1) How to post an Ad?

You can post a free ad at anytime by simply clicking the 'Post Free Ads' link at the top of any page. This will guide you through our simple posting process. 

2) How do I edit my Ad?

You can edit your ad by logging in to your account and going to the Account page. From there, select which ad you want to change and click 'Edit'. 

3) I haven't received the confirmation email. What do I do?

To verify your email address, you must be logged in to your account. Go to the Account page and click 'Send verification email now.' This will send you the verification email. In that email, follow the web address that we provided. You may be required to create a password.

4) I have published my ad but why I can't see it on ADSCT?

Once you post an ad on ADSCT you’ll receive an email right away to let you know the status of your ad. Your ad will always be pending before it’s approved - or in some cases, rejected.


If your ad was rejected; you’ll get an email with the reason of the rejection. If you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

5) How long will my ad be active on ADSCT?

Your ad will be last for 30 days.

6) How can I post a good ad on ADSCT and get better responses?

Appropriate category: Choose an appropriate category for the item or service you are offering. The category may get changed automatically if not found suitable.

Correct Price: The price should correspond to the market pricing and reflect the actual product condition.

Detailed Description : Provide all relevant details:

Clear Photos: Ads with photos significantly attract users..

Clear Title: If you are editing the title, ensure to clearly mention the item or service offered.

7) Premium Ads

Premium Ads is a premium service from ADSCT which allows you to display your Ad in a designated area and highlight your Ad giving it better visibility.

8) Managing My Ads and Responses

This gives access to Ads categorized as following:-

Selling: All the items that are currently selling can be viewed here. It consists of:

·         Ads that are currently active

·         Ads that will be active shortly

Sold: All the items that are not selling any longer can be viewed here. It consists of:

·         Ads Marked as Sold


·         Ads that have expired after a stipulated time. Ads that require an action to be made active.

Post a Free Classified

Post your free online classified ads with us.

  • Use a brief title and description of the item
  • Make sure you post in the correct category
  • Add nice photos to your ad
  • Put a reasonable price
  • Check the item before publish
Make your Ad Premium

Premium ads help sellers promote their product or service by getting their ads more visibility with more buyers and sell what they want faster.