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Cats & Kittens For Sale in Australia | Best Kitten Dealers

Cats & Kittens for Sale in Australia - Cats and kittens are loving and naturally curious creatures that make fantastic companions. You may give a cat or kitten in need a second shot at life by adopting one through ADSCT. And you'll receive love, joy, and dedication from your new best furry companion. No matter what age you'd want to buy, our listings offer Cats & Kittens for Sale in Australia, so we can assist you. Cat ownership entails certain responsibility, just like with any other kind of pet.

Cats & Pet Market Stats in Australia

The value of the pet sector was $12.2 billion in 2019, and some analysts predicted that the pandemic will hurt the industry's performance in 2021. The majority of the animals kept by rescue groups were wild cats that had been domesticated. Although feral cats must subsist on waste leftovers and tiny prey, they are less at risk from predators in cities. Australian animal shelters took in 64.9% of cats and the remaining pets between 2020 and 2021.

Top 10 Cats & Kittens for Sale in Australia - 

Maine Coon - 

All qualities apply to Maine Coons, plus more! Cats from the Maine Coon are devoted creatures. They take pleasure in their owners' companionship. They love to give and receive attention and are quite loving. A Maine Coon cat will frequently meet its owner when they get home. They would even welcome visitors, but they would always give their owners the spotlight.

British Shorthair - 

A British Shorthair cat makes a wonderful pet friend. She is calm and laid-back. The British cat is a passionately devoted, adoring creature that will cling to every member of her household. Although the British like playing, she doesn't require round-the-clock care. She will locate someone and bring them a toy if she is in the mood to play. The British are a terrific friend for single individuals since she can play well alone as well.

Bengal Cat - 

The Bengal Cat is a hybrid between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic queen. They are a fascinating variety of domestic cats that are developed to resemble their wild forebears while yet possessing the same loving, amiable nature as other domestic cats. Due to their muscular frames, Bengals are often bigger than the majority of house cats. The Bengal was created as a domestic cat with a wild appearance.

Munchkin Cat - 

A genetic abnormality gave rise to the extraordinarily tiny legs of the Munchkin cat, a relatively recent breed. Except for their unusual legs, Munchkins are similar to every other breed and can have a long or short coat in practically any colour or pattern. Munchkins with shorter hair don't need much grooming, while cats with longer hair could benefit from a little grooming.

Siamese cats -

Siamese cats are a historic cat breed that has coexisted with people for many centuries. It is understandable why Siamese cats make wonderful pets; in addition to being stunning, they have also devoted companions that enjoy nothing more than chit-chatting with their human pals. Siamese cats are among the most well-known cat breeds because of their distinctive and recognizable look. These cats are distinguished by their piercing blue eyes, graceful bodies, long legs, and fine, glossy fur.

Persian cats - 

With their glitzy, long-haired coats and endearing looks, Persian cats are an easily identifiable species and are frequently the first breed people choose when adopting a cat. Additionally, Persian cats are a highly loving breed and aren't hesitant to express affection to the people they care about and have faith in. Typically, they get along well with visitors, animals, and even kids. Persian cats are social but never the star of the party, making them the perfect understated feline companion.

Ragdoll - 

The Ragdoll cat breed is a big, imposing, and luxuriously covered cat variety. A tall, slender cat with a wide chest, a short neck, and robust legs may be found below an amazingly silky, thick, semi-long to long-haired coat. A long and bushy tail, fluffy pants on the hind legs, and a regal ruff around the neck and throat are all features of the mature cat's coat.

Scottish Fold - 

The Scottish Fold is an endearing and lovely breed. She is a simple cat to take care of and live with. She is kind and at ease around every member of her family. You should be gentle with her tail. When handled incorrectly or unintentionally harshly, the tail of some of these cats is known to become stiff and painful. Their lengthier coats, which might have significantly different textures, need frequent maintenance.

Birman - 

The Birman is a peaceful, loving cat that likes being with his family, especially if you show him a lot of love and care. Children and other animals get along well with Birmans. Your Birman will reply to you if you speak to him, although he is not as noisy as the Thai Siamese. Despite being less energetic than certain breeds, Birmans have a serious fun side. When they're not cuddled up in your lap, they frequently retrieve or pursue a ball.

Russian blues - 

Bright eyes and a thick, magnificent blue-gray coat are two characteristics of Russian blues. These cats are kind, dependable, cautious creatures who enjoy routines. The Russian blue is a wonderful family pet thanks to its loving disposition, independent nature, and little maintenance needs.

Caring for your cat or kitten - 

As there is a lot to learn when you decide to take on the role of a kitten or cat's new caregiver, you might not at first have all the knowledge necessary to be the best you can be. As a result, we offer some crucial advice to help you get started:

Continue to take your cat or kitten to the veterinarian.

It's usually a good idea to visit the vet frequently. They can alert you to any dietary deficiencies or other issues that you might have overlooked.

Feeding Period

Look through various internet review websites before selecting one of the foods being sold. Once you've chosen the brand, make sure not to overfeed your tiny friend; your veterinarian can help you determine how much is sufficient to keep them healthy and content.

Ensure they are amused.

Spend a lot of time with them and get them some playthings. When awake, they like running about and have a lot of energy to burn. If you don't mind having their claws dig into other things, like your furniture, scratching posts are also necessary.

Your new king or queen, bow down.

If you've ever owned a cat, you'll comprehend this. They will eventually lay claim to your entire home, including all other animals that are housed there, and they will do this because you have allowed it to happen. Teach kids to respect the head of your home (s).

Creating a reassuring environment

When adjusting to a new environment, cats might become anxious. As a result, you should give them a comfortable and secure environment. Request their previous dish, bed, and toys from the pet retailer or the shelter. They will feel less anxious if it is something they are already familiar with.

Maintain a regular schedule -

Make sure you are familiar with your cat's routine before bringing it to its new residence. Inquire at the pet store or the shelter as to when the animal often eats, plays, cuddles, and sleeps. Keep up that habit to help your cat cope with the stress of new surroundings.

Most People Also Ask for Cats & Kittens for Sale in Australia 

Question 1. What is the price of a kitten in Australia?

Answer 1: Costs start at roughly $200 but can differ greatly depending on the breed and source that you pick. According to the RSPCA, the price of a kitten might reach almost $2,000.

Question 2. How long on average do cats live?

Answer 2: Several variables affect a cat's life expectancy, but one crucial one is whether the cat is an indoor-only cat or an outdoor cat. Cats kept indoors often live between 12 to 18 years. Many people could live into their early 20s.

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