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1 How do I post bulk ads?

1. Click on Post Free Ads on the home page. At the top right corner is the Bulk Upload button, click it. Please remember that it is available only for dealers.

2. On the page that opens, enter the category, subcategory and sub-sub category to which the product or service that you want to advertise belongs along with your location. Then click on Download Sample.

A readymade excel file gets downloaded which is pre-populated with fields required for the ads of your products. For instance, if you are a car and vehicles dealer in the motorcycles and scooter subcategory and motorcycles sub-sub category, the excel file will have columns such as model, brand, variant etc. for filling in these details about the motorcycles you want to post ads for.

3. In this readymade excel file, enter the details of every product that you want to advertise for. In the image column, you can enter the URL of the image that you want to appear in that ad. On the other hand, you can also create a zip folder of images, number them and enter the number of that image in the image column which you want to appear in that ad. So, if your images are numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on, the image number 3 will appear with the ad in whose image column you write 3.

4. It is time to post the ads now. Go to the Bulk upload page and upload the excel file which you have just prepared and the zip folder of images after entering the category, sub category, sub-sub category and location. When you submit, all your ads will be posted in the given category.


How ADSCT makes your ad posting experience smooth and straightforward?

If you already have an excel file and want to use it rather than our readymade sample?

Then you do not need to download the sample but can directly upload your own excel file. If there is a mismatch between the columns in your own excel file and our template, our dedicated team of data entry executives will modify your excel file and upload it at our end. In this case, your ad posting could get delayed by 2-3 days as our executives prepare your excel file.

If you have many products but they belong to different categories?

You can sit back and chill because we have taken due care to make free classifieds in Australia a breezy affair for you at ADSCT. You can change the category of any number of ads from those which you posted through bulk ads. All you have to do is go to Manage Ads in your account and select ads whose category you want to change. In the drop down menu next to Select All, choose Change Category. A page asking you the new category that you want to assign to the selected ads will open from which you can choose as per your requirement. Then, click Change category and yes, your job is done.

2 How do I remove my ad?

To remove your ad, follow the steps below:

                                i.            Click the My ADSCT tab on the top and select Manage Ads. All your posted ads will be displayed.

                              ii.            Click the orange colored bin icon which is there at the bottom right corner of every ad to delete a particular ad.

3 What can I sell?

You can sell anything – any product or service that is compliant with the terms and conditions. You cannot sell anything illegal, adult material or drugs. If you post any ad for selling or buying something which is not allowed, your ad will be filtered by our administrative staff and not posted on ADSCT.

4 How do I contact a seller?

When you open any ad, there is a contact icon. Click it to get the contact information and contact a seller.

5 I haven't received the confirmation email. What do I do?

If you haven’t received a confirmation mail, first of all you should check the spam folder in your email account. If the mail is not in the spam folder either, you can contact us.

6 I have posted my ad but why I can't see it on ADSCT?

If you are unable to see your ad on ADSCT after having posted it, the following can be the reasons:

·         It pertained to a product or service that is prohibited for posting on ADSCT by our terms and conditions or the law of the land. In such cases, our administrative staff stops the ad from being posted.

·         Bulk ads take time to get uploaded and bulk ads from a single dealer are not posted consecutively. They are posted alternatively among bulk ads of other dealers so that every dealer has a fair exposure and bulk ads from a single dealer do not cover pages on an end.

·         If none of the above is your case, please feel free to get in touch so that your ad can be up as soon as possible.

7 How long will my ad be active on ADSCT?

A free ad is active for a period of 6 months.

The boost ad features such as TOP Ads, URGENT Ads and GALLERY Ads remain active for different durations. When the duration expires, your ad will still remain active like a free ad.

8 Why my ads have been removed?

Your ad can be removed if it is regarding anything such as drugs, adult material or is a scam.

If your ad has been flagged by a user through the flag icon displayed at the bottom of every ad and found to be a scam, spam or duplicate on investigation, it can be removed.

             Your ad can also be removed if the item is no longer available or can be moved to another page if the category is not                 relevant

9 What to do if my ad has been removed by ADSCT?

You can contact us to know the reason for removal. We will answer your query and resolve any issue.

10 How do I pay for my products?

You should avoid wire transfer before getting possession of the products. It is advisable that payment is done in cash.

11 What is a Premium account?

A premium account gives your ads enhanced visibility. A premium account could be any of the three plans - brass, silver or gold. These enable you to post different number of ads, depending upon the plan, which appear in premium ads section on the home page for a period of one year. These ads are also shown randomly in the category to which your product or services belong at regular intervals on the result pages returned after a viewer searches for something the category of which matches your ad's.

12 What is Top Ad?

A Top Ad is one of the Boost Your Ad feature which results in your ad getting listed on the top in the search results of the category to which your ad belongs. If, for instance, you are selling a dining set, then your ad will appear in a separate section at the top of other search results when somebody looks for a dining set. This enhances the visibility of your ad and you can get a larger number of responses to your ad.

13 What is Urgent Ad?


Urgent Ad is another Boost Your Ad option which adds a green strip with ‘urgent’ written across it on the top left corner of your ad. This shows he viewer of your ad that you want to sell or buy as soon as possible, helping you find buyers and seller who are as eager as you are.



14 What is Gallery Ad?

A gallery ad is displayed in a separate section on the home page itself, giving it stupendous visibility. This makes your ad meet the eye of a visitor to the website at the first instance as it is displayed in a separate section. The home page is from where every interested buyer or seller starts to look. So a Gallery ad gives your ad not only special but immediate visibility.

15 Why do I upgrade?

Upgrading your plan to brass, silver or gold gives your ads a higher probability of getting spotted by an interested viewer. These plans multiply the number of views of your ad to five times. SO, you can get more responses and bigger and better offers to your sell or buy ad. Upgrading is easy and cost effective too. 

16 Manage Ads and Responses.

You can log into your account and click on Manage Ads under My ADSCT to manage the ads that you have posted and check the responses to your ads. You can delete your ads, mark the items as sold out, inactivate an ad, buy the Boost Ads feature or get a premium plan. You can also edit any of your ads to update it with new information, change the description and so on. You can also respond to the queries raised by interested buyers and sellers to your ads.

17 Who is responsible when things go wrong?

ADSCT is not responsible for:

·         any transaction not going through,

·         any sell or buy deal not getting finalized,

·         defects in the items bought or services availed,

·         delays in delivery or non-delivery of items.

It is advised that due diligence is done by buyers and sellers before finalizing a deal.

For more information on avoiding problems, check out the safety tips.

18 Can I sign up with phone number

Yes, you can sign up with a phone number. After signing up you will have to add an email id so that we can send an email to verify your account.

19 What if I register with a mobile number or landline number?

It is preferable to register with a mobile number.

20 What if I share a product?

Under every ad, there is an option of sharing. You can share the product on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Viber and email. This can give the product in question greater publicity in terms of the people who become aware of its availability or of a person looking to buy it. The chances that the ad will succeed in its purpose also increase.

21 Does ADSCT disclose my email id ?

ADSCT does not disclose your email id to anybody. Only you have the right to disclose it at will in your ad.

22 Does ADSCT disclose my mobile number ?

ADSCT does not disclose your mobile number to anybody. Only you have the right to disclose it at will in your ad.

23 What if I see a spam ad or spam user ?

In case you see a spam ad or spam user, please click the flag icon at the bottom right corner of every ad. Choose the most appropriate option from the menu that pops up. We will go into the details and act on the flag as soon as possible. ADSCT takes great care in providing a safe, secure and legitimate platform for people to sell and buy and is pro-active in removing any content that does not further that purpose or defeats it.

24 What to do if my product has been sold?

If your product has been sold, please log into your account and go to Manage Ads under My ADSCT. All your ads will appear on the page that opens up. Mark the particular ad for which the product in question has been sold as sold by clicking on the red colored Mark Sold icon.

25 What happens if my excel file is not correct ?

If your excel file is not correct, our in-house team will correct it to fit the information from your excel file into the proper format. Your ads will be displayed at the earliest.

26 What if I forget my password?

You can easily reset your password from the home page by clicking on Forgot Password which will prompt you to enter the email address that you used to create your account in the first place. We will send an email that will provide you a link to take you to the webpage where you can enter a new password for accessing your account.

27 What is mean by "Remember me" button ?

Remember Me button will save your user id and password in your browser so that you do not have to enter the id and password every time you visit ADSCT. These details will remain auto-filled and all you will have to do every time you visit ADSCT will be to just Sign In.

28 Why do I Subscribe ?

Subscription will keep you up to date with our latest offers and any changes in the details of various features so that you can get the maximum benefit from your ads on ADSCT.

29 What happened if I didn’t verify my account ?

If you didn’t verify your account, it is liable to be deactivated along with all the ads that you posted using this account. We wait for a period of one month before proceeding with the inactivation of your account. You will not be able to use this account to post ads once it is deactivated from our end.

30 Can I post my ad until I sell or buy ?

An advertisement will remain posted for free until it is sold.

31 Should I read Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions ?

To prevent any misunderstanding regarding the norms of conduct when posting ad on ADSCT and to fully know what ADSCT offers and what it is not liable for, it is best that one reads the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

32 Can I use more than one plan at a time ?

You can use any number of Boost Ad features at the same time i.e. you can use urgent ads, gallery ads and top ads feature together or in any combination of twos or singly too. The premium plans of brass, silver and gold can be used only one at a time. This means you can get only one of these features at a time for your account.

33 How to subscribe for newsletter ?

To subscribe to the newsletter, go to the bottom of the home page and enter your email id in the rightmost corner to receive our newsletter right into your mailbox. You will get to know about the latest offers on ADSCT and a peek into how ADSCT has helped people across Australia find profitable deals on their goods and services.

34 How do I post an ad?

Click on the post free ad button on the top right corner and then you will redirect you to the post ad form.

Just simply select a category, add title, description, some images and then submit.

Post Free Ad