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Reptiles & Amphibians for Sale in Australia | ADSCT Classified

Reptiles & Amphibians for Sale in Australia -The phrase "cold-blooded" is incorrectly used to describe two kinds of animals, namely amphibians (Amphibia) and reptiles (Reptilia). They are regarded as ectothermic, which means that they obtain their heat from external sources, most frequently the sun. Therefore, ADSCT is one of the greatest portals for you if you're seeking Reptiles & Amphibians for Sale in Australia. Here, you can quickly register your business and begin your business adverts.

What is the difference between amphibians and reptiles?

This takes them to a crucial distinction that will enable you to determine whether the long, legless animal you're observing is a snake or a caecilian right away: skin.Reptiles have dry skin that is coated in scales. Amphibians do not, therefore their skin is frequently moistened with mucus to prevent drying out.

Traits of Reptiles and Amphibians -  


  • Vertebrates include reptiles. They are adamant.
  • Scales fully round their entire body.
  • They possess frigid blood.
  • Reptiles lay eggs with shells or bear live babies.
  • Every species internally fertilizes its eggs.
  • Reptiles have dry skin that is coated in scales.


  • Vertebrates include amphibians.
  • They have slimy, silky skin.
  • In certain circumstances, amphibians may use their lungs to breathe in addition to their skin.
  • They have cold blood, amphibians.
  • Their life cycle is intricate (larval and adult stages).
  • Many vocalized amphibian species exist. The chorus frog is one such.
  • Some species internally fertilize eggs while others do so externally.

List of Reptiles & Amphibians for Sale in Australia -  

The Pet Place - 

The Pet Place is your one-stop shop in Beenleigh for all your pet's needs! With specialty staff for each department, they will be able to help and provide a service that will keep you coming back again and again. Slither over to their Reptile department for an adventure of a different kind. They have an extensive range of reptile enclosures, accessories, frozen and live reptile foods as well as all the equipment required to successfully care for Australian native reptiles. Turtles, Lizards, Snakes, and scorpions just to name a few. They can cater to beginners and first-time reptile keepers through to experienced reptile enthusiasts. Such a world of wonder and imagination, Reptiles are an exciting way to explore different creatures in different environments. They take delight in contributing to the development of ecosystems for all living things, large and tiny.

Reptile Life - 

Discover Melbourne's top reptile store by visiting Reptile Life now. They are direct Importers meaning that most items in their Reptile Shop are different and cheaper than other stores. Also, they are Reptile Life in Hoppers Crossing, at the Mountain Gate Shopping Centre in Ferntree Gully and Norlane, Geelong. You don’t have to worry about being a newbie to the reptile hobby as they will help you learn and guide you through all the do’s and dont’s. While overseas, they also specially choose items that are different than the usual items stocked in larger chain stores.

Colourful Critters -  

On 8 acres, Colorful Critters is situated near Ourimbah on the picturesque Central Coast of New South Wales. Since licencing started in 1997, they have been offering "Premium Quality" captive-bred animals to enthusiasts, breeders, and fauna parks. All of their reptiles that are for sale are raised on-site in a specially constructed, 260-square-metre reptile facility that, during high season, can host over 1000 reptiles. They are a "Closed Facility" for quarantine purposes, and they forbid direct sales and guest access out of concern for privacy and security. To meet you off-site, they are delighted. They take great pleasure in their purebred lines and have a large selection of local animals in addition to being noted for producing outstanding colour variants.

Reptile and Grow -  

The sole hydroponic and reptile store in Western Australia is known as the Reptile and Grow Store. Owners Ken Thompson and Karen Purt-Thompson discuss how keeping reptiles and cultivating plants are related. Water pumps, air stones, thermostats, thermometers, coco peat, heat mats, and even though they are different, UV lighting is highly essential in both hydroponics and reptiles are just a few of the goods available at Reptile and Grow that are applicable to reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians. You will notice this the moment you step into their store since they run a tight ship with everyone giving it their all to work together and put customer service above all else. Service is the key to our company functioning well and being a family business.

Reptile Direct -  

A wide selection of reasonably priced reptile, bird, and aquarium supplies are delivered right to your home by Reptile Direct Australia. To achieve their goal of providing the greatest assortment of affordably priced reptile, bird, and fish supplies to the Australian market, they purchase products directly from a variety of local vendors and international manufacturers. Best of all, you may check out and pay for your item right away because their website automatically estimates shipping charges. The majority of the things advertised for sale on their website are accessible in Australia and ready to ship as soon as your money has been received and processed, with the exception of feedstuff and goods having best before or expiry dates. After your money has been approved, you can typically anticipate that your things will arrive within a week.

The 5 Best Reptiles and Amphibians for Kids -

While some reptiles and amphibians make wonderful pets, some can be challenging to care for and others are not suitable for young children. These extraordinary reptiles and amphibians can be a great alternative for you if you have feather or hair allergies, if you want a pet that is fascinating to watch and spends little to no time outside of its habitat, or if any of those conditions apply. Older kids may learn to take care of these animals and get an appreciation for the diversity of nature with the right adult guidance. Here are the top five reptiles and amphibians for kid-friendly family vacations:

  • Bearded Dragon Lizards
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Corn Snakes
  • Russian Tortoises
  • Pacman Frogs

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