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Nextelle - Different types of mobile cov

Mobile networks list up to three types of service on their coverage checkers. Here's a quick explanation of what they are: • 2G - Lets you make calls, send texts and potentially access email. • 3G - Lets you surf the web, watch videos, download apps and more. Most phone plans in the UK are 3G, and overall coverage is pretty good, though some areas - particularly rural areas - are still 3G 'not-spots'. • 4G - The fastest mobile internet available. Let's you surf the web, stream videos in HD, download apps and music at similar speeds to a home broadband. Coverage is less widespread than 3G, though it's expanding. If you have a 4G plan and you're in an area that isn't covered by it, you'll switch to 3G Get Connected with NEXTELLE www.nextelle.com.au

Nextelle - Different types of mobile cov

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