Top 10 Real Estate Agents Maroubra

Top 10 Real Estate Agents Maroubra

Top 10 Real Estate Agents Maroubra – When searching for an investment property, keep in mind that homes in Maroubra rent for $1,100 PW with a 2.2% annual rental return and apartments rent for $620 PW with a 3.3% annual rental yield. Maroubra has seen a compound growth rate of -3.9% for houses and 5.1% for units during the past five years of sales. The Top 10 Maroubra Real Estate Agents are listed below.

Demand for Real Estate Maroubra –  

Maroubra, which is noted for its beach, was recognized by passing Bells Beach in Victoria to become the second Australian beach to be designated a national surfing reserve. In 2021, 32.8% of Maroubra families had weekly incomes of $3,000 or more. Surfers start carving up the waves at Maroubra from daybreak because of the area’s reliable waves. A good swell activates several beach breakers, and the reef at the southern end of the beach produces an exceptional wave.

Maroubra has 118 units up for sale and 167 available for rent last month. In the last year, the median price of real estate has varied from $985,000 for apartments to $2,640,000 for homes. When searching for an investment property, keep in mind that homes in Maroubra rent for $1,100 PW with a 2.2% annual rental return, and apartments rent for $620 PW with a 3.3% annual rental yield. Maroubra has seen a compound growth rate of -5.7% for houses and 3.7% for units during the past five years of sales.

List of Top 10 Real Estate Agents Maroubra – 

1. PRD – 

PRD is a client-centered real estate company that assembles the ideal team for the greatest outcomes. They are passionate about seeing their community thrive via our Sell, Buy, and Rent Smarter mindset, and they have a thorough awareness of the local market as well as what buyers and vendors require. Among the real estate services provided by PRD are residential sales, property research, commercial sales, leasing, property and asset management, and project and land marketing.

2. Richardson & Wrench Maroubra –  

Williams & Wrench Franchise agency Maroubra has a distinct strategy and an unmatched track record of accomplishment. They provide cutting-edge marketing to make an impression, knowledgeable management to make sure investments work to their full potential, and a talented sales team to provide the best outcomes. One of the oldest and most reputable real estate brands in Australia was founded in 1858 under the name Richardson & Wrench. It has also required a group of exceptional individuals with a diverse range of abilities and enviable reputations. They are a company that works with people, therefore that is always its top focus.

3. NGFarah –  

Since 1962, NGFarah has served as a prime example of steadfast commitment to toil, invention, and service. A team of more than 70 highly qualified professionals oversees the largest consolidated database of buyers in the area, with a new focus on friendly, personalized service. They are equipped, ready, and willing to handle all of your real estate requirements. They are fully devoted to giving you the best quality of service possible and are supported by top-notch training and cutting-edge technology.

4. Century 21 –

Even though Century 21 is the biggest real estate company in the world and has the most well-known brand name, they never waver in their commitment to getting the greatest outcomes for their customers who purchase and sell real estate. They have amassed unprecedented insight into how people desire to purchase, sell, and rent real estate thanks to their tens of thousands of offices throughout the globe. They are happy to impart their knowledge and provide you with the finest guidance they can to make your trip nothing short of extraordinary.

5. Mint360property – 

There are no boundaries with Mint360property; only limitless opportunities. Their customers can’t help but absorb their genuine enthusiasm and passion for the property. They provide important services that address the entire property experience. No matter where you are in the property cycle, our professional counselor will help you get there. Our company was established on a sound business plan and significant accomplishments in the Sydney real estate market by their skilled real estate team, who have a combined 150 years of industry expertise.

6. Ballard Property –

Ballard Property was founded on the idea of creating a different sort of real estate company, one that put the requirements of its clients at the center of every transaction and communication. They had the opinion that doing this was not only feasible but also the proper approach to creating a company with the welfare of customers at its very center. Bricks and mortar are not the focus of property; rather, it is people and their houses. Their representatives frequently appear in sales data for various price ranges.

7. Raine & Horne –  

They have been at the forefront of Australian real estate since 1883 and are a fourth-generation, 100% Australian-owned family enterprise. The same priorities, values, and business practices that have contributed to Raine & Horne’s development as an Australian Superbrand are still in place today. Despite their long-term history, they are always changing to keep us at the forefront of the market and leaders. This specific edge has allowed Raine & Horne to routinely rank among the top real estate firms worldwide and strengthens our positive company reputation.

8. Pulse Property –  

To accomplish what they do best, which is to get the greatest outcomes with honesty, zeal, open communication, and genuine involvement, their crew is highly qualified and specialized. They are motivated by a shared ambition to continue leading the industry in innovation, marketing, service, support, and outcomes. They are not constrained by suburbs or regions; they value people and property and cultivate close bonds based on openness and trust.

9. Wentworth Partners – 

The members of Wentworth Partners, a well-known real estate company, have the ideal mix of expertise and local market knowledge to provide customers with the most trustworthy advice whether selling or renting their houses. Their commitment to giving each of their customers the most individualized service is what drives the success of our business. By joining, your company will immediately be connected to Wentworth Partners’ stellar reputation.

10. Olsen Romano – 

Olsen Romano is not focused on helping you get the greatest outcomes possible; that much is obvious. All of your real estate demands may be met by them since they are ready, willing, and able to. They are a full-service real estate company that was established to create a boutique business that gives its clients’ objectives top priority. Additionally, they have a workforce that is driven by a shared goal of excellence, hard effort, and a desire to succeed. They are always aware of the fact that their company is a service firm.

Conclusion – 

The information above should thus be helpful to you if you are considering investing in Maroubra real estate.


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