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The Revisionists

The Revisionists(Fiction Books)

The Revisionists - There is a perfect future. No disease, no hunger, no war. Zed is a time-traveler, come from this utopia. He is one of the few from his time who know the quagmire humans slogged through in order to arrive at their perfect present, and he has been sent to guarantee that our darkest night, worst of the worst—the genocides, disasters, assassi ...

7480 El Dorado Road, Kingstown NSWaho
One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields

One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields(Fiction Books)

One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields Part One and Part Two ISBN supplied by Lulu Publications. 978-0-244-03784-0 A book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie Part One… Children of the Streets York, England. Three young children walk the ...

Glen Waverley VIC
The Letter

The Letter(Fiction Books)

The Letter. Alpha Centauri System…or…Barnard’s Star In the Constellation of Ophiuchus? A book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie A Sci-fi Adventure Story ISBN 078-0-244-77288-8 General Access…. A star system that is nearest to our planet and Sun. And a constellation which has a Star that is the fourth neares ...

Glen Waverley VIC


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