• DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner (DAB-201)
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DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner (DAB-201)

DAB+ radio offers far superior sound quality to that provided by analogue AM or FM radio. It is widely used in metro & populated areas however it should be noted that the range is not as extensive as that of analogue radio. We offer 3 variations depending on what type of antenna you would like to use. 2 kits with DAB antennas supplied, as well as a third kit to utilise your original car radio antenna. The DAB-201 is an add-on upgrade to add digital radio to your car audio system. The system uses RCA out for audio & video so can often be integrated to existing screens & car radios, otherwise a screen can be selected from the many available in the NESA range to suit the vehicle. The system consists of a small hideaway tuner box, remote eye & remote to allow for a stealth installation as well as a dedicated magnetic mount DAB antenna & 3 x Channel RCA for the audio & video outputs. Integration to your existing audio/video system should be discussed with your car audio specialist as this will vary from car to car. You need a screen with RCA input & an audio input to complete this system. The DAB-202 kit is the same as above but with a window mount antenna instead of the magnetic antenna. The DAB-203 kit is available to integrate your original AM/FM car antenna for improved range & performance. This kit uses an active amp/splitter box to split your cars existing AM/FM antenna to the DAB tuner and your car radio. No need to use the magnetic or window mount antennas supplied with the other kits.

DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner (DAB-201)

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