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Horses & Ponies for Sale in Australia | ADSCT Classified

Horses & Ponies for Sale in Australia - We link up people and horses everywhere! We enjoy being online and we enjoy horses, which makes for a special mix that offers something new to the horse community. Do you wish to sell your horse to the right people or are you seeking the appropriate horse? In this situation, ADSCT is the ideal platform for you. You may rapidly sell or buy anything with just one click. Additionally, they promptly set up free connections for you with vendors.

Top Location In Australia To Get Horse & Ponies

5 Australian Horse Breeds in Australia - 

Australian Draught 

Bred by combining the Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire, and Suffolk Punch draught horses, the Australian Draught comes in any coat color and may have white markings, especially below the knee. The official studbook for the breed was established in 1979, so this is a new breed that was initially used for heavy farm and agricultural work.

Australian Pony 

In 1920, the successful crossbreeding of Welsh and Arabian pony lineages led to the official recognition of the Australian Pony as a unique breed. They are little animals that range in size from 11 to 14 hands, and while they were once chosen as riding horses for kids and small people, they are now preferred as light draught horses.

Australian Riding Pony 

Despite sharing a name with the Australian Pony, the Australian Riding Pony is a distinct breed that was developed in the 1970s. Its ancestry includes Arabian as well as British Riding Pony and Thoroughbred elements.

Australian Stock Horse

The Australian Stock Horse, which ranges in height from 14 to 16.2 hands, is bigger than pony breeds. They are common in Australia, where there are presently close to 200,000 instances registered. They are very capable competitors with exceptional stamina levels, making them perfect for a wide range of diverse applications and tournaments.

Brumby -  

Currently, the Australian Alps, Northern Territory, and Queensland are home to the Brumby, a wild horse. The breed now numbers approximately 500,000 individuals, and that number is only increasing. Even though many people see them as a natural component of Australian nature and heritage, other people see them as a problem because of their enormous population growth.

How Much Do Horses & Ponies Cost? 

Depending on their lineage, performance history, and manners, horses may cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. More alternatives are available to you as a horse owner the larger your budget. In addition to the original cost of the horse, expenses include hay, feed, medical visits, training, and grooming. Top-tier stud farms are buying and selling horses for $10,000 and beyond for use in elite competition.

Ponies may be shorter than horses, but that doesn't imply their expenditures for purchase or maintenance are proportionately lower. A decent pony may cost as much as or more than a horse. Prices for good starter horses should start at around $1,000 and go higher.

In addition to maintenance costs, sales tax and transportation expenses should be taken into account. Even though they won't be included in the asking price, these are items you should take into consideration before deciding.

List of Horse & Ponies for Sale in Australia - 

Knowing where to buy a horse might make your search easier if you have future intentions to get a new equine companion. Are you prepared to look? Check out these six locations if you want to buy horses.

Horses and Horsemen -

The horses available from Horses & Horsemen have all been started, trained according to our curriculum, and included in our premium horse project. These horses all get complete liberty training, groundwork, and riding instruction at a level comparable to that of our premium foals. All of their foals are trained from an early age and move through our curriculum, beginning with our liberty component. In addition, they get ingrained in our regular farm activities, taking part in them on foot, from an ATV or RTV, or while being ponied by another horse. Additionally, they are dedicated to creating performances and horse work that showcases horses' natural elegance and agility as well as how they are prepared to work with them.

Ehorses -  

Since its founding in 1999, the horse market ehorses has focused on successfully placing horses all around the world. It is the ideal market for horse lovers seeking a new riding partner as well as for owners who wish to sell their horses securely and straightforwardly and into excellent hands. Offering consumers the greatest service and the highest performance is its main objective.

Thoroughbred Sales - 

The best place for present and prospective owners to find a new thoroughbred is Thoroughbred Sales. They are renowned for helping customers locate the ideal horse to meet their needs and their budget, in addition to the number of people they contact each week. More Trainers and Syndicators in all regions of Australia use Thoroughbred Sales to get in touch with new customers than any other site.

Triangle Horse Sale -  

Triangle Horse Sale, which specializes in equine auctions, has years of expertise in putting up, managing, and promoting livestock and agricultural machinery at auction. Their expert services include live simulcast and online-only auctions to enable online purchasers a simple method to participate in the auction, as well as clever internet marketing that reaches active bidders throughout Australia—and the world. Triangle Horse Sale combines a cutting-edge sales strategy with a warm, client-centered atmosphere.

HorseClicks - 

One of Australia's top online markets, HorseClicks offers the equestrian community a secure and trustworthy location to purchase and sell. They have an abundance of fantastic horses, equipment, properties, trailers, and other equine-related goods and services available in their market. The website categorizes and lists all horse breeds that are appropriate for English and Western riding disciplines. Regardless of your preferred riding discipline or horse breed, HorseClicks is a secure equestrian marketplace where you can quickly interact with others in the equestrian business.

Llancloudy Fell Pony -  

The founders of the Llancloudy Fell Pony herd relocated to Australia in October 2007, however, the herd had already been around for more than 40 years. The fall pony, which dates to pre-Roman times and has been put to the test by endurance and hardship, is without a doubt one of the most amazing breeds in existence today. The horses are now utilized in dressage, cross-country, endurance riding, show jumping, and other competitions. They also make fantastic driving horses. You have the perfect family pony since it can be ridden by both adults and children.

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