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2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor

2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor(Farming Vehicles)

2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor - 500hrs!! FREE DELIVERY very sharp tractor, 1 owner!! Serviced with all new Kubota filters and oil, tractor is 100% work ready! Tires are 85%! Hydraulic shuttle transmission!

3003 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie VICaho
2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor

2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor(Farming Vehicles)

2007 KUBOTA M5040 4x4 loader tractor - 500hrs!! FREE DELIVERY very sharp tractor, 1 owner!! Serviced with all new Kubota filters and oil, tractor is 100% work ready! Tires are 85%! Hydraulic shuttle transmission!

3003 Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie VICaho

RTV-X1120DR(Farming Vehicles)

RTV-X1120DR - Experience outstanding power, comfort, convenience and style with Kubota’s RTV-X1120DW. Powered by Kubota’s rugged 24.8HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and alloy wheels. Body available in Kubota’s signature orange or camo.

Kenwick WA 6107

RTV-X1100(Farming Vehicles)

RTV-X1100 - Our factory integrated cab RTV-X1100 model is equipped with a 24.8 HP Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine, exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and standard 4-Wheel Drive.

Kenwick WA 6107

RTV-X1140W-H(Farming Vehicles)

RTV-X1140W-H - Kubota’s RTV-X1140 offers the ultimate in power and versatility, designed for heavy-duty applications in the toughest environments. Powered by Kubota’s 24.8HP engine and featuring Kubota’s unique Variable Hydrostatic Transmission, the RTV-X1140 delivers best in class control on rugged terrain. Experience exceptional versatilit ...

Kenwick WA 6107

RTV-X900G-A(Farming Vehicles)

RTV-X900G-A - Kubota’s RTV-X900G-A is powered by a Kubota 21.6HP, 3 cylinder diesel engine, renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability. Supported by an exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and standard 4-wheel drive, the RTV-X900G-A tackles the toughest terrain with ease. Ergonomically designed for driver and passenger comfort and co ...

Kenwick WA 6107

RTV500G-HD(Farming Vehicles)

RTV500G-HD - Compact and quiet, the Kubota RTV500G-HD takes on the toughest terrain with exceptional performance and traction. Powered by Kubota’s 15.8HP liquid-cooled EFI petrol engine and paired with Kubota’s innovative variable hydrostatic transmission, the RTV500G-HD offers outstanding reliability for years of dependable use.

Kenwick WA 6107

RTV400CI-A(Farming Vehicles)

RTV400CI-A - The compact Kubota RTV400Ci-A features a reliable 16HP Kubota air-cooled petrol engine paired with advanced transmission and inertial clutch for excellent response and reliability. Hauling up to 200KG of materials in the cargo tray, the RTV400Ci-A is ideal for general purpose use, including light work around the farm and worksite.

Kenwick WA 6107
TRH 9800

TRH 9800(Farming Vehicles)

TRH 9800 is an isodiametric, multi-functional, reversible-drive tractor with electronic, continuous variation hydrostatic transmission. It is powered by an 87 hp, 3.300 cc, 4-cylinders Yanmar engine. TRH has a totally computer-controlled of progression, speed, acceleration and PTO rotation. A proportional electronic joystick is available for ...

Kenwick WA 6107
BiG Pack 1270 (XC) HS

BiG Pack 1270 (XC) HS(Farming Vehicles)

BiG Pack 1270 (XC) HS - The Krone BiG Pack 1270 (XC) HighSpeed offers endless options to the owner operator. It can produce smaller single bales bound by two strings, the entire bale by four strings or can also work with conventional full size single bales, all tied with six strings. If you’re looking to explore the small bale market, the Krone BiG Pack 1270 (XC ...

Kenwick WA 6107

MACH 4(Farming Vehicles)

Mach 4 (87hp) is an articulated reversible quadtrack for specialised farming. The four rubber tracks guarantee positive stability on steep slopes and continuous traction on slippery, crumbly ground and on snow. Mach4 is created to handle the most extreme working conditions, whatever weather conditions may be and on any kind of ground. It offers ...

Kenwick WA 6107
ERGIT 100 TGF 9800/10900

ERGIT 100 TGF 9800/10900(Farming Vehicles)

ERGIT 100 TGF 9800/10900 - TGF is the Antonio Carraro super-low profile tractor with unequal wheels, designed to work nimbly within narrow gaps performing extremely tight turnings. It is the ideal tractor to work in the thickest orchards, in tendone vineyards, greenhouses and steep slopes. Powerful and compact, TGFguarantees outstanding performance in every kind of groun ...

Kenwick WA 6107
ERGIT 100 SRX 8400/9800/10400

ERGIT 100 SRX 8400/9800/10400(Farming Vehicles)

ERGIT 100 SRX 8400/9800/10400 - SRX is a superspecialised tractor which can work in cramped spaces, between rows of crops, in orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and on flat or sloping terrain. SRX is a reversible isodiametric tractor featuring an articulated chassis and peerless agility and handiness. Its low centre of gravity assures unmatched stability. Thanks to its finely-tu ...

Kenwick WA 6107
ERGIT 100 TRX 9900/10900

ERGIT 100 TRX 9900/10900(Farming Vehicles)

ERGIT 100 TRX 9900/10900 - TRX Ergit 100 is a fast, slender, isodiametric reversible tractor suitable for narrow row crops, leafy crops, vineyards under trellis, hillside situations, rocky terrain, terraces and difficult terrains. Its great stability and constant grip – given by the ACTIO™ Full Chassis with Oscillation – allow the operator to use contem ...

Kenwick WA 6107

MACH 2(Farming Vehicles)

Mach 2 is a steering reversible two-track tractor with rear rubber tracks and 20-inch front tyres. It is designed for use on sloping terrains where constant grip, traction, stability and safety are paramount. The unique tractor’s configuration with front steering wheels and rear rubber tracks allows for easy and safe operation even on ste ...

Kenwick WA 6107
Amazone Profihopper

Amazone Profihopper(Farming Vehicles)

Amazone Profihopper - The new Profihoppers, in combination with the Exact cutting rotor and the out-front mounted high class mowing and scarifying unit, are the ideal solution for the low dust mowing and collecting of grass and scarifying material in a single pass. This is a clear advantage that you can make use of in almost any mowing operation – especially i ...

Kenwick WA 6107

GM2800-B(Farming Vehicles)

GM2800-B - The Baroness GM2800-B rotary mower is ideally suited to mowing contractors, councils and landscapers, looking for a reliable wide-cutting unit. Powered by a reliable Kubota engine, the GM2800-B features five independently mounted cutting decks, 2.8m cutting width and on-demand 4-wheel drive that tackles the toughest conditions with ease, achiev ...

Kenwick WA 6107

B200(Farming Vehicles)

B200 - The B200 Model road sweeper is suitable for tractors with 3 point linkage connections Specifications 20″ broom diameter Brush type – either poly or wire or combination of Broom width of 1800 mm Hydraulic (driven off tractor remotes) or PTO driven Heavy duty pressed steel frame Height adjustable trailing wheels (even brush wear)

Kenwick WA 6107
TX 460/D

TX 460/D(Farming Vehicles)

TX 460/D - The TX Series feature an extremely powerful roller chain to drive the chain and slat floor which reduces your unloading time and ensures you make the most of the available working hours.

Kenwick WA 6107
ZX 450/550 GL-GD

ZX 450/550 GL-GD(Farming Vehicles)

ZX 450/550 GL-GD - The ultimate wagon for the professional contractor, the ZX series features SpeedSharp knife sharpening system. This innovative system takes only 4 minutes to sharpen and reposition the knife bed within the machine.

Kenwick WA 6107
Comprima V150XC Xtreme

Comprima V150XC Xtreme(Farming Vehicles)

Comprima V150XC Xtreme - The New Comprima V150XC Xtreme balers are designed around krone’s original Comprima series. The Xtreme balers are capable of produce up to 10% heavier bale weights or 10% increased productivity than a standard comprima. To increase productivity the bale chamber components have been strengthened to match the performance. The Xtreme range o ...

Kenwick WA 6107
Comprima V150/V180 XC

Comprima V150/V180 XC(Farming Vehicles)

Comprima V150/V180 XC - Krone’s Comprima variable round balers are available in the V150 (XC) 0.9-1.5m and V180 (XC) 0.9-1.8m. Equipped with a 2.15m wide cameless pickup and crop feed roller, their unique belt and slat design features slats that inter mesh with the baler creating a positive feed for optimal bale weights and densities. With Krone’s Comprima ...

Kenwick WA 6107
KW 4.62 – 11.22

KW 4.62 – 11.22(Farming Vehicles)

KW 4.62 – 11.22 - All Krone KW Trailed tedders feature OctoLink, Krone’s maintenance free and frictional 8 finger clutch. The Octolink clutch are always in mesh for full power and don’t require any greasing. Krone Three Point Linkage tedders have a range of working widths of 4.6m’s to 11m’s.

Kenwick WA 6107
Swadro 46T

Swadro 46T(Farming Vehicles)

Swadro 46T - The only drawbar pulled single rotor rake in our line up the Swadro46T, can be pulled by even smaller tractors as the rake runs permanently on its own wheels. Simply change from transport to work position by lowering the hydraulic cylinder under the rotor.

Kenwick WA 6107
Kubota M8540NPK

Kubota M8540NPK(Farming Vehicles)

Kubota M8540NPK - Used Kubota M8540NPK 1467 hours Air conditioned/Heated cab 84hp diesel engine Agriculture tread pattern 2 Rear Hydraulic Remotes Specifications Engine 84hp Diesel Kubota 4-cyl Transmission 12 Speed manual with creep Fuel tank capacity 70 Liters Steering Power steering with Bi-speed PTO Speed 540/540E PTO Horsepower 76

Kenwick WA 6107
EasyCut F 320 M/CV/CR

EasyCut F 320 M/CV/CR(Farming Vehicles)

EasyCut F 320 M/CV/CR - The EasyCut F range can be sourced with or without a flail or roller conditioner and come in working widths of 3.14m’s and 3.16m’s. They have a compact design and easy handling for superior operator comfort and a perfect cut everytime. With a pushed front mower design the EasyCut F 320 range has a mower to suit your needs. (Image: ...

Kenwick WA 6107
RTZ Series

RTZ Series(Farming Vehicles)

RTZ Series - The RTZ rotary tiller range is perfectly designed to match to todays small tractors. Starting with the RTZ3000 and RTZ4500 these 2 models have a monoblock frame with a mechanically variable offset to allow you to have the rotary tiller working to the vey outside of the tractor. The RTZ6000 is built for slightly bigger tractors to handle up to 6 ...

Kenwick WA 6107
Kubota RTV900

Kubota RTV900(Farming Vehicles)

Kubota RTV900 - Used Kubota RTV900 2741 Hours High mount Pre Cleaner Canopy Indicators High mount tow ball Canvas seat cover 21hp diesel engine Specifications Engine Kubota 3-cyl diesel Transmission Hydrostatic Transmission Brakes Wet disc Fuel tank capacity 28 liters Payload capacity 750kg Towing capacity 590kg EX. Kenwick WA

Kenwick WA 6107
TN 5800 Major

TN 5800 Major(Farming Vehicles)

TN 5800 Major - Inspired by the mediterranean agriculture, TN MAJOR is a tractor for specialized cultuvations in hills and mountains. It offers all the grip, manouverability and compactness required in steep, irregular grounds. It is a versatile isodiametric tractor with a wide choice of wheels sets available. TN MAJOR aims to give the operator maximum comfort ...

Kenwick WA 6107


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