• Enemies Of Reality (Remixed & Remastered
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Enemies Of Reality (Remixed & Remastered

Enemies of Reality is the fifth studio album by American progressive metal band Nevermore, released in 2003 by Century Media records. Due to the mixed reception of the album's production by Kelly Gray, it was remixed and mastered by Andy Sneap for its 2005 reissue. Enemies of Reality was written and recorded during a time of personal and professional tumult for the members of Nevermore. Warrel Dane attributes the sound of the album to the challenges that the band members faced during this period: "Enemies Of Reality was a difficult album to make. We were all going through a difficult time in our lives. We were all really fucking angry people, and I think that kind of shows on that album." Black LP + CD & Poster

Enemies Of Reality (Remixed & Remastered

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