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NILLKIN - AEGIS PHONE CASE(Digital Camera Accessories)

Now a days both fashion and technology are trend elements, its design with latest technology and beautifule shape. Compatible Model:Apple iPhone 6(iPhone 6S) Product Code:A-HC AP-IPHONE6 Product Category:Protective case Product Net Weight:31.9g Product Gross Weight:73.5g Package Size:182*111*18.4mm Product Size:144.6*74.2 ...

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OVER-UNDER WATER DOME + TRIGGER(Digital Camera Accessories)

These images and videos are often referred to as 50/50, over under or split level. This item is very easy to use and operate. its depth of field. Some features are Made fromthe high quality plastic The dome consist of a Dome GoPro housing floating handheld. Its included Dome port, Trigger, Dome port cover, Floaty handle, Wrench and clean c ...

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CANON LP-E6 WITH CHARGER(Digital Camera Accessories)

Rechargeable lithium-ion Replacement Battery for LP-E6 Premium Japanese cells for longer battery life with no memory effect Rated at 7.2V and 2600mAh for longer battery life Fully compatible with the Canon camera and charger Content: 2x Battery; 1x Rapid charger; 1x Car charger; 1x EU plug

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SMATREE® SMAPOLE S2C MONOPOD(Digital Camera Accessories)

Smatree® Smapole Carbon Fiber S2C Extendable Pole Made of lightweight aluminum for durability, solidity, mobility CNC molded fixed tripod mount with a built-in nut, never mind about losing the nut Includes 1x SmaPole S2 1x WiFi Remote Controller Housing 1 x Aluminum Thumbscrew(Blue) 1x Smatree Aluminium wrench 1x lanyard

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ELASTIC LEG STRAP(Digital Camera Accessories)

ELASTIC LEG STRAP This elastic leg strap camera is mounted directly on the leg strap using a quick release buckle and allows for the camera to be angled up or down in terms of point of view. This product is compatible with Amkov and the original hero. Its include 1 elastic leg strap and 1 Quick release buckle

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Your Go Pro WiFi remote will need to charging from time to time is very necessary. its charging cable for Go Pro WiFi remote control and plugs into any USB charging socket. it is in black color. This Product is compatible and very easy to use.

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SMATREE® SMACASE GA700-2(Digital Camera Accessories)

Its a large capactiy- smacase GA700-2 will Fit : 2 GoPro Hero Cameras, This double layer case provides plenty of space for GoPro hero cameras. Its has a flexible design and have great function its a floaty, durable, watertight and dust proof. made by high quality and easty to use. Its protect you camera from the scuffing.

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WIND SLAYER FOAM COVER MA-TLSN-WDF-001(Digital Camera Accessories)

This product is designed for use in windly nd cooler environments and as such use in high temperature environments may increase the temperature of your device and cause it to shotdown. The flexible foam material is tailored to stretch and wrap account the camera for a secure fit, this product is designed to be easily added or removed. we ...

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OVER-UNDER WATER DOME(Digital Camera Accessories)

This item is very easy to operate and use. Its depth or field, wide-angle lens in video and still images makes the GoPro cameras perfectly suited for this application. some features are:- The Over-Under Dome utilises a custom made semi-hemispherical acrylic dome that has been optically designed to work with the GoPro lens. The Dome consist ...

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30M WATERPROOF HOUSING CASE(Digital Camera Accessories)

30M WATERPROOF HOUSING CASE This waterproof housing case is specially designed for mountin your Go pro on surfboard, kayak/canoe, snowboard, vertical surfboard and boating decks where maximum holding strength is need. Its very lightweight, and durable. Its water proof and of high quality plastic. its includes underwater housing, thumb screw a ...

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SMATREE® SMACASE G75(Digital Camera Accessories)

SMATREE® SMACASE G75 Its nice shaped compartments fit for gopro hero camera and small accessories, The Size and dimensions of the SMATREE® SMACASE G75 6.8" x 2.7" x 5" compact and easy to store in backpacks or carry-on luggage; recommended for traveling and home storage. included caribiner loop for easy carrying. The ...

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ALUMINIUM THUMB SCREW SET OF 3(Digital Camera Accessories)

Aluminium Knob Stainless Bolt Nut Thumb Screw Set of 3 pieces. In mostly available in black colour. Its made of tempered grade 6061-T6 aluminium, Replace your bolt and nut assembly with this high strength, super lightweight aluminium bolt nut screw. Its included 1 X long screw and 2 X short screws.

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MULTI-PURPOSE MONOPOD(Digital Camera Accessories)

whenever you shoot handheld but want an occasional static shot, look no further than the Multi-Purpose Monopod. No matter how you use it, the head mount lets you capture the action from the perfect angle! FEATURES: This item is portable while offering multiple purposes. This item can be rotated to suit the recording requirement Item ...

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LENS & SIDE COVER KIT(Digital Camera Accessories)

Camera lens cover and Standard Housing lens cover to help guard against dirt, dust, and scratches. FEATURES: Soft durable silicone cover for waterproof case Made from quality and durable plastic (for lens cover and side door) Tight fitting to ensure that it will not fall out

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MYMIRCA 360° ROTATING CAMERA BASE(Digital Camera Accessories)

Creat 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree, 360 degree panning time lapse videos.and Universal 1/4 screw holes for easily mount on standard tripod. Its very suitable for smartphones and ultra compcat cameras. very easy to carry and easy to use. some specification are:- Model: G0114 Size: 60 x 60 x 42mm Time range: 60mins Direction setting ...

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Lens Tissue - Pack of 50

Lens Tissue - Pack of 50(Digital Camera Accessories)

This Lens Tissue is mainly used for cleaning the lenses and camera .lense Tissue is also designed for cleaning the telescopes,binoculars and other sensitive optical devices. This Lens tissue has Great Absorption Properties leaves no Dust Behind and Excellent Tensile Strength.

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SanDisk Ultra 16GB SDHC UHS-I Class 10 M

SanDisk Ultra 16GB SDHC UHS-I Class 10 M(Digital Camera Accessories)

SanDisk Ultra 16GB SDHC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card - 48MB/s The SanDisk 16GB Ultra SDHC UHS-I Class 10 memory card is used in compact camears .This memory card can read speeds of up to 48MB/s or 320X. SPECIFICATIONS Performance/speed: Up to 48MB/s** read speed; write speed lower Card dimensions: 24 mm x 32 mm x 2.1 mm Operating temp ...

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Elinchrom Style RX 1200/1200 Set

Elinchrom Style RX 1200/1200 Set (Digital Camera Accessories)

Elinchrom Style RX 1200/1200 Set With Skyport RX Speed Set The combination of super fast recycling time, action freezing flash durations and the complete consistency of performance ensure that photographers never miss a shot. The Style series are professional digital performance and Elinchrom Style RX 1200/1200 Set With Skyport RX Speed S ...

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Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Set To Go

Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Set To Go (Digital Camera Accessories)

Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Set To Go With Stands The BRX series deliver the quality of performance needed for a modern workflow. The concept is simple. Control, Power, Speed and Versatility. With many programmable features and the EL-Skyport remote system, the BRX enables photographers the greatest freedom to express their individuality. Som ...

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DJI Backpak for Phantom Series Drones

DJI Backpak for Phantom Series Drones(Digital Camera Accessories)

The Multi-Function Backpack for Phantom Series Drones is used for transfer your quadcopter plus other devices. This Backpack also included pack allows you to add an individual touch to your backpack. The Multi-Function Backpack for Phantom Series interior with flexible dividers to fit the X shape of your aircraft plus a strap to help to ...

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Datacolor Spyder 5 Elite

Datacolor Spyder 5 Elite(Digital Camera Accessories)

Expert color calibration for laptops, desktops and projectors with room light monitoring \ Break free from the frustration of your prints not matching your screen. Spyder5ELITE’s calibration process is fast and easy. A step-by-step wizard with additional advanced options, guides you through the calibration process, then through eval ...

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Canon MT-26EX-RT

Canon MT-26EX-RT(Digital Camera Accessories)

Canon MT-26EX-RT is uses a pair of flashes. When both flash heads are simultaneously fired, a guide number of 85.3' 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio Transmission Compatible with Canon E-TTL and E-TTLII Runs on 4 AA Battries LED Focused lamps

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Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX

Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX(Digital Camera Accessories)

Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX is mostly in black colour . Easy operation with illuminated dot-matrix LCD panel for easy flash settings in any lighting condition White LED focusing lamps and two forms of modeling flash permit preview of lighting effects Twin-tube ring lite designed for close-up photography with EF Macro lenses Canon Ma ...

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Canon LP-E6 Battery

Canon LP-E6 Battery(Digital Camera Accessories)

Canon LP-E6 Battery i This LP-E6 Battery is for Select Canon Digital SLR Cameras Compatible with select Canon digital cameras

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Canon LP-E10 Battery

Canon LP-E10 Battery(Digital Camera Accessories)

Canon LP-E10 Battery Rechargeable Battery Original Battery

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3 Legged Thing Toolz Multi Tool

3 Legged Thing Toolz Multi Tool(Digital Camera Accessories)

Key Ring: for securing to your keys Carabiner: for securing to your tripod or bag, or attaching ballast to your tripod Coin Key: for securing release plates with a coin slot Hex Key: for adjusting 4mm hex slot components, like release plates

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Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro(Digital Camera Accessories)

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro the new and latest microphone with good quality, High quality stereo option for videographers 9V battery powered - over 100 hours use (alkaline) Integrated shock mounting Integrated foam windscreen 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output

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3 Legged Thing Eclipse Albert Carbon Fib

3 Legged Thing Eclipse Albert Carbon Fib(Digital Camera Accessories)

3 Legged Thing Eclipse Albert Carbon Fiber Tripod System With AirHed 360 Ball Head - Grey The great 3 legged thing eclipse albert carbon is mostly available in grey color, and its very useful, its very easy to use to everyone, and handling is soo easy The legs spread to three angles of 23°, 55°, and 80° Para-locks work by restr ...

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Leica Noctivid 8x42

Leica Noctivid 8x42(Digital Camera Accessories)

The German-made Noctivid range is small and very well put together, just like the bird that inspired it, Leica Noctivid is mostly available in black color, manufacture in Australian, Complex and innovative baffle systems guarantee minimum stray light and maximum contrast. features and specification Prism Type: Roof Magnification: 8x Eye Re ...

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Eizo ColorEdge CG277 27

Eizo ColorEdge CG277 27" Hardware Calibr(Digital Camera Accessories)

With 99% Adobe RGB color space coverage,10-bit simultaneous display, hardware calibration, this self-calibrating monitor is built to deliver optimal performance to professionals in printing, photography, and post production.Color accuracy and convenience to make the most of your creativity

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