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Motorcycles For Sale in Australia | New & Used Motorcycle Dealers

Used Motorcycles for sale in Australia - Not every rider should purchase a brand-new motorbike. It can be too expensive for occasional riders. Why invest so much money in something you won't use every day, you ask? Furthermore, many financially smart people would consider new motorcycles to be terrible investments due to how rapidly they lose value. Purchasing a second-hand motorcycle would be far more sensible in both cases. Therefore, if you're considering investing in a used motorcycle, ADSCT can provide you with a used motorcycles for sale in Australia.

Top Locations in Australia of Motorcycles for Sale - 

Advantages of Buying a Used Motorcycle-

Purchasing a used motorcycle has several benefits, including:

  • Lower Insurance Rate – The insurance premium for used motorcycles is lower since it decreases as the motorcycle becomes older.
  • Expenses are reduced- In comparison to a new Motorcycle, a Used Motorcycle is more affordable. Even though the motorcycle may have only been used for a few months, its price will be significantly more than that of a brand-new motorcycle.

Projections for growth in the motorcycle industry through 2022 -

According to the most recent FCAI statistics, 123,530 motorcycles and OHVs were sold in Australia overall in 2021. In 2020, this indicates an increase of 13.4%. 53,118 off-road bikes were sold in 2021, accounting for 43% of total sales. This is an increase from 2020 values of 18.8%. Sales of new motorbikes surged to 101.954 (+16.6%) for the entire year, the highest level in 15 years.

  • Sales - Even though the pandemic caused a drop in sales of roughly 15.7%, the desire for mobility among people is expected to increase. More than ever, people prefer to go alone and steer clear of public transit.
  • Demand - There has been an increase in demand for the production of motorcycles. To better serve various clients, manufacturers have been able to create additional styles. The motorbike manufacturing sector in the US has seen particularly significant growth of roughly 4%.
  • Designs – With the debut of the electric motorbike, more businesses are hopping on board and creating their unique versions. These electric bikes will become increasingly prevalent starting in 2022. The likelihood of high price increases with the level of feature improvement.
  • Technical advancements - As technology has advanced, motorbikes have become more advanced. They are not only secure but also quite cosy and opulent. Their sales are being driven by features like ABS.
  • Challenges — Despite significant advancements in motorcycle design, functionality, and safety, manufacturers still have certain obstacles to overcome. Because they think they are dangerous to operate, the majority of people have not yet completely embraced purchasing motorbikes. 80 percent of motorcycle riders who die in traffic collisions do so with head injuries. One of the riskiest forms of road transportation is the motorcycle.

Most Reliable Used Motorcycles for sale in Australia -

Suzuki Bandit GSF1200/1250 Motorcycles for sale

These bikes are excellent all-around vehicles. For less than $5,000, there are an absurd number of motorcycles. These tough guys can do everything, even climbing hills, commuting, and cycling to Phillip Island. The torquey motor is a treasure, and its reliability is outstanding. Go for 1250 if you are ready to haggle or do some searching. With new sixth gear and improved engine and suspension, the bike is better.

Honda CBR600RR 2005 Motorcycles for sale

Even now, the original CBR600RR is a formidable opponent. These are difficult to pass up if you want an inexpensive sports bike. They are not out of place on either the track or the street, and they also look terrific. They corner like they are on rails. The 2005+ bikes are preferred over the 2003–2004 models since they have USD forks, are around 6 kg lighter, and have a variety of other minor changes.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 2003 Motorcycles for sale

Incredibly, a bike this competent and quick can be had for less than $5,000. Gixxer boasts a powerful engine, excellent suspension, and a sturdy chassis. You won't be able to be stopped if you have a nice pair of brake pads and braided lines.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 motorcycles for sale

The Harley Davidson Sportster 883 has never had a "poor year," and not just because it is a Harley. It has always been one of the greatest motorcycles available. An '80s Sportster can appeal to you if you prefer them vintage with a classic flair. However, an early 2000s model should only cost you $3,000–5,000 at most and make you appear rather svelte on the road if you want something contemporary without blowing your budget or plundering it. In the end, it's a Harley, so you'll feel like the king of the highway.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1500FI Classic motorcycles for sale

The majority of bikers who are familiar with Kawasaki Vulcans are aware that 2000–2007 were the greatest years to purchase one. Furthermore, for a good-sized cruiser, it is a reasonably priced second-hand motorbike for $3,500. Even though the horsepower figures weren't all that impressive, the ride is pleasant and smooth, and because of the 1,470 cc engine, it can be driven aggressively. Also, everything made before 2000 had clutch issues, thus the ones made after 2000 are the best for this lovely cruiser.

While Buying a Used Motorcycle which features to check?

Find a picture of the same model and colour online after selecting a used bike that interests you. Find a photograph that was shot or published at the time the bike was first introduced in Australia. Look for any potential evidence of repairs by comparing the photograph to your prospective bike.

To find hidden damage, look for decals or badges that weren't there when the bike was brand-new. On the other hand, if the brand-new version includes them, the absence of such decals might also be a warning omen. Look for more damage or stains. Examine the foot pegs, bolts, brackets, handlebar, and exhaust pipe. Make sure there are no rusted, warped, or broken pieces because these can cause issues in the future.

Examine the sidewalls, rims, and treads of the tires. The batteries, chain, and sprockets should all be treated similarly. Any differences between the used bike and the brand-new bike in the website photograph indicate a poor buy. Check the odometer readout last. The motorcycle's condition ought should be indicated by the mileage that is shown.

People also ask for Used Motorcycles for sale in Australia -

Question 1. Advice on how to discover the best second-hand motorcycles in Australia.

Answer 1: Fortunately, we've got you covered! Make sure you obtain the greatest value possible for your upcoming riding adventure by following the ten-point plan shown below.

  • Rightful Ownership
  • Checks its history
  • Feel the cases
  • Does it all line-up?
  • Tires
  • Consumables
  • Ride it
  • Books and battery?
  • Know your budget and be prepared to walk away
  • Patience is a virtue
Question 2. I bought a used motorcycle in Australia for what reason?

Answer 2: Listed below are five key advantages of purchasing a second-hand motorbike.

  • The Price Factor
  • No Extra Cost
  • Better Return On Value
  • Cost Less to Insure
  • Extra Goodies
Question 3. Which paperwork is necessary for Australia when buying a used bike?

Answer 3. What exactly are these documents, then? Let's investigate.

  • RC (Registration Certificate) Book
  • Insurance Certificate
  • PUC Certificate
  • Sales Receipt
  • Road Tax Certificate
  • Transfer Deed

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