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Kubota SD1000 Series

Kubota SD1000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Kubota SD1000 is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized farms. The SD1000 combines a compact and light design. Working widths from 3.0 to 4.5 m are available. The power requirement is from as little as 55 kW due to the SD1000’s close centre of gravity. The wheels of the SD1000 series, whether fitted with standard or floatatio ...

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Kubota PP1450V Series

Kubota PP1450V Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The machine is based on an entirely new frame concept that allows the customer to quickly change row widths from a minimum of 30cm up to 80cm. This frame concept combines reliability of the sowing unit with an even stronger and more versatile frame. Rows are mounted on moveable brackets fixed to a 180x180mm square tube main frame. The m ...

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Kubota PP1000 Series

Kubota PP1000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The PP1000 models are the universal precision drills for maize, sunflowers, field beans, unpelleted beet, pelleted beet, dwarf beans, soya beans, peas, and many other types of seed. It can be used for a whole diversity of applications and offers greater capacity through increased working widths. The PP1000 series is available with working width ...

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Kubota DSX Series

Kubota DSX Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The DSX is the high capacity model of the Kubota spreader range. The heavy duty construction of the DSX makes it possible to carry up to a maximum of 3,900 litres of fertiliser with 3 extension rims. Easy setting and adjustment can be done with the FlowPilot on each spreading disc. An innovative drive line to each disc ensures gentle agitation ...

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Kubota SE8000 Series

Kubota SE8000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Kubota SE8000 series is designed and tested following highest farmer’s requirements in terms of performance and reliability. The SE8000 ensures a careful work for a better quality of the residues and its easier natural decomposition. The development of this chopper was clearly focused on huge and intensive farms, so the SE8000 is i ...

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Kubota SE7000 Series

Kubota SE7000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The SE7000 series comprises Kubota’s largest and toughest grass and straw choppers for heavy-duty work on set-aside land and cultivated fields. The SE7000 series chopper is indispensable on grass fields or for chopping straw, stubble and other crop residues after harvesting, but also very useful for fruit farms clearing scrub and tidying ...

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Kubota SE4000 Series

Kubota SE4000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Kubota SE4000 series is a new multipurpose chopper for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble. A strong double headstock allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor. Together with the hydraulic offset it gives a multi-purpose versatility for nearly all conditions e.g. clearing out field edges, orchards road edges ...

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Kubota SE2000 Series

Kubota SE2000 Series (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

High versatile solution for farming and road maintenance purposes. Due to possibility of different working angle positions make chopper SE2000 an indispensable equipment. Compact but robust allow high maneuverability and ensure high reliability during working operations. The Advantages For tractors up to 110hp. Compact heavy duty machine ...

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EasyCut 2801/3201 CV

EasyCut 2801/3201 CV (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The 2801 CV and 3201 CV side mounted mowers feature hardened steel V shape style tines that produce an intensive powerful treatment to the crop. The tines pivot to break back when they hit an object whereas their restricted forward angle increases the pivot pin’s longevity. Specifications EasyCut 2801 CV EasyCut 3201 CV Drawbar S ...

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EasyCut B 1000 CV/CR

EasyCut B 1000 CV/CR (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The largest of Krone’s Butterfly mowers with a massive working width of 10.1m’s the ECB 1000 is the perfect machine for the large farmer or professional contractor. It is capable of producing one, two or three swaths. Powerful belts handle the heaviest of crops. Specifications EasyCut B 1000 CV EasyCut B 1000 CR Work width ...

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EasyCut B 890/970

EasyCut B 890/970 (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

All of Krone’s butterfly mowers utilise the benefits of the SafeCut Shear pin protection system and Krone’s fully welded one piece wedge shaped cutterbar with life time oil filling. The mowers are light weight and offer superior functionality and perfect cuts. Specifications EasyCut B 890 EasyCut B 970 Work width 8,600 &nda ...

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AM243CV (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

he Krone AM243CV has professional features with the price and value of an entry level model. Featuring the widest skid in their class, the Krone AM243CV is shaft driven which is the same system Krone’s commercial mower machines use. A one piece fully welded cutterbar means no oil changes are required. It also features quick change blad ...

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SP05 (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Baroness SP05 bunker rake is designed to adapt to all kinds of bunker conditions with power steering to reduce operator fatigue, selectable 2WD/3WD, low centre of gravity and fully floating rake implement. Additional implements available to suit every application. Components Hydrostatic drive. Power steering with tilt steering wheel ...

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TDA1200 (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Baroness TDA1200 is a 3PL mounted 1.2m wide greens aerator that delivers the best finish in the business! It’s simple, sturdy and efficient design gets the job done, ensuring the most effective aeration to a maximum depth of 250mm. Supplied with a rear roller and range of tines and finger plates to meet every application. Feature ...

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GM2800-B (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Baroness GM2800-B rotary mower is ideally suited to mowing contractors, councils and landscapers, looking for a reliable wide-cutting unit. Powered by a reliable Kubota engine, the GM2800-B features five independently mounted cutting decks, 2.8m cutting width and on-demand 4-wheel drive that tackles the toughest conditions with ease, achiev ...

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LM315GC (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Baroness LM315GC is a riding triplex greens mower combining the advantages of a hybrid drive mower and the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units. Featuring a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, the LM315 is complete with a Kubota diesel engine, renowned for their reliability and long lasting perf ...

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LM56GB (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Baroness LM56GB is a fixed head walk behind greens mower among the lightest in its class, yet solidly build. These highly manoeuvrable mowers provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. Completely gear-driven, the LM56 is easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains. Fe ...

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RTV-X1100 (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

Our factory integrated cab RTV-X1100 model is equipped with a 24.8 HP Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel engine, exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X) and standard 4-Wheel Drive. Performance The Kubota RTV’s boast powerful liquid-cooled diesel engines for long and strenuous tasks. The 3 cylinder engines are quiet, powerful and b ...

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M8540NPK (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

Kubota’s power krawlers offer exceptional traction, greater manoeuvrability and increased stability with a modified narrow and low clearance design. Powered by a reliable Kubota 84HP, E-CDIS, 4-cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine. Equipped with clever features to reduce soil damage, including a larger rear footprint which creates less c ...

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M96SHDM (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

Engineered with high clearance and more speeds to enhance performance, the Kubota M96SHDM is ideal for harvesting applications. Powered by a Kubota 95HP, 4-cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine. Features new LCD instrument panel for quick view of vital function and slanted, full-open hood for quick and easy routine maintenance.

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L4240HDA (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

The Kubota L4240HDA is powered by a reliable 4 cylinder, 42HP diesel engine with independent PTO and Kubota’s exclusive HST transmission. Boasting premium features including Kubota’s Intelli-Panel monitoring system and deluxe seating for added comfort, the L4240HDA is standard with ROPS. Available with a wide range of versatile atta ...

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BX2680V (Other Farming Vehicles & Equipment)

Powered by a Kubota 26HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, the Kubota BX2680V offers unparalleled power and muscle to tackle all your gardening and mowing duties with ease. Featuring a rugged 2 range hydrostatic transmission, spacious operating area and hydraulic power steering, the BX2680V offers exceptional power, comfort and control. Available with ...

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