Safety Tips

Safety first - We at ADSCT make it a point to provide our users a simple yet delightful buying and selling experience though online classified advertising in Australia. On top of everything else, we wish to ensure that our users are fully aware of the precautions that should be taken while posting an ad, responding to an interested buyer or seller, moving forward on a deal and finalizing a transaction. Here are some of the things that you should take care of so that whenever you post classified ads in Australia with us, you are safe while you make or spend money.


  • It is preferable to give your phone number so that communication is easy and fast.
  • Avoid putting pictures of yourself. 
  • Try to keep disclosed information limited to what is required for a transaction. Do not give away unnecessary details about yourself. This guards your privacy.
  • To avoid arguments and confusion at a later date, disclose the important information about the products and services so that responders can make an informed decision and you can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding at a later stage. 
  • Do not post objectionable photos or text which is against our terms and conditions.

Be safe when you are selling

  • Always have a conversation on the phone first. This will give you a first impression about the person’s personality. Never meet anyone directly.
  • If you are meeting the buyer, do it at a public place.
  • If the buyer wants to check out the item first, always have someone to accompany you. Do not invite someone over when you are alone. For easily movable items that you want to sell, you can choose a public place rather than your home.
  • Be sure of the credentials of the person you are transacting with. It is advisable to avoid selling to people you know nothing about.
  • Take the full payment while sealing the deal. Beware of accepting fake currency notes. Cheques should be avoided as they may bounce.
  • Please avoid Wire transfer and PayPal for payments.
  • First have a conversation on the phone to get information about the person’s credentials.
  • Always meet at a public place and if you are going to the seller’s home, always take someone along. Never go alone.
  • Inspect properly and check the registration certificates, warranty cards, physical condition, performance, functioning, service record etc. of the product first before buying.
  • Find out the best price of the product being offered by different sellers before choosing one.
  • Finalize the price and the method of delivery or pick-up with the seller before payment.
  • Avoid middlemen buy directly from the owner of the goods and services.
  • Pay when the item is in your hands. For online and advance payments which do not go through or reach you, ADSCT is not accountable.
  • Be smart and do not rush to buy if the price looks unrealistically low. Such offers are meant to motivate you to take a hasty decision.

Please remember

At ADSCT, we make it a point to enhance awareness about safety among our customers and advise caution to ensure the security of their data. So, we request that the following points be kept in mind so that we can serve you better while you sell or buy through us.
  • Do not disclose any other financial information except that which is necessary for transaction.
  • Use a strong password for your account and never disclose the login details to anyone.
  • Contact us if you think that your account has been compromised.
  • You can report an ad if you think it is a scam or if the product is duplicate and for other reasons by clicking on the flag icon below the ad.


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