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Best Mattress Cleaning Hobart

Best Mattress Cleaning Hobart(Other Home & Garden)

Best Mattress Cleaning Hobart - Get the Best Mattress Cleaning Services in Hobart from Marks Mattress Cleaning Services to have the best service which can be given by Mattress cleaning service company. Our team <a href="https://marksmattresscleaning.com.au/mattress-cleaning-hobart">Mattress Cleaning Hobart</a> is working in this service for more than 21 ...

Hobart TAS
Leather Upholstery Cleaning Hobart

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Hobart(Other Home & Garden)

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Hobart - Hire the best team of professionals Upholstery Cleaning Hobart by making a booking with Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Services and get the best results that can be given by a cleaning service company. We give you only the best services than our rivals. Our company with an extensive assortment of aids and complete couch cleaning has, providentially ...

Hobart TAS
 large artificial tree

large artificial tree(Other Furniture)

large artificial tree - It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing pack ...

city-Scottsdale,state- Arizonaaho
House Painters Sydney

House Painters Sydney(Decorative Accessories)

House Painters Sydney - Renovation Re-invented - Get a Quote in Under 2 minutes then personalised design and support from start to finish with top rated local tradespeple Visit Now:- https://www.houseace.com.au/

Holyman Avenue, Cambridge TASaho
Elite Double Glazing

Elite Double Glazing(Other Home & Garden)

Elite Double Glazing specialises in the manufacturing and installation of double glazed uPVC windows and doors for new homes renovations and commercial projects for over 6 years. https://www.elitedoubleglazing.com.au/

6 Loongana Court, Cambridge Tasmania 7170aho
HSC Coaching Parramatta

HSC Coaching Parramatta(Other Furniture)

HSC Coaching Parramatta - Experience top-notch tutoring from the best HSC tutors Parramatta. Ace Tutorials is HSC tutoring center that provides high-quality tutoring in Math, Physics & Chemistry at prices starting at just $25/hr. Enroll now for huge discounts. Click here:- https://www.acetutorials.com.au/about

Aberdeen 7310
HR Recruitment Consultant

HR Recruitment Consultant(Other Furniture)

HR Recruitment Consultant - We are a specialist HR recruitment company in Melbourne. Samuelsdonegan.com.au are a specialist recruitment company. We recruit across HR and Talent Acquisition from executive to entry level. Click here:- https://samuelsdonegan.com.au/

Aberdeen 7310
DIGITECH Non-Contact Thermometer with Du

DIGITECH Non-Contact Thermometer with Du(Power Tools)

DIGITECH Non-Contact Thermometer with Du - Measure the temperature of any surface from a safe distance with this compact sized non-contact thermometer. With a wide temperature range and laser targeting, this portable instrument is easy to use for quick and accurate temperature checking of any surface. With an 12:1 distance to spot size, you can get the temperature of almost the exact sp ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
Low Voltage Circuit Tester 6/12/24 Volts

Low Voltage Circuit Tester 6/12/24 Volts(Power Tools)

Low Voltage Circuit Tester 6/12/24 Volts - Looks like a neon test screwdriver but instead of a blade on the end this tester has a probe and a 28 lead which clips to the ground. Suitable for cars, trucks, boats etc. Suitable for 6/12/24 volts

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
Jeweller's Screwdriver Set

Jeweller's Screwdriver Set(Hand Tools)

Jeweller's Screwdriver Set - OTHER All metal precision screwdrivers for watchmakers, jewellers, modelmaking or just fixing the sunnies. Set of six, housed in a handy storage case. • Slotted: 1.0, 1.2 & 1.6mm • Phillips: #00, #0 & #1 PRODUCT DETAILS Pack type Jeweller's Screwdriver Set Bit type Phillips head,Flat Head (Slotted) Bit size Phillips ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
20 Piece Micro Drill Set

20 Piece Micro Drill Set(Other Tools & DIY)

20 Piece Micro Drill Set - 20 micro drills in indexing storage case, ideal for drilling wood, composites, plastic or soft metals. Indexed case enables removal of the bit you want without the risk of spilling them all over the place, because if you do, dang they'll be hard to find later! • Sizes: 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.65, 0.7, 0.75, 0.8, 0.85, 0. ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
5 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set

5 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set(Hand Tools)

5 Piece Torx Screwdriver Set - Easy to use colour coded torx screwdrivers in a plastic case. • Each screwdriver has a swivel head for easy use. • Blade length is 20mm and torx sizes are T6, T7, T8, T9 & T10. PRODUCT DETAILS Pack type Driver Set Bit type Torx Bit size T6 Torx,T7 Torx,T8 Torx,T9 Torx,T10 Torx Tool Type Torx Head Screwdriver Number of ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
15 Piece Micro Driver Set

15 Piece Micro Driver Set(Hand Tools)

15 Piece Micro Driver Set - With the vast variety of fasteners in all shapes and sizes out there, you need to have drivers to fit all of them. This handy set will fit the bill for all those microscopic fasteners we come across in modern electronics. The ergonomic handles are colour coded for easy identification and they come in a sturdy storage case. The set contains: ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
T2120 172 Piece 130W Rotary Tool Kit

T2120 172 Piece 130W Rotary Tool Kit(Power Tools)

T2120 172 Piece 130W Rotary Tool Kit - Drills, cuts, sharpens, cleans, polishes and engraves most surfaces, this rotary tool is ideal for enthusiasts, craft & hobby makers, or just odd jobs around the house. It features a powerful 130W motor with variable speed control from 8,000 to 33,000rpm. Spindle lock allows easy changeover of accessories. Includes 172 accessories for mul ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
10 Piece Needle File Kit

10 Piece Needle File Kit(Hand Tools)

10 Piece Needle File Kit - Every toolbox should have a set of needle files. These sets contain every profile you could ever need. All have integrated plastic handles and come in a handy storage wallet. Each is162mm long. Profiles: • Round • Ellptical • Half-round • Double half round • Triangle • Square • Flat • Flat t ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
150mm Digital Vernier Calipers

150mm Digital Vernier Calipers(Other Tools & DIY)

150mm Digital Vernier Calipers - This carbon composite digital caliper is ideal for general use and situations where the cost of our precision stainless steel tool isn't justified. The digital display is calibrated in imperial and metric units with a corresponding vernier scale etched onto the caliper slide. While we wouldn't recommend you use this caliper to build the Space S ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
Mini Glue Gun

Mini Glue Gun(Power Tools)

Mini Glue Gun - A glue gun is a handy tool to have around the house. It's fast, easy and simple to use with trigger controlled glue feed. Suitable for toys and models, decorations, furniture, woodwork, cardboard, etc. • Mains powered • 30W • Requires 7mm diameter glue sticks (2 supplied) PRODUCT DETAILS Type Glue Gun Power Required 30W ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
7mm Glue Sticks For Mini Glue Gun - Pack

7mm Glue Sticks For Mini Glue Gun - Pack(Other Tools & DIY)

7mm Glue Sticks For Mini Glue Gun - Pack - - To suit the mini glue gun. - Size 7.4mm dia. x 100mm long - Suits TH-1990 mini gun - 6 in a pack

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
POWERTECH Red Heavy Duty 7.5A General Pu

POWERTECH Red Heavy Duty 7.5A General Pu(Power Tools)

POWERTECH Red Heavy Duty 7.5A General Pu - Flexible heavy duty cable suitable for general purpose wiring up to 250V supplied on an easy to use handy pack 10m reel. Tinned copper cable suitable for use in marine applications. Red WH-3045 - Rated current 7.5A - Stranding: 24 x 0.2mm - Total diameter: 2.3mm - AWG: 18 - Tinned copper cable - PVC insulation - Max temperature 80° ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
16-Way 100A Brass Distribution Bar

16-Way 100A Brass Distribution Bar(Power Tools)

16-Way 100A Brass Distribution Bar - An ideal way to distribute high current paths. An 8mm stud provides for incoming cable and distribution is via 16 screw terminals with 6mm cable entry holes. Solid brass with high quality plastic bridge mounts. Rated for 100A, suitable for high-power car audio power distribution or multiple earth links. -Dimensions: 112(L) x 18(W) x 12(H)mm

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
DIGITECH Digital Multimeter

DIGITECH Digital Multimeter(Hand Tools)

DIGITECH Digital Multimeter - • Compact Size • 19 Range • 3.5 Digit • Transistor Test • Diode Test PRODUCT DETAILS DC Current Ranges 200microA,2mA,20mA,200A,10A DC Current Accuracy 1 percentage AC Voltage Ranges 200V,750V AC Voltage Accuracy 1.2 percentage DC Voltage Ranges 200mV,2V,20V,200V,1000V DC Voltage Accuracy 0.5% Safety R ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
DURATECH PCB holder with LED Magnifier a

DURATECH PCB holder with LED Magnifier a(Table & Desk Lamps)

DURATECH PCB holder with LED Magnifier a - Ideal aid for PCB assembly, soldering work, model making and any application where a third hand is needed. This helping hand has a magnifying glass with LED light that provides continuous light for up to 10 hours. The two strong alligator clips can be adjusted in numerous ways to hold the board as you solder. Heavy cast iron base ensures added ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
LED Headband Magnifier

LED Headband Magnifier(Other Lighting)

LED Headband Magnifier - This magnifying headset leaves both hands free and can be worn over prescription or safety glasses. It also has a built-in LED light that can be rotated up, down or side to side to illuminate your work. There are three lenses that can be used in combinations to give 1.5x, 3x, 8.5x or 10x magnification. The head strap is fully adjustable and loc ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
Domestic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Domestic Ultrasonic Cleaner(Power Tools)

Domestic Ultrasonic Cleaner - Suited to domestic use this ultrasonic cleaner cleans all your watches, jewellery, fountain pens, dentures, razor heads, printer heads, small silverware and small machined parts. Mains powered and easy to use. Fill the tank with water, add a mild cleaning solution and set the timer. The LCD tells you how long to go and the timer has 5 settings ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
Gaffer Tape - 25M

Gaffer Tape - 25M(Hand Tools)

Gaffer Tape - 25M - Description This is not your cheap plastic stuff. It is the genuine cloth backed tape that you can split with your thumbnail. This waterproof tape is black in colour, low sheen and is the industry standard 48mm wide.Commonly called 100 Mile an hour tape, or gaffertape, it was originally developed for the air conditioning industry.- It is very ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
DURATECH 5 Precision Side Cutters

DURATECH 5 Precision Side Cutters(Hand Tools)

DURATECH 5 Precision Side Cutters - Precision side cutters that are ideal for fine PCB work. They will easily cut leads flush with the board's surface. The cutters are made from quality tool steel and have soft padded handles that are spring loaded for comfortable long term use. CUTTER -Cutting surface : straight -Cutting Diameter : 0mm -Rated while cutting : Hardened Steel

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
DIGITECH Analogue Multimeter

DIGITECH Analogue Multimeter(Hand Tools)

DIGITECH Analogue Multimeter - Digital multimeters have almost completely taken over, but there are those who prefer to use the old analogue meter - it's still the best way to test a capacitor. This well-made meter has audible continuity, in addition to the normal set of functions. - Holster included - Audible continuity Specifications - Display Analogue - Security ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
27 Piece Smartphone Repair Kit

27 Piece Smartphone Repair Kit(Hand Tools)

27 Piece Smartphone Repair Kit - A kit containing all the necessary tools you need to fix your Smartphone. This 27 piece Smartphone repair tool kit comes in a compact storage case with a hang tab to make sure that you don't misplace the kit after use. It is not limited to Smartphones either - it is designed to repair iMac®, Mac® air, iPhone®, Samsung®, HTC® ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
DURATECH Desktop LED Magnifying Lamp

DURATECH Desktop LED Magnifying Lamp(Power Tools)

DURATECH Desktop LED Magnifying Lamp - No more fluorescent tubes to replace on your maggy lamp. Sixty LEDs provide ample illumination, perfectly even light and the 3x and 12x magnifying lenses show all the detail you need. Being LED, there's no delay in startup and they'll never need replacing. Ideal for hobbies, model making or jewellery.

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho
POWERTECH Rotary Tool Kit with Flexible

POWERTECH Rotary Tool Kit with Flexible (Power Tools)

POWERTECH Rotary Tool Kit with Flexible - Flexible shafts are particularly useful for porting heads in engines, but have a multitude of other applications where you need to get into a tight space or get more control of the bit. The kit consists of a powerful mains powered 32,000 RPM rotary tool that you can use with numerous attachments in the usual way, plus a 1m long flexible shaft. ...

Burnie, Tasmaniaaho


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