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Used Trucks For Sale Australia | Truck Dealers in Australia

Used Trucks For Sale in Australia - ADSCT has approximately 500 used vehicles in a range of models and manufacturers, so it can satisfy the needs of any company. Our dealership provides everything you want for a reasonably priced, hassle-free used truck purchase that sets up your business for success, in addition to our exceptional industry expertise and unmatched service. Check out our wide selection now, which includes anything from cherry pickers to tipper trucks. You'll no doubt locate the ideal Used Trucks for Sale in Australia.

We also know that many clients may need a unique vehicle specification to fit their task, which is why we take great delight in manufacturing and customizing trucks for you. With ADSCT and its staff, you will be in good hands whether you're wanting to purchase a vehicle, sell a truck, or even get a fleet value.

Top Locations in Australia of Trucks For Sale -  

Top 10 Used Trucks for Sale in Australia - 

There is fierce rivalry since trailer trucks are a crucial component of Australia's transportation system. The following are the top 10 used trailer trucks for 2022:

  1. Mack Titan trucks for sale

One of the most well-liked trailer trucks on the market is the Mack Titan, and it's simple to understand why. This truck has a strong engine that allows it to easily transport hefty cargo. A roomy interior guarantees that drivers may make lengthy drives without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. In Australia, the Mack brand is considered to be the 9th best-selling truck overall.

  1. Scania R-Series trucks for sale

Another strong challenger in the trailer truck market is the Scania R-Series. The R-Series is a wonderful option for companies trying to cut costs because of its strong performance and fuel efficiency. In Australia, Scania is the fifth most well-known brand.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks for sale

Another popular option for businesses is the Mercedes-Benz Actros. It ranks third on our list because of its reputation for dependability and toughness, making it a fantastic choice for companies in need of trucks that can withstand repeated use. Additionally, it is fuel-efficient, making it a smart choice for companies trying to cut costs.

  1. MAN TGX trucks for sale

Businesses who want a heavy-duty vehicle that can carry a lot of weight prefer the MAN TGX. Due to its outstanding fuel efficiency, it ranks fourth on our list. Businesses who ship goods over long distances might choose the MAN TGX since it is pleasant to drive. In Australia, the MAN brand is rated fourteenth overall.

5. Volvo FH Trucks for sale

The Volvo FH is a popular heavy-duty truck, as seen by its fifth-place position. The vehicle is tough, capable of navigating rough terrain and equipped with unique technologies including lane departure warning and an entertainment system. Volvo is the second most popular in Australia overall.

  1. Scania P 410 trucks for sale

On our list of the best-selling Australian trailers, the Scania P 410 comes in at number six. This is due to its safety features, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency. For companies who need to move huge cargo over long distances, this vehicle is ideal. In Australia, Scania is rated as the fifth most well-liked trucking brand.

  1. Iveco Stralis trucks for sale

The seventh-best-selling truck in Australia is the Iveco Stralis. This is because of its substantial load capacity and exceptional fuel efficiency. To keep drivers safe, this vehicle also has several safety measures. In Australia, Iveco is regarded as the 13rd most popular trucker brand.

  1. Scania P series trucks for sale

The Scania P series is the eighth most popular truck. This truck is offered with a range of engine choices and can carry a gross weight of up to 44 tonnes. It is well-liked by anyone searching for a durable vehicle because of its reputation for toughness. In Australia, Scania is rated as the fifth most well-liked trucking brand.

  1. Volvo FMX trucks for sale

The Volvo FMX is the ninth most popular truck. This truck offers a range of engine choices and a gross weight capacity of up to 44 tonnes. It is a well-liked option because of its great quality and longevity. In Australia, Volvo was regarded as the second most popular brand.

  1. Freightliner Cascadia

Due to its dependability in managing a multitude of jobs, the Freightliner Cascadia is one of the most popular trucks of 2022 and is ideal for organizations of all sizes. The Cascadia is an obvious choice thanks to its roomy cabin and cutting-edge technology.

What Else Should Take into Mind When Purchasing a Truck or Trailer?

When purchasing a vehicle, there are several things to take into mind. They consist of the following:

Age - 

Unless you're purchasing an older model that has never been used, this is not a consideration when buying a new vehicle. When browsing our used vehicles for sale, age becomes a more important factor. Older vehicles will often have greater wear and tear, which means they can need more maintenance. This isn't a strict regulation, though. A truck that is five years old and has seldom been used can show less wear than one that is two years old and has been heavily utilized.

Location - 

Another factor is where you are about the truck you wish to purchase. For instance, Sydney may offer some tempting truck deals. However, getting to that truck could be challenging if you live in Western Australia. Ideally, you should purchase a vehicle close to where you are now. If not, you'll probably have to pay for transportation to the truck or delivery of the item.

Truck Capabilities - 

You should also think about how you want to use the truck. Regarding the weight, it can carry and the uses it may be put to, every vehicle has a particular set of capabilities. Make sure the truck you select is appropriate for the job.

Mileage - 

Mileage provides a similar indication of the truck's condition as does age. High mileage vehicles typically show greater signs of wear and tear. Ask to check the truck's maintenance and repair history if you have any doubts. This will enable you to determine whether the car had the right amount of maintenance given its mileage.

Your Potential Compromises - 

Before you begin browsing our vehicles for sale, you probably already have a specific truck in mind. However, you could also have trouble locating this ideal truck for a price you can afford. Making a list of requirements and potential tradeoffs is, therefore, a smart idea. The items you'd like to have but are not necessary for the purchase should be on the latter list.

Most People Asked for Used Trucks for Sale in Australia - 

Question 1. Do old vehicles make excellent investments?

Answer 1: Purchasing a used truck involves more than just saving money on upfront expenditures and features. You will be investing more wisely. Whether you buy anything new or used, depreciation still occurs. However, compared to purchasing a used truck, the depreciation will strike you much harder when purchasing a new truck. Still uncertain? Here are five justifications for purchasing a used truck:

  • Reliability and Durability
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Increased Prices
  • More Packages & Features
  • Less Impairment

Question 2. Why is it difficult to find used trucks?

Answer 2: All of this translates into the fact that many used cars are difficult to find at all, let alone at a reasonable price. Truck manufacturing has been severely impacted by the chip shortage, and since supplies have been running low over the past year, used pickup prices have increased at some of the most startling rates.

Question 3. How old of a used truck should I purchase?

Answer 3: A good rule of thumb is to acquire a new vehicle if you plan to use it for at least five years and travel more than 25,000 miles annually. In contrast, a used vehicle may be the best and most economical choice in several circumstances. Typically, a nice truck that is 4 to 5 years old will cost 40 to 60 percent less than it would when it was brand new.

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