• Paloma PJC-25 White LPG
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Paloma PJC-25 White LPG

Paloma Portable Gas Convector Heaters offer fully automatic, thermostatically controlled heating for domestic applications. Its high performance filtered fan delivers rapid, winter warmth at floor level. Gas Input: 25 (MJ/h) • AS4553 Efficiency Star Rating – 5.9 Stars. • Low Emission technology – Paloma portable convectors heaters use the latest burner technology to give you less than half the emissions of the Australian Standards. Refer to product specification for AS4553 Emission Star Ratings – more stars the better. • One touch Electronic Ignition. • Dual Timers – the heater can be set to operate automatically at two separate periods of the day. • Remote Controller Operation – on/off, temperature control (up/down), timer 1 & 2 and override. • Child Lock function prevents accidental operation as well as children interfering with the controls. • Automatic Economy function – when the room reaches the required temperature the heater automatically decreases room temperature by 1° C for every 30 minutes up to 2° C. • Preheat function allows the heater to automatically operate one hour prior to the programmed starting time. • Override function allows the user to manually override the preset program and operate the heater. • Adjustable room temperature – when the heater is turned on the set temperature and room temperature is displayed on the screen. You can adjust the room temperature by pressing the up and down arrows on the control panel. • Energy efficient seven stage modulating gas valve. • Manufactured in Japan. Inbuilt safety features: • Filter Clean Warning Device – When the air filter is clogged or hot-air outlet is blocked, the filter safety device will switch off the heater and the filter light will flash. • Anti-tilt Safety Switch automatically shuts off gas flow if the heater is knocked or bumped. • Oxygen Depletion Safety System automatically shuts off gas flow if the oxygen level in the room drops below a safe level. • Flame Failure Device prevents flow of gas to burner if ignition fails or flame goes out. • Power Failure Device prevents flow of gas to burner if there is a power failure. • Overheat Safety Device – if the fan stops rotating for any reason the overheat switch shuts off the gas supply. • Over Current Safety System. • Back Burner Protection. • Unattended Appliance Shut Off Device – the heater shuts off after 8 hours continuous operation. • Air Volume and Combustion Control. Weight 15 kg Dimensions 61 x 35 x 60 cm

Paloma PJC-25 White LPG

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