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  • Mobile Service for sale
  • Mobile Service for sale
  • Mobile Service for sale
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Mobile Service for sale

« Back to search resultsBusiness for Sale › Australian Capital Territory › Canberra › Inner North« Previous Next » Mobile Service for sale in Canberra ACT 2600 Services Canberra ACT 2600 From $29,900 + GST If I Told You That You Could Turn Your Passion Into Profits With Your Very Own Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Business... A 40 Hour Income In 8 Hours With A Family Friendly Business For sale that You Will Love Introducing Plug and Play Wood Fired Pizza Trailer! A turnkey business for sale, so that you can be making money quickly and easily with minimal fuss! If you have been looking at businesses for sale, you may well have discovered that most businesses want too much $$ for what seems like too little commodity ... You have probably thought... A business for sale looks good but they want too much in goodwill, leaving you with all the risk. The business does not have enough profit once you calculate all the things that you have to pay for to get it underway. You are working for FREE for 3 or more years, i.e., they make $100,000 a year in profit but they want $300,000 for the business. You feel that the staff may not stay, causing you issues having to replace them or possibly sending you bust before you even start. The premises that exist don't suit your vision, or if they do, they seem to be sucking up all the income and leaving you with less than a wage, while still taking all the risk. On the off chance that you find a business for sale that you like at an okay price, the business is in the wrong area! If you wanted it, you would be loaded with costs, heartache, and drama trying to move you and your entire family just so that it "might work." Maybe you have considered a franchise But you soon figured out... You were only paying for a small part of someone else's business. The overall cost of the franchise for sale seems to build up with all the fees. In the end, you may pay up to $200,000 over the term of the agreement, only to have to renew it again after 5 years. The franchisor wants to control and own you, meaning that you can't implement your own ideas, leaving you stuck and frustrated. In the end, you feel hopeless and are running in circles trying to buy a business that allows you flexibility and freedom. I could go on and on, But there is a better way... Using systems we have developed over years, you can now get the best of an existing business owners experience and also get the support of a franchise (without having to be in a franchise and paying ongoing fees, royalties or hidden costs) - while having your own brand and business... Introducing the Plug and Play Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Business - for sale! There are 3 different packages (see Pizza Trailer Package page on our website for full details) Silver package - Only the trailer - $29,900 + gst Gold package - the trailer - branded sign writing - website built for you - $39,900 + gst Platinum package - the trailer - branded sign writing - website built for you - training and 12 months support - $49,900 + gst This is a family friendly lifestyle business for sale! Sell delicious, freshly made pizzas to hungry customers. Everything is supplied to get you up running, not just including the equipment, advertising, custom-designed trailer, and branding, but also a complete step by step system that takes you through exactly how to operate your business. This system also shows you a quick and easy way to prepare pizza - even a teenager could do it! With one other person, whether it be your partner, a friend, or some you hire, you can easily make $700 OR MORE in profit PER NIGHT - (a $14 pizza costs just $3.87 to make.) In just 4 hours, you can sell 80 pizzas and take home over $800 per night. Yes! A week's wage in just 4 hours! The demand is huge - and we will show you exactly where to get customers. Plus, we build a complete advertising and marketing system for you to make it super easy to be booked out. There is limited availability! For further information, please register your interest to get access to a complimentary guided tour that shows you not only how it is all set up, but also how this business can work for you and your family - allowing you to sack your boss and get your life back

Mobile Service for sale

Location: Australian Passport Office, Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT 2600, Australia

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