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Buy, Sell or Adopt Puppies, Dogs, Cats & Birds | Townsville Region | Free Classified in Australia

Pets stores in Townsville - Pets store is a pet shop where people can buy or sell pets. The pet stores also offer a range of supplies, and pet accessories are also sold in the pet shops. The products include food, treats, toys, cages, and aquariums. They also ensure the hygiene care and proper care of the pet. Here is a list of the top 10 pet stores that assist pet owners in caring for their pets. 

Market demand for Pets stores in Townsville

Pet stores are the best at exceptionally serving the pet. All the items are available that a pet needs for their proper growth. In the past few years, the demand for pet stores has continued to rise in Townsville and its nearby suburbs because they are expanding their service by serving the pet with top quality. 

Why Pets are demanded 

Pets are very loveable by the individual. They are very affectionate with them. Another essential quality of pets that people demand is that they reduce their loneliness and stand up with them in adverse situations. People require a variety of pets, including Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, fish, and other small animals. 

List of Top 10 Pets stores in Townsville

Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia

Animal & Reptile Supplies Australia is a leading pet store in Townsville That comes up with various services. Excellent services by their friendly staff at very affordable prices. They also supply a wide range of pet accessories such as Cat foods, Toys, belts, and other Accessories. They are excellent at providing the perfect meal to the dog, which leads to the healthier growth of the dog. 

Pet HQ

Pet HQ is a locally owned and independent business that smoothly serves pets. They are best at uniquely helping pets all over Townsville. Their affordable prices in their services make them the best out of all. Professional and skilled teammates care for the pets exceptionally and ensure the customer that their pets are handled in the right hands. 


Petbran is a pet store with excellent services and friendly staff. Professional and highly knowledgeable, have several years of experience serving the pet. Their services are highly demanded all over Townsville and its nearby suburbs. They are known for excellent services, the best advice, cost-effective prices, 

Supreme Pet Meats & Pet Supplies

Supreme Pet Meats and Pet Supplies is a local family specialising in offering a wide range of pets. They also have a range of Dog and Cat foods, Toys, cages, and other Accessories. By these, the professional staff members care for the pet nicely. They came up with friendly staff members and offered services and reasonably priced food. They have excellent pet facilities in the dog wash and are clean & fresh all the time. 

Superior Pet Foods

Superior Pet Foods comes up with top-quality food that assists pets in their growth. As their name suggests, they have a pervasive range of branded food products of superior quality. They are one of the excellent pet stores in Townsville that also provide pet wash facilities. The pet store's professional and expert staff gives the pet owner the best advice in caring for the pet. 

Booth Rural

Booth Rural has a wide range of fantastic service and friendly teammates that are always ready to assist the pet. They are known for giving the best advice to pet owners for the proper and healthier growth of the pet. Their professional teammates are very knowledgeable about the products. The pet store offers excellent and affordable services and ensures the quality of provided services.

Petbarn Townsville Fairfield

Petbarn Townsville Fairfield has excellent store dog wash facilities in a clean and fresh environment. They offer a wide range of products and promise to provide outstanding service. One of the most genuine animal lovers and the best store in Townsville. Petbarn Townsville Fairfield supplies fish, dogs, reptiles, and other small animals. They provide their services all over Townsville and its nearby suburbs. 

My Pet Hub  Townsville

My Pet Hub  Townsville promises to provide services effectively and excellently. This is a one-stop shop where everything is available for the proper care of the pet. Their facilities also supply branded food products that ensure the pet owner about the healthier and safest growth of the pet. They provide all kinds of pets in Townsville, including Dogs, Reptiles, cats, and other small animals.  

PETstock Townsville

PETstock Townsville is a one-stop destination for all kinds of pets. They provide services for customer satisfaction. They use special tools and equipment for caring for the pet. Professional and skilled teammates have several years of experience serving the pet, ensuring they operate it at top quality.  

Dawgy Eats

Dawgy Eats is expanding its pet store by providing a wide range of pet services. They aim to provide quality care services to the customer in the local people of Townsville and the surrounding areas. Our teammates are passionate about looking after the pet and serving them exceptionally. Dawgy Eats also takes pride in providing good quality services and promise to keep a comprehensive and fresh stock at an affordable price. 


Townsville's top 10 pet stores deal nicely with pets and have friendly staff. They are also considered the best pet store in Townsville. Their services are available at the top quality that a pet owner wants and come up with at reasonable prices. Those mentioned above are a list of the best services provider in caring for pets, and their owners need not worry about their growth. 


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