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Used UTES For Sale in Australia | Used Vans For Sale Near Me

Used UTES for Sale in Australia - The Ute has a variety of qualities, such as its versatility in that it can handle both the urban environment and the harsh outback terrain. It has gained popularity among Australians because it provides comfort and generous space. ADSCT Utes are usually a fantastic match for Aussie expectations while looking for Used UTES for Sale in Australia. Additionally, we've included a list of the top 10 UTES in Australia if you're unsure about which one is more dependable for you.

Top Locations in Australia of UTES For Sale - 

List of Top 10 Used UTES for Sale in Australia - 

Because of their usefulness, UTES are the ideal tradie vehicles. They are designed to support big loads, two-ton freight, and equipment, including trailers. Additionally, because of their open cargo compartment design, they can transport cattle and other objects that would not fit within the interior of a family vehicle or van comfortably. They may be utilized as a family car on days off or as a vehicle that embodies off-roading activities thanks to their versatility.

Toyota Hilux UTES For Sale

The Toyota Hilux has maintained its position at the top, demonstrating its popularity with Australian drivers over the previous few years. In May, the Toyota Hilux sold more than 5,100 copies, showing that it continues to dominate the Australian market. The single-cab Workmate, the four-door SR, the off-road-capable Rogue and Rugged X models, as well as petrol and diesel variants, are just a few of the options accessible to drivers within the Hilux line-up.

Ford Ranger UTES For Sale

Ford added the XL, XLS, XLT, WildTrak, and Raptor models to its line-up, which had previously only included the Single Cab, Double Cab, and Super Cab XL models for customers to choose from. The newest Ford Ranger models may be enough to pique your interest in an outback adventure with features like an 800mm wading depth, e-Locking Rear Differential, and Hill Descent Control.

Isuzu D-MAX UTES For Sale

Isuzu UTE, a Japanese company well-known for its line of commercial vehicles, has produced the flagship D-MAX model since 2002. Its line is largely divided into the SX and LS ranges, with an X-Terrain model also being offered. Isuzu UTE is proving to be a popular alternative for individuals seeking a used UTE, selling more than 2,400 units in May.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series UTES For Sale 

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser UTE with a dual-cab variant, which won Australia's 2017 4x4 of the Year Award, was popular before the HiLux gained popularity. The UTE, most known for its long tray, has been a favourite tool of farmers, miners, and tradespeople for more than ten years.

Mitsubishi Triton UTES For Sale

The Triton, the main utility vehicle offered by Mitsubishi, has long been a mainstay of the line-up for the Japanese company, with over 2,000 units sold in May. The Triton is available in 42 and 44 models, and its most common trim levels are GLX, GLX+, GLX-R, and GLS. Special edition vehicles are also offered. 

Mazda BT-50 UTES For Sale

The Mazda BT-50, which debuted in 2006, is the only utility vehicle offered by the Japanese manufacturer. In May, over 900 vehicles were sold. The BT-50, now in its third generation, comes in a variety of versions, including single, freestyle, dual, 42, and 44 cabs, offering you lots of choices to find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Great Wall Cannon UTES For Sale

The Cannon, also known as the P Series or just the GWM UTE, is one of the newest products from the Great Wall brand and is intended to take the position of the Steed as the flagship model in the Australian market. The Cannon is only available as a dual-cab and comes in two base models: The Cannon-L or the Cannon-X, depending on your demands.

RAM 1500  UTES For Sale

The American brand, a recent addition to the list of the best-selling vehicles, plays up to the image, with the UTE being bigger than life and standing out on Australian roads. The RAM 1500 is the smallest vehicle in the Australian RAM line-up and is referred to as just the "pick up" in US markets. It comes in three different models: Express, Warlock, and Laramie, with a Limited Edition variant also available.

Volkswagen Amarok UTES For Sale

Volkswagen's Amarok UTE has been in production since 2010, and in May, more than 300 units of the type were sold. The Amarok line-up consists of the Aventura, Highline, Sport line, and Core versions, each of which has a 4- or V6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

Nissan Navara UTES For Sale 

The Nissan Navara has received a minor update for the 2020 model year that emphasizes refinement and is especially useful for contemporary tradesmen who don't mind taking it easy while traveling to a service request. To reduce outside noise, these modifications include the inclusion of an acoustic windshield with new sound-absorbing materials in the centre console, firewall, and transmission tunnel.

What to Look for When Buying Used UTES For Sale in Australia? 


How much money can you afford to spend on your UTE? Your greatest option is to concentrate on finding a dependable used UTE if you're looking for the most affordable approach to buying a truck. Leasing the utility vehicle is an additional choice to take into account if you're looking to save some money. Some dealerships offer fleet offers that are excellent value for firms that need many UTES. Additionally, it's crucial to look into the vehicle history and double-check all the information on any used or leased UTES you are considering purchasing to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.


The towing and tray capacity are other factors that will have a big impact on your decision. Consider your requirement for a UTE. Do you anticipate hauling a lot of loads? Will the quantity of your load alter in the future? It's crucial to remember that UTES with extra-load capacities will have longer durability than UTES that are constantly driven closer to their maximum load capacity. It could be wiser to get a UTE that has been built for longevity and can physically manage your unique requirements if you want to use your pick up regularly and for greater tasks.


A dual-cab UTE is your best option if you anticipate sometimes taking more than one person. For drivers and organizations in need of more seating, dual-cab UTES are a fantastic investment even though they are more expensive. For small and family companies that frequently need to carry clients to their offices, dual-cab UTES are a popular choice. If you don't want extra seating, it might be preferable to forego dual cab choices to save some money.


Another element that will influence which choice is best for you is the environment in which you want to utilize the UTE. If you want to travel long distances, you should look into UTESs that have been constructed with Australia's rough roads in mind, have been developed for reliability, and are equipped with a strong engine. Consider the types of road conditions you will encounter most frequently.

Most People ask for Used UTES for Sale in Australia -  

Question 1. Why are UTES so popular in Australia?

Answer 1. The UTE has several qualities, including its versatility in that it can both navigate urban environments and the rough terrain of the Australian outback. It has gained popularity among Australians because it provides comfort and generous space.

Question 2. Is purchasing a used UTE worthwhile?

Answer 2. A UTE is an ideal vehicle since you can transport them on the tray (preferably in their cage as opposed to being able to wander around where they might get injured by flying objects). To transport lengthy objects, UTES may be equipped with racks; these are preferable to roof racks on an SUV

Question 3. How many kilometres are too much for a used UTE?

Answer 3. A used car's service history is always important to consider; if it hasn't been consistent, problems may arise. If the price is good, most vehicles with trustworthy service history and over 200,000 miles on them should be a great investment.

Question 4. Is the design of UTES appealing?

Answer 4. According to a survey of 2000 drivers, women thought UTE drivers were the most beautiful, with sports car drivers coming in second at 27%. Only 16 percent of women chose SUVs, 11 percent chose sedans, and only 5 percent chose hybrid or electric vehicles.

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