secondhand items — and inventories are so limited. If you’re in a rush to buy, we’d advise waiting until today to buy brand-new.

You won’t get any discounts, but because there’s an RRP on new motorcycles, there’s no way dealers can mark things up to take advantage of low supply. It’s just the same new price you would always have paid. (The caveat is that they won’t be desperate to sell so they won’t mark down any other costs, like delivery.)

3. Buy a motorcycle in 1-2 years.

The third thing to mention is that the motorcycle market has definite ebbs and flows, unlike the stock and housing markets which tend to rise continuously. People buying motorcycles now will get tired of them in 1-2 years when normal life resumes, they have no time to ride, and want to put their money into other things. It might be more like 2 years (or maybe 5). So we are not saying “wait until then to buy a motorcycle”. Rather, be on the lookout for good deals from low-mileage, big-ticket bikes, as well as popular first-time learner bikes like the Ninja 400.

Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in Australia

List of Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in Australia –  

A1 Motorcycles –  

A1 Motorcycles is a company made up of passionate riders whose goal is to help their fellow riders in all aspects of motorbike ownership. Their service center is now bigger than our retail location. They have over 100 pre-loved bikes in separate buildings to give you a comfortable undercover experience when deciding on your next ride. Also, their dedicated service advisors and technicians provide repairs and servicing for all brands including over 300 Australia Post bikes and electric vehicles per week.

Advantage Motorcycles – 

Advantage Motorcycles was first established in 1993 as a motorcycle repair and accessory business. It was originally located at 371 Old Geelong Rd Hoppers Crossing. The business is family-run, employing qualified and trained staff who have vast experience and knowledge and share the same primary vision. This is to run the business with a passion for unrivaled customer service, thus, providing their customers with a level of satisfaction that is ultimately rewarded with greater customer gratitude and loyalty.

EuroBrit MotorBikes –  

A family-run company called EuroBrit MotorBikes Pty Ltd. specializes in all brands of Italian and British motorcycles, including Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Laverda, as well as modern Hinkley Triumphs, etc. They have access to a variety of manufacturers, and a well-developed supply chain, and they import and export to and from different nations all over the world. The EuroBrit crew has a long history of restoring a variety of Classic and Contemporary Thoroughbred Motorcycles in addition to being aficionados.

Powerhouse Motorcycles – 

Powerhouse Motorcycles is a prominent SWM dealer and Australia’s longest-tenured Sherco dealer. One of the world’s fastest-growing companies, Sherco has been at the forefront of innovation and has won World Championships in the off-road category. SWM is expanding on the work Husqvarna had begun before being acquired by KTM by offering bikes made in the former Husqvarna facility in Varese, Italy. Production of the outstanding 300cc and 500cc off-road motorcycles is now being continued, and Husqvarna is now entering the Adventure market with its famed 650cc DOHC powerplant.

Mick Hone Motorcycles – 

In November 1979, Mick Hone Motorcycles began operations as a Suzuki dealer. Although they’ve had fleeting relationships with other businesses along the way, Suzuki is where their hearts truly belong. No other store can match our in-depth familiarity with the brand and its models, or their inventory of and understanding of Suzuki spare parts. Along with their commitment to giving retail and trade customers the best parts service available, they also carry a wide selection of accessories, including tires, clothing, and helmets from top-tier manufacturers.

Moto GC – 

The top Husqvarna dealership in the nation, Moto GC is the greatest Husqvarna & Yamaha motorcycle dealer in the state. To provide You and Your Ride Top Shelf Advice, Products, Service, and After-Care. We offer the best customer service around! Even though we are aware of the fact that we are not experts in everything, we are still learning from you. By taking into account your needs and utilizing our extensive knowledge to sell you the ideal bike, equipment, or part.

Byrners motorcycles – 

At Byrners Motorcycles, they specialize in farm and on- or off-road vehicles and cater to motorbike aficionados. They are also a Husqvarna and Suzuki dealer. We have a wide selection of both brands’ sports motorcycles, road bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, and ATVs, so you can be sure to get the Suzuki or Husky of your dreams in the color of your choice. There has never been a better opportunity to take a test ride on the bike of your dreams because they have one of the largest fleets of Suzuki and Husqvarna demonstrators in the nation in their showroom.

Whitehouse Motorcycles –  

One of the most respected dealers in Australia is Whitehouse Motorcycles. For all of your motorcycle requirements, they have a wide selection of authentic and aftermarket parts, accessories, apparel, and tires. Additionally, they provide a wide range of Side by Side and bikes from Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Triumph. Their service department has skilled, factory-trained Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Triumph mechanics that can take care of your motorcycle.

Fraser Motorcycles – 

Since its founding in 1955, Fraser Motorcycles has developed progressively into Australia’s top motorcycle shop. Their success stems from their passion. Along with a desire to give their clients access to the newest models, a large selection of clothes, and the advantages of a broad variety of motorcycle components. Additionally, we provide unmatched service in motorcycle finance and insurance, and their stores provide high-quality pre-owned motorcycles.

Conclusion – 

Is there anyone here who hasn’t thought of taking a motorcycle out to catch the sun setting? One of the nicest things about living in Australia is having the chance to buy a motorcycle, therefore we’ve put together a list of the top motorcycle dealers here that can provide you with your ideal motorcycle based on your preferences and requirements. ADSCT is one of the greatest platforms for you if you want to purchase or sell a motorbike in Australia.

Faq’s About Top 10 Motorcycle Dealers in Australia

Question – What are the different financing options available for motorcycle dealers in Australia?

Answer – Motorcycle dealers in Australia can access various financing options, including bank loans, credit lines, dealership financing programs, and partnerships with specialized motorcycle financing companies.

Question – How can motorcycle dealers in Australia streamline their financing process?

Answer – Motor motorcycle dealers can streamline the financing process by implementing digital solutions such as online applications and electronic document management systems. They can also establish strong relationships with lenders, maintain accurate financial records, and ensure prompt communication with customers and financial institutions.

Question – What are the requirements for obtaining motorcycle financing as a dealer in Australia?

Answer – The requirements for obtaining motorcycle financing as a dealer in Australia may vary depending on the lender. Generally, dealers must provide proof of business registration, financial statements, inventory records, credit history, and a business plan. Lenders may also consider factors such as industry experience and dealership reputation.

Question – Are there any specific lenders or financial institutions that specialize in motorcycle financing for dealers in Australia?

Answer – Yes, some financial institutions and lenders in Australia specialize in motorcycle financing for dealers. Some examples include central banks, credit unions, and specialized motorcycle financing companies such as Motorcycle Finance Australia and Motorcycle Money.

Question – What is the typical interest rate for motorcycle financing offered to dealers in Australia?

Answer – The interest rates for motorcycle financing offered to dealers in Australia can vary depending on factors such as the dealer’s creditworthiness, the lender, and prevailing market conditions. Typically, interest rates range from around 5% to 10%.

Question – Can motorcycle dealers in Australia offer financing to customers with bad credit?

Answer – Motorcycle dealers in Australia can explore financing options for customers with bad credit by working with lenders who specialize in subprime or bad credit financing. These lenders may be more flexible in evaluating creditworthiness, offer higher interest rates, or require a larger down payment.

Question – How can motorcycle dealers in Australia build relationships with lenders to secure favourable financing options?

Answer – Motorcycle dealers can build relationships with lenders by maintaining a good credit history, demonstrating strong financial stability, providing accurate and transparent financial information, and showcasing a successful track record in motorcycle sales. Regular communication, prompt repayment, and professional conduct also build trust with lenders.

Question – What documentation is typically required when applying for motorcycle financing as a dealer in Australia?

Answer – Typical documentation required when applying for motorcycle financing as a dealer in Australia includes the following:

  • Business registration documents.
  • Financial statements (profit and loss statements, balance sheets).
  • Tax returns.
  • Bank statements.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Proof of address.
  • Details of the motorcycle inventory.

Question – Are there any government programs or incentives available for motorcycle dealers in Australia related to financing?

Answer – While there may not be specific government programs or incentives solely focused on motorcycle dealers, broader business financing programs and grants are available in Australia. Dealers can explore options such as small business loans, grants for innovation and development, or industry-specific programs that support businesses in the automotive or retail sectors.

Question – How can motorcycle dealers in Australia calculate their customers’ monthly payments and total cost of financing?

Answer – Motorcycle dealers can utilize online calculators, financial software or work closely with lenders to calculate monthly payments and the total cost of financing for their customers. Factors such as loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and any additional fees or charges should be considered to determine the final cost for customers.


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