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Used Building Material in Australia - One of the most typical sorts of freight transported often across Australia is building material supplies. Any material used for construction is referred to as a building material. Additionally, Australia's construction sector is booming because of multi-billion dollar investments from the federal and state governments in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane infrastructure projects. Therefore, if you're considering using used building material in Australia, ADSCT is the largest classified portal that can help you find the top building materials there.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that costs for all building materials rose by 12 percent in 2021 alone, which is the highest annual increase since 1981. Prices are predicted to climb even further in 2022. According to Tim Reardon, chief economist for the Housing Industry Association (HIA), other supplies are also in extremely limited supply, such as wood for frames. Your home's insulation is impacted by the material in addition to how it looks. In Australia, some of the most often used wall construction materials are:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Mudbrick/rammed earth
  • Stone
  • Timber

Why is there a shortage of building materials?

The present shortage of building materials is the result of three key issues, including:

  • The COVID-19 stimulus packages caused unheard-of increases in demand.
  • The availability of timber is substantially impacted by national bushfires.
  • A burgeoning US construction industry is importing a lot of building supplies.

International supply chains are therefore being strained since Australia was not the only nation to use the building sector as a focal point for economic recovery during the epidemic. Even simply taking into account how the Australian bushfires, which burned tens of thousands of hectares of softwood plantation that would have been feeding the building sector for the following 12 months, put pressure on supply.

To reduce delays, some house builders are choosing to utilize steel frames rather than timber ones. However, this has had a knock-on effect that has increased demand and expense for all other essential building materials, notably steel.

List of Top Used Building Material in Australia - 


Reclaimed bricks can be more durable than newly baked bricks and are more reasonably priced. Older bricks are worn, have endured the test of time, and probably will in future constructions as well. Additionally, you may use them as garden edging for ornamental purposes.

Reclaimed timber 

Naturally, wood is one of the oldest and most widely used building material in Australia. Gratitude to engineered wood products, the material is starting to take on new shapes. High-rise structures and even transparent qualities are pushing the boundaries of this versatile material. With the aid of reThink Wood, architects may learn more about wood and use it in their designs. Recycled wood can be used for:

  • Decks
  • Countertops
  • Laminated beams
  • Truss joists
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Inside timber furnishings
  • Outdoor timber furnishings


One of the least environmentally friendly building materials is concrete. Fortunately, it may be recycled using machinery for industrial crushing and utilized in a variety of ways:

  • Driveways or pavements
  • Raised garden beds
  • Paving stones
  • Retaining walls
  • Terraced gardens

Windows and doors 

It is simply too precious to throw away used windows and doors that are still in good condition. Use them to build a glasshouse or restore them to give charm to your next construction.

Steel and metal

Steel is acknowledged as the most recyclable material in the world since it can be reused again without degrading. Do you have any used steel hanging around? Roads, bridges, and the purification of industrial wastes may all be constructed using scrap iron and metal. You might reuse old steel throughout the house for plumbing fixtures or furniture like benches and tables. Recycled metal may also be used for roofing if it is not corroded.


Do you have some remaining paint that will soon be disposed of? Some producers and merchants will accept unused paint and containers. To prevent adding yours to the landfill, check with your neighborhood grocer. Also, if you need paint, see if somebody in your neighborhood has any; this will prevent you from having to buy it from the store.

Stone - 

Stone is a material with a vast variety of textures, colors, and strengths that have been utilized for generations in some regions of the world. Despite being a hefty, solid material, it can nevertheless be worked to create a variety of forms. For many of the most popular varieties of stone used in buildings, the Building Stone Institute has information sheets and specification sheets available.

Wool carpet 

Unquestionably, wool is a more practical fiber than its synthetic rivals. It's not only a better option since it's natural, but it's also simpler to clean, stronger, and more resistant to damage. If you come across some used wool carpet, don't throw it away; instead, utilize it for your upcoming home project or sell it so that someone else may enjoy it.

Hot water radiators

There are a few uses for hot water radiators, so there's no need to throw them in the trash. Convert it into a woodfire stove, outdoor fire pit, or solar water heater.

Cabinetry, sinks, and tapware

Are you renovating your home? There are various methods to repurpose old cabinets and fixtures throughout your home or in future construction:

  • In every bathroom, old laundry tubs give a whimsical touch.
  • A kitchen will benefit greatly from the addition of used cabinets.
  • Instead, old bathtubs may be transformed into elevated planter boxes or outdoor baths.

What is the most often Used Building Material in Australia?

By far, brick, cement, wood, roof tiles, and gypsum plasterboard are the most frequently utilized building materials.

The majority of materials that would be found in most residential buildings are these five, plus supplemental materials like steel (mostly for apartments), insulation, electrical supplies (power boards, cabling, wiring, power-points, sockets, fuses & lighting), plumbing (pipes, taps, drainage, sewerage, etc.), fit-outs, and fittings.

Floorboards are another common element in most Australian homes. Also, there are several options, including bamboo, engineered, laminate, hardwood, and blackbutt flooring, which has one of the highest timber densities at 900 kg/m3.

Also, People Ask for Used Building Material in Australia - 

Question 1. Which building material has the longest lifespan?

Answer 1: Our urban settings are filled with excellent materials that have a reputation for standing the test of time. The first that comes to mind is bricks and mortar since nearly every big city, including both the newer suburbs and the older ones, will have structures built of these materials. Concrete (which is notably evident in high-rise apartment complexes), steel (particularly steel frame construction), and wood/timber are other building materials that are known to withstand the test of time.

Question 2. What are renewable construction materials?

Answer 2: Eco-friendly, sustainable resources that promote environmental preservation are renewable building materials. Also, they are produced using organic, renewable resources like agricultural waste or plantation trees. They might also be constructed using recyclable materials. Consider using salvaged wood, thatch, bamboo, and straw.

Question 3. What kinds of materials are strong?

Answer 3. There are a variety of strong building materials available. Stone and brick walls, as well as iron, steel, and aluminum frameworks, are all long-lasting materials. If properly cared for, wood may also survive for a very long time.

Question 4. Where can I get Used Building Material in Australia?

Answer 4: Use ADSCT, Australia's Largest Classified Portal, to find used building supplies online and across the country.


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