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New & Used Sail Boats for Sale in Australia

Sail Boats for Sale in Australia - A lengthy, thrilling, and occasionally hard voyage across the Pacific Ocean ends for many sailors in Australia. It is also the first location with a population and economy large enough to establish a market for yachts. Due to this, a lot of cruisers from Europe and North America return home after their voyages and sell their sailboats in Australia. As a result, if you run a small business and are seeking a gateway to help you sell sailboats in Australia, ADSCT will probably be of assistance. When discussing used Sail Boats for Sale in Australia, ADSCT offers a directory of the best Boating Industry firms.

Top Locations in Australia of Sail Boats For Sale - 

Market Demand of Sail Boats in Australia - 

According to a recent analysis by Grand View Research, Inc., the size of the worldwide sailboat market was estimated at USD 5.84 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4 percent from 2021 to 2028. One of the key factors propelling market expansion is increased spending on R&D projects. To create new models, businesses are working with global engineering companies, yacht designers, and suppliers of technology innovation. To map the complete production and development process from the first design to the activation of production equipment, the HanseYachts Group, for example, employs Catia, a design program.

List of Top Sail Boats for Sale in Australia -  

1. Arcona 435 Sail boats for sale

The electrical and propulsion systems are its primary innovations, making it the most progressive yacht on our list. These systems are electric, unlike a hybrid. With this one, you can stop using fossil fuels! A brilliant Oceanvolt servo-prop system (propulsion plant) that operates through regeneration is also utilized by the Arcona 435. Since lithium-ion batteries have a higher power density for their relative weight, as the boat's speed increases, more and more energy is transferred from the prop to the battery bank. It's just one of many original ideas that will ensure the longevity of this magnificent yacht.

2. Dufour 530 Sail boats for sale

This French fashion icon embodies everything traditional. The Dufour 530 delivers a wonderful boat that makes for excellent traveling rather than pursuing novelty for the sake of innovation. To feel more efficient, it is a single-rudder boat that blends its working and social rooms. At the front of the cockpit, on the cabin roof, are its sheets and winches. For athwartship control, the Dufour 530 also employs mid-boom mainsail sheeting. It has wonderful sea views as well as a few funny retro amenities like a wine rack, trash can, and most recently, an outside grill!

3. Southerly 480 sail boats for sale

The Southerly 480, made in Southampton, is a champ in possession of third place on our list. You can sail the Southerly 480 anywhere, from warm Florida to the tropical Bahamas, owing to its fundamental innovation: the variable-swing keel. It is one of the best-built and most versatile boats on this list. The Southerly 480's variable-swing keel, which replaces the centreboard, enables you to precisely balance attaining enough lateral resistance and ballast below the waterline to sail successfully in the ocean without being too shallowly drafted to make some locations unreachable.

4. Eagle Class 53 Sail boats for sale

This Bristol-born boat is now produced in Annapolis, USA, and is constructed for leisure usage with the high performance of a professional racing boat. The hybrid wing and carbon-fiber ring of the Eagle Class 53, which is also totally carbon-cored, enable outstanding control even in the most challenging situations. This amazing aircraft, which can reach peak speeds of 25 to 35 knots in mild wind conditions, has a roomy cockpit, comfortable seats, and even an onboard wet bar! Enjoy a luxurious (and quick) sea voyage with this superb vessel!

5. BeneteauOceanis 38 Weekender Sail boats for sale

It is extremely simple to operate the BeneteauOceanis 38 Weekender, which is regarded as the ideal weekend sailboat. It makes for a more enjoyable experience for shorter day sails or prolonged short-handed cruising because it requires very little effort to single hand. The low cabin roof offers a graceful silhouette while concealing the significant volume and headroom underneath. A two- or three-cabin layout, a fitted galley, Helmsman's chairs, a bathroom, and an extra indoor-outdoor table are also included with the BeneteauOceanis 38. The salon and master stateroom is also divided by a detachable partition, providing additional seclusion.

6. ProutSnowgoose 37 Sail boats for sale

The ProutSnowgoose 37 is the only sailboat you need to consider if you want something trustworthy. The multiple hulls of this huge catamaran help to improve its breadth and stability. It handles well, is simple to drive, and is rather roomy. There are more spacious catamarans available, but none of them are as powerful as this one. It is made to be navigated over great distances in challenging weather. Its fiberglass hull makes it strong while also making it light and manoeuvrable. Even though it's an older model, it will still be of great use to you. Finding one in the United States might be a bit challenging because it is British-made.

7. Corbin 39 Sail Boats for sale

The Corbin 39 is a stunning sailboat for bluish waters. It is a highly uncommon boat with a storied past. Only a small number of these boats were fully constructed at the factory; the bulk was sold as kits, which the boat's owner assembled. This model's interior might vary greatly according to the production procedure. The interior design is a reflection of the owner's ingenuity and skill. This implies that before buying a boat, you might want to have a good look inside. Since each boat was sold as a whole, the exterior, particularly the hull, is probably the same.

People Also Ask for Sail Boats for Sale in Australia - 

Question 1. How much does a sailboat typically cost?

Answer 1: A brand-new cruising yacht typically costs around $250,000. New boats generally cost between $100,000 and $500,000. A second-hand sailing sailboat typically costs between $10,000 and $100,000. We will categorize the typical costs of various sailboats by type, age, condition, and size in this post.

Question 2. Is the cost of boats higher in Australia?

Answer 2: The majority of people believe boating to be an extremely expensive pastime, although the average Australian boat, which is under 7.5 meters long, costs roughly as much to operate as a vehicle. This comparison is frequently used.

Question 3. What size yacht is required for open ocean sailing?

Answer 3: You should look for a boat that is at least 30 to 40 feet long if you plan to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. A seasoned sailor is capable of less. Over 5 feet in length was the shortest sailboat to traverse the Atlantic Ocean.

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