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Office Space For Rent | Coworking Space for Rent in Australia

Office Space For Rent in Australia - Australia's economy is one of the most stable in the world, making it a great place for enterprises to set up shop. The country has had continuous economic development over the past 24 years. Its diverse, services-based economy is expected to develop by 3.0% year on average between 2015 and 2019, making it a secure choice for firms looking to expand into the country soon. ADSCT can help you discover the perfect office space in Australia for your needs.

So, if you need flexible office space for 100 employees or fewer, there are thousands of turnkey private offices available throughout Australia, in every major city and many rural towns. Budget is a critical starting point for many firms, thus we analysed all of Australia's locations, looking at the median office rate each month per person to provide the most comprehensive comparison possible. Do you require office space in Sydney's central business district? You should expect to pay more in North Sydney, Melbourne, or a tiny town in Western Australia, for example.

Top Location to get Office Space For Rent in Australia

What are the Advantages of a Coworking Space?

Some individuals work from home, while others drive to work, but an increasing number of people are opting to rent coworking spaces. More than 540,000 individuals worked from these flexible workplaces in Australia in 2017, with that number anticipated to treble by next year. But what is it about coworking spaces that makes them so popular?

One of the key reasons is that they provide a wonderful chance for entrepreneurs or freelancers who want a flexible schedule – or simply desire the social setting of an office without the long-term commitment and inconvenience. Another consideration is cost; while coworking charges differ from company to company and city to city, you can expect to pay relatively cheap fees for a dedicated shared workspace.

Costs of a Coworking Space on the Average

It's worth noting that, as compared to a traditional office in a centrally situated building, a coworking space of any kind should not be prohibitively expensive. Although the price per square foot may vary based on location and other circumstances, an average value can give you a decent indication of how much you'll need to pay for your company or team to be productive in such an office. 

How can you figure out how much office space costs?

Rent is computed using the price per square meter multiplied by the size of the space to arrive at a net yearly rent in typical office leasing. There are other outgoings and land taxes that the renter must pay in addition to the rent. For a 60 m2 apartment with a $1,000m2 net rent in Sydney CBD, the monthly rent for an office in Darling Harbour in Sydney is $5,000 per month (60 x $1,000 / 12 + GST), plus variable outgoings such as building management, power, and Internet.

However, calculating the number of workstations your company needs for flexible office space is frequently simpler and depends on the size of your crew. If each desk in a private office costs $800 per person, a 6-person office will cost $4,800 per month ($800 x 6 = $4,800 per month). Flexible office leasing normally includes credits for meeting rooms and printing facilities, although there are choices to have these services included for heavy users of either. Of course, you'll have access to common spaces like kitchens, meeting rooms, washrooms, and other amenities like showers and secure bike racks in addition to the office space and desks you call home.

Office Space in Australia's Most Popular Locations -

Australia has an open trade economy, making doing business in the country simpler than in many other developed countries. With a foreign investment stock of over A$2.6 trillion, their well-regulated business climate and a strong focus on innovation and growth, together with political and economic stability, provide investors with confidence and security.

In Australia, the availability and cost of office space vary by city. According to our most recent Serviced Office Review for the Asia-Pacific region, the average workstation rate in major cities like Melbourne has fluctuated in recent years due to a highly competitive market and other economic factors, but rates are continuing to stabilize as development moves forward.

Below we share a list of top locations for Office Space

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney
  • Wollongong

The Best Coworking Spaces in Australia

1. Fishburners - 

Fishburners has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Shangai, with the Sydney office alone housing around 300 enterprises and 500 visitors each week. Also, Fishburners has some nice advantages, such as free coffee and Red Bull, as well as a vibrant community.

The cost of membership varies based on the type of membership you select, but you may take a free tour of Fishburners to get a sense of which membership package might be ideal for you. Regardless of your membership category, you gain access to all of Fishburners' venues indicated above as a big benefit of joining.

2. Tank Stream Labs - 

Tank Stream Labs (or TSL to its regulars) describes itself as a "tech-focused, worldwide coworking community for startups and scaleups." With two headquarters in Sydney that house firms like Buzzfeed, Ashop, and formerly, GoDaddy, it's reasonable to say they live up to their billing. TSL also boasts a significant community, with over 400 businesses on its books and over $300 million funded by its members to date.

3. Spaces - 

Spaces, which relocated from Amsterdam to Sydney's Surry Hills in 2016, provides 222 coworking workstations as well as three private meeting spaces. Also, Spaces offer a virtual office subscription that provides you five days a month of access to a private office at one of their sites. If you're not sure if Spaces is right for you, they offer a free one-day trial so you can see all they have to offer without spending any money.

4. Hub Sydney - 

Hub Sydney built a second office in Hyde Park in 2018 after first having a single office in Sydney's William Street in 2013. If you're only traveling through Sydney, they have day permits available, as well as monthly subscriptions for those who want to remain longer. Once you join the community, you'll have access to any of Hub Sydney's other sites, much like Fishburners. This means you can camp in Melbourne, London, Singapore, New York, and Santa Monica, among other cities.

People also ask for Office Space for Rent in Australia - 
Question 1. How do you locate the ideal office space?

Answer 1. There are five steps to finding the ideal office space.

  • Prioritize the location of your office.
  • Consider the office's comfort and space.
  • Choose a location with a variety of rooms.
  • Use the services of a commercial real estate broker.
  • Inquire about what matters to employees in the workplace.
Question 2: How Much Does a Coworking Space Cost to Rent?

Answer 2: Multiply the cost of space by three to obtain the cost of the space plus a bit extra. The cost per desk is calculated by dividing (# of SF / 100 = number of desks) by (# of SF / 100 = number of desks). In certain areas, such as New York City, office space costs $4 per square foot per month, so monthly desk rates in the Big Apple should be around $600 and above, which is a terrific value.

Question 3. Is renting office space a better option?

Answer 3: If your firm is quickly expanding, it is usually preferable to continue renting since it places fewer restrictions on the organization. In general, a rental can be recorded as a tax-deductible item in its entirety, but the capital element of a bond repayment is not.

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