People are at the center

Our focus is on making the selling and buying experience for people smooth and pleasant. Only comfortable and trustworthy interactions between people who can buy and people who can sell can lead to mutually beneficial transactions. We take the goal of finding the right people and the best deals for you seriously and deliver on it.

Products across multiple categories

You can post an ad for any type of product on ADSCT. To make it easy for people to find your product or arrive at an ad that you have posted in which you are seeking to buy rather than sell, we have categories such as Cars and Vehicles, Pets and Animals, Clothing and Jewellery etc. The vast sea of products multiplies opportunities for selling and buying.

Profit without pain

You can post ads as well as bulk ads without absolutely any cost. It is totally free which means that you take home whatever you earn from a sale. There are no hidden costs and there is no catch. We have a dedicated team of experienced personnel working around the clock to ensure that your experience is glitch free without any hiccups.

Boost Your Ads

In case you feel that the free classifieds in Australia which you posted on ADSCT have not drawn any response in which you are interested or which offers you a deal you are ready to strike, you can boost your ads. This can be done at a very nominal cost.

The ad can be boosted in three ways. Firstly, you can get your ad listed in Top Ads which puts your ad on the top of the search result page in its category. Secondly, you can get an Urgent Ad strip displayed on your ad which will draw people who are as eager as you to sell or buy. Thirdly, you can get your ad posted in the Gallery Ads which have a separate section on the home page, giving it a very high visibility to visitors.

Bulk Upload

The absolutely free uploading of bulk ads is a very convenient, straightforward and easy feature. It is for dealers who have to usually advertise products running into hundreds and thousands. Bulk upload appears at the upper right corner when you start to post an ad.

Download Sample Excel File

According to the category and subcategory of your product or service and your location.

Add Product Info and Images

Related to the products for which you want to post ads in the readymade sample excel file.

Upload Excel File & Enter location

Containing the images linked to the ads by simply clicking on the upload button.


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