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LED Navight Bulb. Offset Pins

LED Navight Bulb. Offset Pins(Power Tools)

Replace normal 10W globes with low power, long life LED models. Suit clear or coloured lens. Bayonet style base with two base contacts. 12v

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Wing Nut Battery Terminal H/D

Wing Nut Battery Terminal H/D(Other Tools & DIY)

Solid brass battery terminals, designed for optimum fit to ensure good electrical connection and reduced corrosion build up. The brass construction is corrosive resistant, and designed specifically for marine batteries - however, this will suit all RV, Auto and 4x4 systems, and can be used in most battery systems. Sold as a pair - one po ...

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Voltage Sensitive Relay

Voltage Sensitive Relay(Other Tools & DIY)

Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) module for simultaneous dual battery charging (start and auxiliary). Engages when the engine is started and the start battery reaches 13.7 volts and disengages when the voltage drops below 12.8 volts. Eliminates the possibility of draining the start battery and protects sensitive electronic equipment powered by the ...

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Mastervolt SineWave Inverter

Mastervolt SineWave Inverter(Power Tools)

Mastervolt SineWave inverters provide a compact and lightweight solution for those seeking a 230/50hz AC current from their 12 or 24V system. Regardless if it’s a hairdryer, microwave, TV or powertools, the pure sine wave preserves your equipment without disruption. Each SineWave inverter uses a robust, cable and plug & play inlets ...

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Enerdrive ePOWER Battery Chargers

Enerdrive ePOWER Battery Chargers(Power Tools)

Enerdrive ePOWER battery chargers are set and forget, designed to charge a multiple battery system with varying battery chemistry. Each charger can be programmed to prioritise a specific bank, making sure your house bank, or starter bank, is charged first and quickest, depending on your needs. Built with battery manufacturers recommendations ...

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Battery Box

Battery Box(Tool Storage & Benches)

Quality vented marine battery boxes, manufactured from black hi density polypropylene which is resistant to battery acids. Includes sturdy carry handles, vented lid, mounting hardware and carry strap. Available in 3 sizes, Small, Large and Extra-Large. Dimensions are internal measurements

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Inox Battery Conditioner

Inox Battery Conditioner(Power Tools)

Inox battery conditioner improves battery performance and life. NEW LIFE FOR MECHANICALLY SOUND OLDER BATTERIES AND DOUBLE LIFE EXPECTANCY FOR NEW ONES. APPLICATIONS & USES For all lead-acid batteries used in motor cars & cycles, boats & general marine, trucks, buses, farm & earthmoving machinery, stationary & generating pla ...

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Allrounder Batteries

Allrounder Batteries(Power Tools)

Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate formulation for superior cranking with cyclic ability. Improved heat and vibration tolerance for long service life. EGX Technology.Maintenance-Free, "No need to add water". Warranty Information Find Similar Products by Category Vendors Other Products

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Now with models ranging from 170 to 750 gallons of water per day, the Seafari Mini Series of watermakers offers a larger range of fresh water production without the space restrictions. The Seafari Mini is the perfect solution for boats with little space to spare. Offering the largest production capacity for its size, you can be sure to have ...

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DECK MOUNT - 130MM (5(Tool Storage & Benches)

DECK MOUNT 130mm 5 height 25mm 1 diam STAINLESS STEEL FOR V911212 and V915012 DECK MOUNT 130mm 5 height 25mm 1 diam STAINLESS STEEL FOR V911212 and V915012

Rivergate Place, Murarrie Queenslandaho


Features: The TMQ Mechanical Drive Unit is the perfect solution for boatsusing mechanical steering. The high quality motor and gearboxdelivers 140kg/cm of torque through the integrated clutch assemblywith very low current draw (average 1.5A). Reliability is guaranteed asall units are assembled in-houseat TMQ. Voltage: 12V Option of 24V with ...

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Dixon Stainless Steel 3 Step Inflatable

Dixon Stainless Steel 3 Step Inflatable (Ladders & Scaffholding)

Dixon Stainless Steel Inflatable Boat Ladder, 3 step Removable. Secures to your inflatable with a lanyard and clip to an eye bolt on the transom or floor of the inflatable boat. 3 steps with built in boarding handle, suits tubes of all sizes. Extended length: 950mm Folded Length: 550mm Width: 320mm

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Beyond Water Safety Emergency Ladder

Beyond Water Safety Emergency Ladder(Ladders & Scaffholding)

Quick release drop-down ladder with handle for any emergency situation that may occur. Features Ergonomic steps with EVA foam. Reinforced stitching for extra strength and durability. Stainless steel counterweight at the last step. Wide support webbing loop for stable suspension. Specifications (W) 25cm x (H) 18cm (folded) (W) 25cm ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
AnchorSnubber Black 20

AnchorSnubber Black 20" (51cm)(Other Tools & DIY)

AnchorSnubber Black 20" (51cm) AnchorSnubber Black 20″ (51cm) Davis_Logo.jpg Cat.No: 51514 our price $74.95 QTY: - 1 + ADD TO CART WISHLIST Description Eases the tension on the anchor chain, rode or snubber line. Eliminates chain noise and shock loads to the chain, anchor roller, windlass, cleats. AnchorSnubber wi ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
3 Strand Polyester Mooring Rope

3 Strand Polyester Mooring Rope(Other Tools & DIY)

Polyester Rope is manufactured from Polyester fibre, the second strongest of conventional man-made fibres behind Nylon. This rope has good strength, extension, easy handling, coiling and knotting along with excellent abrasion resistance. Polyester Rope is ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications, including saf ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Air Filled Mooring Buoy

Air Filled Mooring Buoy(Other Tools & DIY)

Top quality Australian made hollow conical shaped mooring buoy. Manufactured from high density UV stabilised polyethylene for long life and rugged service. Colour is yellow for use as a standard pleasure boat mooring. Max width: 267mm Height without handle: 356mm Air Filled Supports: 7kg

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Burke Grey Fender Cushion

Burke Grey Fender Cushion(Other Tools & DIY)

Rectangular fender with a durable heavy duty PVC fabric outer, PE closed cell foam padding and reinforced webbing hanging loops. The flat rectangular shape maximises bearing surface and helps stop fender rolling and riding up. Supplied with rope to attach vertically or horizontally to boat. Easy to stow and can double as a cushion, kne ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Large Alloy Port Fairlead 150mm

Large Alloy Port Fairlead 150mm(Other Tools & DIY)

Traditional style mirror polished 316 grade stainless steel farileads. Robust and anti corrosive. Type: Port Size: 150mm Max. Rope: 24mm

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Mini Horn Cleat

Mini Horn Cleat(Other Tools & DIY)

Chrome brass cleat with curved base and two fastening holes. Ideal for flagstaffs, awnings, etc. Base size 25 x 18mm

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Boat Hook Deluxe Telescopic 1.2m - 2.4m

Boat Hook Deluxe Telescopic 1.2m - 2.4m(Other Tools & DIY)

ver-molded soft TPR head with larger, sturdy 25mm aluminium tube. The screw top design allows fitting with other applications such as a mop or a deck brush. Has attachment points on the side for mooring hook. Specifications Type: Telescopic Tube size: 25mm Length: 1.2m to 2.4m

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Bird Busta 1m

Bird Busta 1m(Other Tools & DIY)

Bird Busta is a patented wind assisted rotating bird deterrent. Free to operate once installed and will last many years. BIRD BUSTA is environmentally friendly, UV stabilised, fully recyclable, lightweight, robust, flexible and is suitable to handle varying weather conditions. It will deter most bird species from any area in which it is p ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Burke Easy Stow Sea Anchor

Burke Easy Stow Sea Anchor(Other Tools & DIY)

The Easy Stow is a great value sea anchor that stores inside it's own bag (the bag also acts as a brake). The Easy Stow controls your boats movements and reduces wind drift in open water when resting, eating, fishing, riding out rough weather and keeps your boat in the area longer if waiting for rescue. Features Made from tough nylon f ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Chain Rivet Split Link

Chain Rivet Split Link(Other Tools & DIY)

316 grade stainless steel 2 piece links for joining standard link chain. Simply hammer together and dolly over for a quick solid join

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Alloy Cross Bollard

Alloy Cross Bollard(Other Tools & DIY)

Upright style, plain marine grade aluminium alloy. Can be welded or fastened on. Pilot holes drilled. Height: 80mm Base: 60 x 60mm

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Anchor Winch Foot Deck Switch

Anchor Winch Foot Deck Switch(Other Tools & DIY)

This deck mounted foot switch is ideal for anchor winches or other high amp applications, rated to 150 amps. Comes with a hinged sealing cap which stops accidental operation. 64mm mounting suits 12 or 24 volt systems.

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Bell Marine Chain Sock 6mm x 8m Fluoro/H

Bell Marine Chain Sock 6mm x 8m Fluoro/H(Other Tools & DIY)

Protect your boat’s anchor rollers, bow sprit, winch, gel-coat, gunnel and reduce spooking fish with the Bell Marine Viper Chain Sock. The Viper chain sock is a high tech polyester blend braid that encases your short link anchor chain. Fluorescent/Hi-Visibility model made to be easily spotted in low light or night time use. 10 me ...

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Anchor Kit

Anchor Kit(Other Tools & DIY)

Complete package anchor kit including a hot dipped galvanised sand anchor, silver rope hank spliced with stainless steel thimble, 2 metres of general link galvanised chain and 2 galvanised shackles.

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Anchor Well Small

Anchor Well Small(Other Tools & DIY)

Moulded white polyethene anchor well. Simply cut the required hole in foredeck and rivet or screw into place. Fitted with 20mm diameter take-off for the drain. Dimensions Rear: 540mm Side: 360mm Front: 340mm Depth: 200mm

1-3 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100aho
Paw Rigging Plate Large 45kn

Paw Rigging Plate Large 45kn(Other Tools & DIY)

Description: For easily organizing the work station and creating multi-anchor systems 19 mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass through Made of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio Specifications Material(s): aluminum Breaking strength: 45 kN Certification(s): CE, NFPA 1983 General Use

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 ASCENSION Right Handed Yellow B17ARA

ASCENSION Right Handed Yellow B17ARA(Other Tools & DIY)

Description: Handled rope clamp for rope ascents The ASCENSION handled rope clamp is designed for rope ascents and features an overmolded grip and ergonomic upper part for a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling with one or two hands. The ASCENSION handled rope clamp has a wide lower hole for easily attaching two carabiners for a lan ...

2/9 Enterprise St, Molendinar QLD 4214aho


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